Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Winding down

Our summer that is.  Seems like another season has come, and is going all too quickly to suit me...sigh.

I am weary of hot days in the 90's, but still.  Saying good-bye to summer is a little bit sad, it's like waiting forever for a dear friend.  They finally come, and it's time to leave before you realize it.  Just freaks me out how fast life is going.

I've already noticed signs of Autumn.  Cool nights, brisk mornings, the horses losing their summer coats, the trees shedding their leaves, and the changing colors all around us.  And most noticeably for me, it's dry.  Everything is dry, crunchy and so very, very brown.  This has been a hot, dry summer, and it's been a perfect summer for tomatoes.  I've never had such a bumper crop and a perfect one at that, of tomatoes!  They're absolutely beautiful in their perfection; and oh so, delicious.  We've been eating rather a lot of tomatoes lately.  I'm not complaining.

We've got a very large forest fire fairly near to us right now.  It's burning in excess of 3500 acres of pristine timber and forest lands.  I don't think any homes have been lost, but if they don't get a handle on it soon, that's likely to change.  The smoke in our valley was very intense last weekend and on Monday.  The winds have shifted now, and have redirected the smoke northerly and east from us.  What a relief!  Sure made for some beautiful sunsets though...

We will be saying farewell to summer with a bang!  Or more appropriately, with a splash!  We're leaving Friday after work for our vacation.  We're heading south and east to the McKenzie River Valley. We're taking our dogs and our camper and heading out on a road trip.  I can't wait!!!  We'll drive until we find a place to stop for the night, catch some sleep, wake up, have breakfast and then head to our pre-destined Olallie Campground on the McKenzie.  On Sunday (last day of summer), we're taking a whitewater rafting trip down the Upper McKenzie.  I've never done this before, and am super excited!!!  Sounds like so much fun to me.  Only problem is, I won't be able to shoot many pictures unless I buy one of those waterproof jobbies.  We'll see...I don't want to not live in the moment by trying to take a bunch of pics, but still.  It's a gorgeous river, and it's hard to imagine not having a camera in hand.  Let's hope I don't fly out of the raft and go bobbing down the rapids like a very large beach ball.  Picture that, if you will.  :)

On second thought, forget I said that.

We'll spend the first couple nights at Olallie, which is right next to the river.  From there, we're heading to a different campground near Cougar Reservoir.  Here, we'll enjoy the lake and hit the trail head to Cougar Hot Springs, which is a 1/2 mile hike to a gloriously beautiful and natural hot springs with 6 pools stair-stepped down the mountainside.  The incredibly hot mineral water bursts forth out of a crack in the wall of a small cave and cascades down into the increasingly cooler pools.  The top-most pool is very hot, and they gradually get cooler down to the bottom one.  I hope to try them all!  The mineral waters have a refreshing and especially rejuvenating effect on both body and mind.  Very energizing!  The whole area is in an old growth forest of Douglas firs and Western Red Cedars, and lush vegetation...canopied by starlight, it must be magical.  I definitely will have my camera here.

After that, we're heading south again on Aufderheide drive, which is a scenic bypass ending 60 some miles later at a small town.  We plan on stopping whenever and wherever we want to, and hope to visit many different mountain lakes and campgrounds, eventually ending up in Bend, which is the heart of Central Oregon.  I'm pretty sure we'll be ready for a hot shower and a nice dinner out by then.  :)  

Then it's on to Sisters, probably camp there for a night and decide which of 3 different routes we'll take to head back home.  We hope to have created some wonderful memories, relaxed and energized ourselves all at once.  We're all packed, camper is road-ready, groceries were bought today, caretaker is taken care of and we are mentally, already gone.

We sold our little "Ruby's Roost" last night.  This was one of my hubby's projects, and we had plans to use it to comfortably haul our dogs in when driving our truck.  We have a regular cab in our truck and it's a wee bit too crowded for comfort with 2 big Labs in tow...and you just know they think they have to go everywhere we go, right?  Anyway, a little extra cash for the road is a nice blessing.  If nothing else, it will pay Hannah for her critter care while we're gone.

In other news, I found Eagle's boots.  I would like a little ketchup with my crow, if you please?

They were on the floor, in the back seat area of my car.  I have no idea how, or why they were there.  I do not remember putting them in there, nor does my's a mystery to be sure, but a happy one.  So...that's something else I'm grateful for.

Anyhoo...hope you're all in good health, good spirits, and ready for a little change-o-the seasons.  Ready or not, here comes Autumn.

