Thursday, March 10, 2022

Been a looonng time coming

 Since June 2019 to be specific.  Wow.  Just wow.  How did I ever???  

So many changes, and yet, so many things remain unchanged in my life.  I'm still working at the veterinary clinic, it's been 22 years now.  I'm still living on the same little homestead with hubby, our dogs and our horses.  The number of horses is down to four...I still marvel at how different that feels, but time marches on.  Our herd is aging; and I'm getting older too.  

Signs of spring are everywhere and the promise of a new season is looming.  How quickly our winter is passing.  At the beginning, my intent was to enjoy the slower pace, find time to reflect, time to read and just take in all the quiet times I would experience at the fireside.  There have been a few; but as is all too common in life, so much happens that we don't anticipate or plan for, that we busy ourselves in the day to day.  Just keeping up and getting done, that which needs to be done, is all-consuming.

I will keep this post short and sweet, because as I said, there have been so many changes and perspective altering occurrences as to make my head spin with it all.  To even begin sharing would be like an avalanche of emotion that I simply don't have the strength for right now. I have always found this blog to be a mental escape, a chartering of our lives and an outlet for the placing of thoughts onto paper. (so to speak)  A respite and an outpouring of some ideas that float around in my head.  Some things never change...

My hope is to continue to share, to document and to escape into the world of writing again.  I've missed it.  I've missed so many of you too.  I do pray that you are all well and thriving, that your lives are blessed and comfortable, and that we may be able to reconnect.  I make no promises, but the hope to continue is there, within my heart and the desire to share is real.  Take care and be well my friends,

Until we meet again, Lorie @ Cingspots


Sherry Sikstrom said...

welcome back my friend! I have recently returned to blogging also. I guess it is our time to come home

aurora said...

I am SO happy to hear you and your's are doing well! Albeit with some of life's unavoidable changes. I appreciated your chiming in on my blog, during your time away.

You hit the nail on the head. It is healing to process, write and share thoughts on this kind platform. Blogger has some very special souls, keeping it real and interacting with each other.

Blogs are great for documentation. I personally love revisiting my old posts occasionally, as I don't remember things in such detail.

I look forward to reconnecting and reading more of your beautiful thoughts. Whenever it feels right. Welcome back!!

Shirley said...

Welcome back!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Welcome back,it’s so good to hear from you again. I’m looking forward to you sharing your life with us again. You have been missed.

Tina said...

I still pop in to check if you have posted, even though it's been ages since I did either!

Linda said...

I just saw this post. I was wondering how you were, and stopped by to see if you posted. Yes, life has been hard these last few years, and it is tough to write about. I’ve dipped my toes into it, only to pull them back. The horses keep me grounded, as I’m sure yours do. Hope you’re well. Please write a post soon.

Allhorsestuff. said...

Hello sweet💟 I'm the same. So many changes.
I was forced to quit by my stable owner(clinically Narcissistic) o became her bain- and my Wa mare. She told me what to write and what not to ✍️- on my horse. blog!
I had to quit. I also had to get away from her, she was hurting my mare.
Then, after moving my mare back with my Eldest sister. She was influenced by her CRT/ANTIFA son... it got so bad for us... was going to move away from her but I knew it would hurt her, in ways Jesus wouldn't want.
So He Took my mare out of the Equation 💔.
Feels like yesterday 😪
I'm now on FB 3/2020,A friend passed away and that seemed the best way to keep up/ while being locked down.
Kayce Heinrich
Praying for you always Lori