Thursday, November 20, 2014

All the news that is news

Gotcha!!  :)  

How's that for a catchy title huh???  

Sorry for the bait and switch, but there really isn't much of anything "news worthy" to report from my neck of the 'bout yours?

We've returned to our usual Pacific Northwest late fall weather pattern.  Yep, it's classic; grey, dreary, mild and wet.  But for the last week or so, we were blessed with sunny and gorgeous, albeit quite frigid weather!  I loved it!!  The mud was frozen, the horses' coats fluffed up and they looked like they were wearing LL Bean down parkas, and we were able to set aside our muck boots.  
Aahhh, it was glorious while it lasted.  But we knew it had to change.  No worries, you just gotta roll with what is.

I've finally filled my prescription for new reading/working glasses.  I'm quite slow, since April I've been carrying around this battered, ragged script from my eye doctor, but in a week or so, I shall be sporting brand new spectacles!!  I'm so excited!!  Yes I know, it seriously doesn't take much to get my juices flowing, does it?  

We made a trip to Costco last weekend and spent too much money.  I hate it when that happens, but the upside is we have enough food in our pantry and freezer to last us until *)!* freezes over...and I got new slippers!  Soft, cushy new slippers are almost as good as new socks.  One of those simple pleasures in life that just makes me giggle and wiggle inside!  :)  You dig?

We've been feeling blessed indeed, and just in time for Thanksgiving too.  One, if not my most favorite of all the holidays.  I just love it!  Firstly, it brings to mind all the blessings we have to be thankful for.  I'm a sucker for counting my blessings, as it just lightens everything and makes me feel good.  It really does change everything!  

Gratitude changes everything!!  Ah, how sweet it is...

So, in no particular order, here goes...

*  We're healthy, and finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of these blasted colds we've been living with lately.  That's a good thing!

*  Our horses are fat, sassy, fuzzy, happy and healthy.  Can't beat that with a stick!

*  Our dogs are loved, pampered and spoiled...their favorite holiday is Thanksgiving too!

*  Our pantry, freezer and cupboards are full.  I don't think we'll starve this winter after all...

*  Our barns are full of sweet smelling hay for the "hay burners".  

*  Our wood shed is chock full of wood, and we're thankful that we don't have to cringe when the electricity bill shows up in the mail.  

*  We have a ton of wood pellets for our little pellet-burning stove on hand.  You know, for those days we require just a smidge more warmth, or we're just to blame lazy to build a fire.  :)  

*  Our roof don't leak!

*  We have lots of cozy, warm blankets to snuggle under in our bed!

*  We have jobs, providing us with the ability to "fend for ourselves" and pay our bills. remains frightfully slow at the clinic where I work, so if you're of the praying kind, would you please keep us (and my boss's family) in your prayers?  We need work man!!!

*  And as always, we firmly believe that God is in heaven and fully aware of our (and your) situation in life, and will handle all those messy details.  He's in charge and we have faith!!

As I said, we have so many reasons to be thankful, and to acknowledge where our blessings come from.  Give it a try, won't you?  Try it today, I promise you'll be surprised at just how much you have, and how many reasons you have to be happy.  

Count your blessings!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nothing exciting but the weather

Yep, that's about the size of it.  Our freezing rain is the topic of the day.  It's since changed to just a very cold rain, but this morning's commute was a bit treacherous and our weathermen are all over it - wowza!  I can't really blame them because our weather is pretty moderate most of the time.  You know how it goes, same ole, same ole.

I'm feeling a bit better today, without any cold meds I'm breathing on my own.  Just the usual hacking and nose-blowing - you know.  Nuff said.

Anyhoo, I really don't have a lot to say today.  My hubby did some "fence checking" yesterday and reported that the fence...and the pups, appear to be fine.  *wink*  He said the gate was closed and the pups were both outside, happy and clean.  They were very happy to say hello and ran over to the fence for pets.  I'm so glad, I was beginning to get worried as we hadn't seen them for days.  One of their older dogs narrowly escaped being hit on the highway Sunday evening.  The young gal who came to our door was very upset, and reported that she had to slam on her brakes really hard to avoid running the dog over, who was dragging a leash.  He ran down the driveway, apparently none the worse for wear.  This was after I'd called the dog control...hopefully it was just an oversight.  I'm really hoping that she convinced them that it's very important to keep their dogs contained and safe.  *fingers crossed*  Anyway, it's a relief to hear that the pups aren't locked up or chained, and appear to be doing well.  

The horses are all fat, fuzzy, healthy and happy, enjoying being inside today out of the icy, wet weather.  The dogs and I are hanging out at the clinic, doing "busy work" and answering the few phone calls that have come in.  It sure makes for a long day...but it is, what it is.  We too, are thankful to be inside on a day like this.