Let the squirreling begin...

Blessings, Lorie

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Living, learning and milestones

The two go hand in hand; living and learning.  As a rule, I'm a grateful person. I've always found it easy to find reasons to be thankful, which in turn, gives me a sense of peace and a better outlook on life in general.  Like my mom used to always say, life isn't fair.  And it could always be worse, so give thanks for what you have.  Have you noticed though, that it seems like the people who have the most to be thankful for, are the ones complaining the loudest?  Is it just because they've always had everything so easy, that they can't handle obstacles, tribulations that life will always have?  One of those things that I've often pondered, and still have no answers.  

As is usually the case, we've been quite busy lately.  Nothing new there.  We got our camper, picked it up several weeks ago and have already used it on a couple of weekend excursions.  It's a cool little camper, and I'm really liking it!  It's an 8 ft. long, fits in the box of our pick-up with no overhang in back, and has a full-size bed over the cab of the truck.  It has a 2-burner stove, single sink and a nice sized fridge.  The kitchen table/booth makes another full-sized bed if needed.  We've pared down our essentials from what we used to carry in our big horse trailer, but we have room for everything we need.  Less is enough.

The first trip we took was up to Flying M on that last miserably hot weekend.  We took Ladde and Missy and went riding, and played in the creek with the dogs when the heat got to be too much.  Good times.  However...this is where the lessons in life come in.  Apparently while we were gone from our camp site, someone took it upon themselves to rummage through our tack room and steal Eagle's boots.  I guess I have to be thankful that, that's all they took.  I just realized they were gone last evening when I needed them for Harley.  The farrier was out, and Harley had a toe crack, so Troy trimmed him a little more than he normally would have, causing a bit of tenderness.  I had planned on putting the boots on him for a few days so he would be more comfortable.  *sigh*  I just felt sick.  Those boots are expensive, and we don't have a lot of expendable income, especially right now, when I'm trying to pay off the balance of our hay bill, my enormous dentist bill and now our camper.  Why is it that some people think they can just take what isn't theirs?  I don't understand how a person can live with themselves, when they steal from other people who have worked hard for what they've got.  I just don't get it. So now, when we can afford another $250.00 that we can just blow, I'll be replacing those boots.  Why?  Because we still need them.  I just hope that they get their just rewards, and have someone take it upon themselves to lighten them, of some of their personal property sometime.  I'm probably being petty, but that's how I feel about that.  :(

Anyhoo...second trip with our camper was weekend before last.  We found a new caretaker.  Oh the joy!!!  Hannah is a delightful young woman of 21, who has a lot of horsey experience and lives very near us.  I enjoyed meeting her very much, and feel like she is honest, responsible and has plenty of savvy to handle our herd.  For that, I am overwhelmingly thankful!!  Now when we want to travel, I will feel confident in leaving our horses (and cats) in Hannah's capable hands.  So...about the trip, left the horses home and the hubs, dogs and I headed to the beach.  It was delightfully cool...sigh.  Perfectly comfortable temps of low 70's, plenty of sunshine and a delightful ocean breeze.  We got the last available spot in the campground.  We didn't have an ocean view, but we were tucked into some trees and slept listening to the sound of waves.  Perfect.  

The next evening we headed to one of our favorite little restaurants for some fish & chips...when we came out, we noticed that some kind, considerate driver bumped into our back camper jack and ripped it loose in the corner.  Accidents happen, I understand that.  However, there was no note, no apology, not even a kiss my ass.  Nothing.  Again, it just amazes me that someone can damage another person's property and then just drive away, like nothing happened.  What is the deal?  I wasn't raised that way.  I am NOT that kind of person.  There are plenty of worse things that can happen.  I know that.  But seriously?  Where is the kindness?  Where is the sense of right-doing vs. wrong-doing?  Are there no longer people who follow that age-old "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?  Huh?  Again.  Karma.  Hope it bites YOU in the butt!!  Big time.    

All toll, the last several weeks have been good.  We've been blessed, enjoyed some family time and we're doing well.  All good stuff.  My niece Shannon was involved in a car accident.  Apparently her heart stopped beating and she passed out.  Drove off an embankment, but was otherwise unhurt.  An ambulance was called, and while in the ER, it happened again.  They determined that she needed a pacemaker, so the following day, the surgery was done and she is doing well. Sore, but well.  She'd just had her 49th birthday.  Enjoy your lives because you just never know what's around the next corner.  Live well my friends.  This is one of those situations where she could have felt sorry for herself, and maybe she is to some extent.  But while visiting her in the hospital, I started talking about how fortunate she was that she had just left a stop light, and was going very slowly. She could have been on the freeway, which just a while earlier, she had.  Blessing. Her heart could have stopped beating in her sleep, with no doctor there to resuscitate.  She likely would have died in her sleep.  Blessing.  There were no other cars involved in her many blessings and reasons to be thankful. 

We all have our guardian angels who watch over us.  I know that.  I know it.   And I choose to continue giving thanks every day.  I'm sure that sometimes what we consider bad luck, are really blessings in disguise.  That is how I choose to believe.  I don't see everything, and I probably realize very little of the "big picture".  I give thanks for all the times I was watched over and had no clue.  That's a big reason to smile, put on your big girl panties and give thanks!!

As for sweet hubs turns 65 today.  *sigh*  Brother and sis-in-law took us out for dinner last weekend.  Good food and good company.  Where has the time gone?  I can hardly believe it.  He has reached "official retirement age". Old fart status.  He'd kick my butt right now, if he was here.  :)  And I'd probably deserve it, because he absolutely isn't retired.  He works hard, every single day.  And you know what?  I am sooooo thankful for my husband!!  He also decided to kick the smoking habit yesterday.  *fingers crossed*  This is a big one.  And tough.  I sure would appreciate any and all of your prayers cause heaven knows he's gonna need all the help he can get.  I hope he does it, for good.  

So anyway, I wish you a happy, happy birthday honey!!!  And many, many more...

You are gonna LOVE the cake I've got for you!!!  Life is just too darn short not to have cake.  Am I right???

Blessings to all,
Lorie @ Cingspots

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

She who barks at periwinkles

Yes indeed, my little girl turned 4 years old on the 3rd of August!  I can't believe I forgot her birthday...will definitely have to make it up to her.  :)

I love my dogs so much.  They are a huge part of my life - of our lives.  Simply put - they make life so much better, and I simply cannot imagine going through this life without a dog, or two.  My little Ruby...rotten rotten.  And yes, she earned that nickname honestly.  

Last weekend when we took the dogs and the horses and went camping to the Flying M, it was hot.  So very hot.  Out of sheer desperation we spent a big chunk of our afternoon in the creek, with the dogs.  We found an amazing swimming hole that was chest deep on me and was absolutely perfect for the dogs to swim to their hearts' content.  Puts a smile on my face every single time.  Yes, indeedy!

We learned a little somethin' somethin' new about Miss Rubes.  Yep!  She does indeed, bark at periwinkles.  :)  At first, I thought she was just barking at a stubborn stick or the like, that she was having difficulties prying loose or something, but after watching her stare at the creek bed and then bark, and even give a little startle - we figured out what she was doing.  She'd watch the little critters move around and then bark at them.  *sigh*  She's so stinkin' cute!!  Guess it was the first time she's actually taken the time to really see what's going on at the bottom of the water.  

Anyway, I can hardly believe that my sweet, little puppy that we brought home at seven weeks of age; is already 4 years old.  *sigh*  Makes me wish, again, that time would just slow down a little.  Only a little...

Dogs get older, people get older, I'm getting older too...

She's a mouthy little broad.  Quite independent and opinionated.  Enjoys her quiet time by herself, but loves to socialize and play.  Hmmm, sounds like her momma!  

She's a great snuggler.  Loves to take naps...another thing we've got in common.  

What can I say?  She's a free spirit.

For my Ruby, life has always been a beach.  

And if I have anything to do with always will be.

Happy Birthday Ruby!!!  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

La di da da de

La di da da da

And the heat goes on...and on.  We weren't able to take that extra day last weekend, nor were we able to find caretakers for our horses, so; we went to a nearby location where we went home twice a day and took care of them ourselves.  We parked the truck and camper, set up our camp and brought our car along to make things easier.  It wasn't ideal, but it worked.  Despite some hurdles, we enjoyed ourselves - mostly.  

It was hot.  So bloody hot.  Saturday we took a short walk with the dogs and spent some time playing in the creek cooling off while the dogs swam.  That brought a smile to my face. Our dogs are Labs, and you know what that means?  They love the water!  They enjoyed themselves so much, that I couldn't help but enjoy myself too.  

The rest of the time was spent lazing around, reading, taking some pictures and a little napping.  It felt so good to unplug.  From everything.  