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Be careful what you ask for

It's so true, isn't it?  There are times I have to remind myself, but I'm usually too late.  

Last Sunday we spent a couple of hours (that felt much longer) moving our alfalfa from one shed, to a fully-enclosed location in our hay barn.  Anywhere that the air touched the bales, there was mold growing.  I blame this on our warm and extremely wet fall thus far.  
So, struggling with the heavy bales while battling a cold, I was hot, sweaty and feeling weak.  I complained about our "hot" weather and wasn't it just time already for a little cool down?  It's almost the middle of November for Pete's sake!

Fast forward to Tuesday.  I got what I asked for.  We've turned cold, and in a hurry.  We had our first freeze last night, and the winds are howling making it feel even colder.  We actually had a layer of ice on the horse's water trough.  I'm thankful it's a dry cold though, all the horses were turned out with their coats on.  They didn't seem to mind at all, each one standing very still for their windbreakers to be put on.  

There's been a lot of falling trees and ensuing damage to some homes, cars and such reported on the news.  We're thankful to be alright and doing just fine.

My only complaint is that I have succumbed to this nasty cold.  I'm not sure whether to blame my husband or my boss, both of which have been suffering with colds lately.  This is the first cold I've had in several years, so I guess I can't really complain...but I still do.  My head feels like it's full of cotton, my throat is sore and I've got copious amounts of "stuff" that needs to come out of my head.  Where does it all come from!?  *sigh*  So, it's off to Safeway at lunch time to buy some nasal spray and cold meds.  If I can breathe, I can sleep, and that's about all I want to do right now.  For now, I'm grateful for business at the clinic continuing to be slow.  My brain isn't exactly functioning, and I'd be in trouble if I had to actually think.  :)

Time continues to baffle me with the speed in which it passes.  Wasn't it just summer and I was splashing and crashing down the rapids in a raft???  It's almost Thanksgiving for heaven's sakes!!  What is with that?  Maybe I can finally stop living in denial now that it's cold outside...hate to break it to you folks, but summer really is over.  

So we're cozying up inside, staying close to the fire and drinking warm drinks instead of cold ones.  And giving thanks for our warm little home, and our warm little barn that protects us and the animals we love.  

Be warm and safe my friends...

Lorie @ Cingspots

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Harboring a fugitive

Indeed.  And she's an angel.  She's a Great Pyrenees puppy of, I'm totally guessing here, somewhere between 4-6 months (?)  She's going to be a large dog, but not even half as ginormous as her brother.  

I would absolutely keep her if I didn't already have two dogs, two cats and six horses to care for.  In a New York minute!  She's sweet natured, kind, sensible, quietly playful, thoughtful, intelligent and has a laid back personality.  She sleeps through the night without any accidents and goes potty and poo on command.  She hasn't chewed anything except her Busy Bone or her sock toy.  She doesn't seem to be a real mouthy pup at all.  She's very sensitive and thinks things through.  She's a gem.  We've taught her to walk on a lead with only a few, short lessons.  Good dog.  

The sad part of this story is that she's owned by our neighbors who got her and her brother to guard their chickens from the coyotes.  The male was caught red-pawed chasing our other neighbor's horses and took a kick, but he's apparently alright.  But he is imprisoned for his transgressions in a roughly 6 x 6 cage on concrete with a roof and slatted walls, so when it's windy and rainy, you know how wet he must get.  They seem to spend no time with the dogs, allowing them to run at large and they don't even bother to close their gate.  We've had the little female the last 3 nights and they haven't even inquired about her.  We should be the first place they check because of the number of times we've taken her back home to them.  But I'm finished doing that, so we decided to bring her in, clean her up and see how long it took for them to notice she was gone.  3 days later and no one has even inquired as to her whereabouts.  Unacceptable!  My hubby did take her home this morning, knocked on the door and a man asked, "who's there ?".  My hubs called out that I'm your neighbor and I've got your pup.  Then he waited and waited and waited...he never came to the door.  They do not care.

We're trying very hard to find someone who is interested in giving her a good home.  If we do, the pup is just going to disappear.  I will do it in a heartbeat and not even think twice about it.  No guilt at all.  It's the right thing to do, for this pup.  I may not be able to help the little male, but I would if I could.  She deserves a good home, with people who love her and who care enough to train her to be a good member of society.  Dogs running at large are as bad as horses let go untrained in my book.  I've talked with my neighbor about the situation, and she's the one whose horses were being chased.  She is their landlord and is ultimately responsible for what they do on her property.  There are several other issues besides the dogs too, but I won't get into that here.  My main concern is for this pup right now.  

As you can see, she is lovely.  She will be large, but not overly so for a Great Pyrenees.  I think she may be the runt, or at least one of the smaller pups.  