On Sunday there was a poker ride going on, so we thought it a perfect opportunity to take a little ride and check out some old trails that we haven't ridden in years.  We didn't participate formally, but just rode the trail, spent time letting the horses splash around in the creek and enjoyed being in the woods.  The smell of the summer woods is just incredible...truly one of my favorite smells of summer.  That warm evergreen scent mixed with ripening wild berries...hmmm.  

As the afternoon wore on, and the heat became relentless, we made a quick stop at the creek once again and then headed back into camp.  We had to sponge the horses off to remove at least some of the copious amounts of drying sweat and mud that had ran down their sides and legs.  They were hot, tired and I'm sure, feeling particularly nasty.  Afterwards, they relaxed in the shade with a flake of hay, a big drink of cool water and then napped contentedly under the trees with a slight breeze blowing on their damp coats.  When they're comfortable, I'm happy.  

The remainder of our day was spent lounging in the shade, trying to keep somewhat cool.  We were both hot, tired and cranky.  I had a nagging headache, probably from too much heat that wouldn't quite go away.  I read some more, and just relaxed with my eyes closed for a while listening to the birdsong and no traffic, no phones, no worries.  

Yesterday at the clinic was long and monotonous.  I think there were 3 phone calls all day long, and one was a wrong number.  My boss is out of town for the week, family vacation, and there's really nothing to do except refer clients (if they call) to another veterinarian.  It surely would have made more sense to let me have Monday off, it would have extended our weekend by one more leisurely day and made our trip less rushed.  *sigh*  The joys of dealing with a boss who relies too heavily on me to cover for him.  I'm still quite upset with him over the fact that I asked for 1 vacation day, 2 weeks prior to the day I wanted to have off, and I'm certain that he didn't try to find a person to cover me, at all.  When it's not important to him, he just forgets about it.  It really shouldn't be my responsibility to find a replacement when I'd like a day off.  It should be his responsibility, it is his business after all.  He, however, can take any day or days off, whenever it suits him.  grrrrrrrr...oh well, karma or whatever you want to call it, has a way of coming around.  Always does.  

Anyway, in other news, we enjoyed our first big tomato from the garden last night.  So good!!  And my cherry tomatoes pretty much exploded over the weekend.  There are so many I need to pick.  The apples and pears are ripening and it's a full-on race between us and the horses as to who gets to them first.  :)  I dare say, the horses are in the lead...

My neighbor gave me the name of a young gal who lives near us who is interested in helping us out with horse/cat caretaking responsibilities.  I haven't talked with her yet, but left her a message indicating that I'd like to meet her, and discuss everything, and of course introduce her to our horses and show her around our place.  If she seems responsible, and we like her, hopefully, we'll have a new hired weekend/vacation caretaker.  *fingers crossed*  That would be such a relief, as that is the single, biggest obstacle to our travelling on weekend trips or vacations.  

And, I'm already on the lookout for the next weekend trip away...this time, maybe without the horses, or not.  We'll see!

Friday, August 15, 2014


We've had some hellishly hot weather recently, nearing 100 F.  Everything about me withers in heat like that.  Once upon a time, I absolutely loved it, but after experiencing heat stroke twice before, those days are gone.  Don't get me wrong!  I'm still a sunshine-loving gal, love to soak up the rays and watch my skin turn a golden brown and my use of make-up disappear.  :)  But as I get a little older, I seem to enjoy everything in moderation - not too hot, not too cold, not too wet.  Especially, not too wet!  Nothing in life is ever perfect - right?

We're planning a camp-out this weekend.  In our new camper.  :)  We picked it up last week and it's just lovely.  It's on the small side for a camper, doesn't have tons of storage, but for us, it's perfect.  I'm a whiz at organization and packing in small spots. Got the bed all made up last night, and I'm so looking forward to trying the it out...I haven't been sleeping well at all lately.  And if it's one thing I don't do well without, it's sleep.  

We had hoped to go camping with friends, with our horses, but our hitch broke, then hubby got that fixed.  Now, I can't find caretakers for the horses we'd need to leave at home, so no go.  That is why I'm usually not a big planner.  We never seem to know from one day to the next, just what we'll be doing, and when.  Another benefit of aging is that I'm learning to go with the flow...don't sweat the small stuff and all that happy crap.  

But we're going.  Just changed our strategy and our destination to a much closer to home location.  Still hoping to find someone to fill in for me on Monday at the clinic, or it will really be a short trip.  It's always a challenge to take time off from work, but sometimes it becomes a necessity.  We've been away from home once this summer, and time just keeps slipping by.  Seems like all we ever to, is go to work, and then catch up on the work at home.  

I enjoy completing projects and seeing accomplishments, but sometimes a person really needs to get away to really relax.  That is where I'm at.  Mentally, I'm at the point of breaking, physically I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and dealing with so many things at the clinic, and at home.  Enough already!

Sometimes, you just gotta get out of town.  

I will get to ride my horse tomorrow!!  Hallelujah and happy dance!!  I'm also planning on taking naps, reclining in my lounge chair with a good book and a cool drink.  Taking hikes with my dogs...snapping pictures and get this.  No phones.  No computers.  No people needing, needing, needing...

I'm hoping the weather remains cool, because time spent with the horses is always so much more enjoyable when it's not hot.  If not, guess we'll play in the creek...

whatever, we'll just roll with it.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Through my lens - a country life

I did a little walk-about the other evening when it was too dadgummed hot to do anything else.  It would have been too hot to walk around, but I was dripping wet from a dip in the pool.  :)  

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy our little backyard pool?  Yes? Oh, well alrighty then! (I do!  I really, really do!)  

Anyhoo, it was after the horses were fed, the dogs were lying around panting, hubby was watching the tv, dinner was done and I decided to grab my camera and head outside for a little lookey loo.  See if the neighborhood had changed...

Look who I found slithering along in the grass, very near where I'd just been traipsing about in my bare feet!!  Yee-gads!!!  It's a good thing I didn't see this little guy until after I'd put my shoes on.  Seems he may have been thinking of joining me for a little dip in the old swimming pool.  *gulp*  

No worries really, we don't have any snakes that are harmful in any way around here, but STILL - it's a snake we're talking about here!!  I can admire their beauty, marvel at their unique coloring and artful patterns, but the fact remains that I do not enjoy being in close proximity to any kind of snake.  Period.  Still, he's kind of a cute little guy, don't you think?  He was kind enough to pause, take time out from his busy schedule, and allow me to photograph him.  Very considerate.

That's when I noticed the evening sky starting to change, and develop some lovely colors.  *sigh*  So beautiful!  I have no idea just how many times over the years that I've photographed this same scene; but it still captures my heart.  Our grand old, twin oaks.  I've always dreamed of building a house on that hill.  It's such a lovely view from up there.

We are fortunate to enjoy some very beautiful sunsets from our yard.  This is looking at the Coast Range...just beyond that is the Pacific.  So near, but so far. Speaking of dreams - one day I hope to be able to live on the beach again.  I always feel so much more peaceful and relaxed when I'm there.  To breathe in that fresh ocean air, feel the cool mist upon my face, hear the seagulls calling in the distance?  Such peace.  

Imagine a little beach cottage overlooking the ocean, white lace curtains fluttering in the breeze, cozy little fire in the wood in my rocking chair on the back porch.  Oh ya, I can see it.  *sigh*  

A girl's gotta have her dreams.

This is our view to the South, overlooking our neighbor's fields.  White fences, wheat field and pastures, horse barn and twilight.  After living so long in the country, I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  Well, unless it's the beach of course.  So ideally, we have the house in the country; and the cottage on the beach.  Yes, that's it!  You must be careful what you dream, or pray for, so get it right.

Our neighbor's old barn and his spectacular garden.  The guy definitely has a green thumb.  Probably two of them.  He's a very nice man and a wonderful neighbor.  Shares produce with us, comes over with his big tractor and helps us out whenever we need it.  People are so friendly in the country.  And...he takes lots of our prime, grade A horse poop.  He's worth his weight in gold for that alone!

Look at that.  Don't you just love sunflowers?  Now, that is what a country landscape is all about!  I have one, and it started to die.  So, I replanted it in a much bigger container.  It's looking a bit pekid still...and they say sunflowers are so easy to grow.  They are so hardy, even a child can grow them.  Hmmph!  I beg to differ.  I can't wait to sample some of that corn.  It's looking good!  

A twilight sky, a sliver of the moon.  There's something quite romantic about this time of evening, don't you think?  