That's it for today...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And so it begins

The holiday season.  In just a couple of nights, the little ghouls and goblins will be out in full force...begging for treats.  :)  We don't get trick or treaters at our house; not one single little monster in almost 20 years.  But of course, I have some candy on hand.  Just in case.  

With the weather turning seasonably cooler and much wetter, our thoughts naturally tend to focus on inside.  Cozying up the home, lighting spicy scented candles, fires in the wood stove and soup in the kettle.  This too, as much as the holidays we celebrate, are tradition for us.  

The horses are coming inside every night now, they're already accustomed to their new routine.  Sure doesn't take them long.  They've added longer, warmer coats and most are sporting a nice layer of mud as well.  *sigh*  Ladde in particular...chocolate-dipped and most pleased with himself.  

The farrier was out this week for their last trims of this year.  We pulled Missy's shoes once again for the opportunity to allow for foot expansion and better circulation.  And it's working...she has good, quality heel growth.  Her heels are much more open and no curling in and no under run appearance.  That's exactly what I had hoped to accomplish.  We're also going to try a new drug on the market that's supposed to work similarly to the drug Tildren; although much less expensive, it's specifically marketed for navicular.  It's an IM injection given in three different locations.  I ordered it yesterday and should have it today...can't wait to give it a try!  The manufacturer reports that we should have maximum improvement at about two months, so we'll see.  I'm hopeful, but remain realistic as Missy's diagnosis of navicular was several years ago.  But I have to try, she's a fun little mare to ride and has way too much life to stand around in a pasture.  I'll keep you posted.

Hope you're ready for the holidays because here they come!!!  I was in Walmart yesterday and their entire garden center area is full of Christmas stuff.  Uggh!  What is up with that!?  Every year it's crammed down our throats earlier and earlier...just makes me want to detach from the commercialism all the more, and savor the quiet peace of it all.  

Happy Halloweeney everyone!!!  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dazed days and grey skies

Long-range weather predictors had forecast a warmer, drier fall for the Pacific Northwest.  I was sure hoping for that Indian summer, but alas we're just plain wet.  *sigh*  Our weather is warm, wet and windy.  And because of several wildfires in our mountainous areas last summer...landslides are an issue.  Not where we live, we're in the valley, the lowlands; but some of the areas that are common thoroughfares could get dicey if the rains continue.  

Overall, we had a hot, long and very dry summer.  A couple of weeks ago everything in our area was brown, no grass and just dead weeds.  However today, our grass has grown to 8ish inches tall, it's thick and lush.  In our yard that is.  Not so much in the pastures, but the green blanket effect is there, the horses just keep it nipped short.  Amazing how quickly our grasses rebound with just a little bit of moisture.  The rains we're expected to get today and in the coming week is more than a little bit though...1-2" today and tomorrow alone, with plenty of wind.  Our weathermen are super excited.  They actually have something to report.  

We kept the horses inside today.  Just doesn't make any sense to have them outside getting soaked and trying to crowd together inside the shelters.  That's when difugalties take place.  Harley will get new wounds and Kadie and Shad will get pushed outside.  They could go to the other shelter, but they always want to be together.  So...our evening will be spent doing double-duty in the stalls.  Most of the time I don't mind it, but I haven't been sleeping very well, and I'm tired.  Just plain tired and a bit cranky today.  Business at the clinic remains slow and that doesn't help.  Having nothing substantial to do all day does nothing for my energy levels after I get home.  

MH and Justin did get the pellet stove installed last weekend.  For a while there, it was touch and go.  The auger that feeds the pellets was totally frozen, and they'd almost given up hope of getting it freed up when it broke loose.  They did a thorough cleaning and re-painted the top and front areas of the stove.  It looks beautiful and is working wonderfully now.  I'm so glad because replacing it right now would have been out of the question.  It's the little things that make me happy!  Warmth is one of those things.  :)

This week we're picking up our winters' supply of bedding and then loading up the truck with junk that we need to haul to the dump soon.  And aside from cleaning out my garden boxes, hopefully that will be the end of outside "getting prepared for winter" projects.  The season has come for inside jobs, and heaven knows there are plenty of those too.  That's a good thing I suppose, because as I've mentioned before, being idle makes me crazy!  Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us.  Just where has this year gone to!?  I know, I'm like a broken record on that subject!!  

Well, that's it for now.  Tonight the little blue sleeping pill will be my friend, and hopefully I'll get a good nights' rest and as my momma always used to say..."Tomorrow is a brand new day!".  

Blessings, Lorie

Friday, October 17, 2014

Always happy for "Fried Eggs"

:)  That's what my old Spanish teacher, Mr. Schibel used to call Fridays.  Always makes me smile to think of him, he was a cool teacher and made learning fun...not that I remember much of what I learned from him.  Just sayin' 

Guess that old saying is true.  "If you don't use it, you lose it".  Could be said of many things I guess.  Anyhoo...

Lava flow

Wickiup Lake
Our weather has taken a turn for the wet.  Monday was cool, but dry.  Tuesday was heinous.  Lots of rain, and some wind.  Enough to cause damage in some parts, but not in our neighborhood.  Warm and very, very wet.  Wednesday was a gift.  Such a perfectly beautiful Autumn day!!!  Today is overcast, cool with a few showers.  And I just realized I've lost a day.  Hmmmmm...oh well, blame it on a memory relapse.  Anyway, you get the message.  We're cool.  Autumn has arrived.  Moving on...

Lovely thunderheads

This campground is appropriately called Lava Campground.  We just visited, did not stay here.

Of all the places we stayed, this was my absolute favorite!  Gorgeous campground, rivers, trails...heaven.  I could have stayed here for a week and been happy.

1 of 2 creeks that rushed into this main river

My girls loved this river too, shallow and not too fast.

What are ya gonna do?

Earlier in the spring/summer, this is a big river, has a boat ramp for fishing.

Well, the hubs has finished the granite that will go under our pellet stove in the living room.  I haven't even seen the stone yet.  Picked it out from pictures.  Should I be worried?  Nah!!  Justin is visiting for a while and is helping his dad install everything as I type.  So, hopefully it will be a done deal when I get home.  I'm most anxious to have the pellet stove it for those evenings when it's not terribly cold, but you just want to take the chill off the house by pushing a button.  Yes, I'm lazy - no guilt here.

I will just need to rearrange the furniture, yet again.  *sigh*  I'm not sure why, or how I've created such an issue with the furnishings arrangement, but I have.  Probably all those extra pieces of stuff I purchased last spring...what was I thinking???  And the hubs is no help in this department.  At all.  The coward runs in the other direction when I ask for his opinion.  Men!

So...guess I know of at least one project that will occupy some of my time this weekend.  Seriously, there is never a shortage of projects to take up my time.  When do I get to stay in my pj's and lounge around on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn??  I deserve that, right!?  

Crane Prairie Lake

Crane Prairie...mrducks

View from our camp site - we had dinner guests

There were 7 deer, a couple of families

The 2nd rushing creek that flows into the river.  Was so beautiful, pictures don't do it justice.

Just above the rushing water

I had so much fun exploring!!

More reflections...

On our hike, we found this bridge, but it was a bit slimey and I'm a chicken.

Little Lava Lake

The next lake down was Lava Lake.  Much bigger than Little Lava, and this one has a hiking trail around the entire
perimeter.  The dogs and I made it about 1/3 of the way...just beautiful.

Mt. Bachelor in the distance

Coming back into civilization.  The valley with Bend in the distance.

See where the pellet stove goes?  *sigh*  Any ideas on furniture arrangement would be welcomed!
I forgot to mention that after our little ride with Missy and Laddmonster last Sunday, I got out old Eags for a while.  I worked him very lightly in the round pen, got him all supple doing his flexion exercises and such, groomed him, picked his feet, saddled him...and I rode him!  Well, riding is a very loose term here.  But I did get on him, moved around a bunch, asked for movement, release of the hindquarters and such.  He is a good, calm boy.  But, oh good grief, is he lazy!!  I'm not sure if he senses my hesitation in my cues, or if he's afraid to make a mistake and get punished, or if he really, really just doesn't know anything!!  He's slower than a slug in January.  *sigh*  I shouldn't complain, because I can work with that.  It's sooo much better than being a hot rod and having to constantly work on controlling all that speed.  At one time, I would have preferred that, but today I prefer quiet and more calm.  Me and Eagle, we're pards.  I was more relaxed than I've ever been on him.  Not totally comfortable mind you, but much better than ever before.  Progress.  Or as Ray would say, perfect practice makes perfect.  I'm pretty sure if Ray were watching, he'd have plenty of orders to bark my way, and he wouldn't call our progress perfect, but oh well.  :)  How I miss that man!!  But I have to rely on memory and lessons learned, and just do my best.  Our best.  Overall, I'm pleased with Eagle.  He is so ready for that next step.  Riding.  And (very) slowly, but surely, we're getting there.  He trusts me, and that to date, has been my first priority.  Onward we will go.

I've thrown in some random pictures for your viewing pleasure (or not).  Some (finally) from our remodel and some from our vacation.  Yes, more vacation photos...I told you I took a lot!!
I took a lot of before remodel pics too, but not sure where I've stashed them.  But soon my pretties, very soon I will be posting before and after shots in the same post.  I don't do anything fast anymore!  

Hope you all enjoy a grand weekend, and I hope you're enjoying this change of the seasons as much as I am.  

Blessings all!!