Our stately old Black Walnut.  I dearly love this old tree.  It provides shade for us and a home for several different birds, also a perfect perch for the neighboring pair of Red-Tail Hawks who sit atop the tallest branches and scour the field below for a tasty morsel.  On this evening, when I was in the pool and didn't have my camera handy, I watched a pair of Falcons having a bit of a squabble, at first only vocal, but it soon escalated to a real tift.  They fluttered and fought down through the branches, then the male flew off and the female remained.  She voiced her objections and displeasure quite loudly before flying off in the opposite direction towards the twin oaks where they make their home.  Such aerobatic birds, and such lethal hunters!  Even in the most perfect pairing, squabbles will happen.  Such is life!

My own little rose garden.  I've never had much luck growing roses, but this year they seem to be thriving.  Oh joy!!!

This lonely little Nasturtium came up from last years' seed.  This flower bed was full of these lovely little blooms last year, but I opted for different annuals this year.  So this is a gift!

And this is our own tiny little garden.  It has graced us with lots and lots of lettuce, a few Walla Walla onions, several zuchinis, some grape and cherry tomatoes and several herbs so far.  Soon we'll be savoring big, fat beefsteak tomatoes, more zuchinis, onions, brussel sprouts and of course more herbs.  
At least I'm hopeful about the brussel sprouts.  This is my first try at growing those.  

And here's Mr. Wonderful with those glowing eyes of his!!  He's wearing his eternal "dirty summer face", caused by his fly mask.  :)  It's better than having flies in his eyes and all over his face.  And truth be told, this dirty face does seem to perfectly match his grubby boy personality.  I just can't help but love this horse!!  

And here's our sweet boy, Harley.  *sigh*  I still cry over the loss of my awesome trail horse, but he does amazingly well sightless.  If it were me, I do believe I'd live with a lot of self pity.  No so, with this guy.  I pray for his protection, as well as all the horses, daily.  So far, so good.  

I have to keep reminding myself that he's still here, and I still get to love on him and enjoy him every single day.  And that is a blessing!!  He is a blessing.  God bless you Harley Horse!!

So that's our little piece of heaven, or at least some of it.  We're thankful to live where we do, it's a nice place to come home to.

In other news, we do believe we've finally got our truck repaired.  Big Grey is running like a top, just like it used to!  My car's back to normal too.  Our dear friend Claudia gave us over a cord of firewood that she wasn't going to use this year (Bless her heart!), and we've put some alfalfa in the barn for the two older horses to enjoy come winter.  Our eldest grandson Jack spent a week with us before returning home this week, and that was fun.  We watched some fireworks, ate too many cheeseburgers (Jack's favorite), spent time in the pool and got all the tansy pulled (again) from the pasture, unloaded and stacked all that wonderful firewood from Claudia and are looking forward to a camping trip soon.  We may be camping without the horses though.  My hubby noticed the hitch on our truck was at a funny angle to the ground, and had a look underneath...thank God he did, because our Class 5 tougher than nails hitch is ripping out.  So, looking back at our last camp trip when we borrowed brother Paul's truck to haul our horses was really a blessing we were unaware of.  We'll definitely need to get that repaired before we haul any horses anywhere.  

But...we bought a new-to-us camper!!!  It is totally awesome and perfectly clean, and as good as new.  We're planning on picking it up this weekend.  I can't wait!  We got a really good deal on it and were able to pay for over half in cash from our savings.  Of course we've officially wiped out our savings account now, but oh well! We got a very small loan and we'll have that paid off in no time.  Hopefully in less than a year.  

With the rest of my vacation time, we're hoping to take a trip to the beach, and if we stay in our camper, we'll reduce our expenses there significantly.  We'll see...either way, I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of this summer.  So far, it's been pretty awesome!  And as always, we remain thankful.

Blessings everyone,

Monday, August 4, 2014

This I know...

* I love weddings... a celebration of love, life, commitment, family, and friendship. What could be better?  

Mary looked beautiful and her groom looked dashing on this day of celebration.  It was so hot!  Aren't they always?  My only concern was that the most important guest of all, wasn't even invited...God wasn't included in the ceremony.  At all.  That saddened me.  My friend is very spiritual, considers herself very "enlightened" in all things, but my heart tells me she looks for guidance in all the wrong places.  Whatever...I hope and pray they'll be happy.

They had a bar at the wedding.  No alcohol was served, but there was absolutely everything else you could possibly imagine available.  They even had a barrista - I had the most delicious iced, blended chai tea ever!!  Yumm!!  

*  Summer.  I absolutely love it!!!  I wither a bit in the heat - don't we all?  But overall, it's my favorite season.  Except fall of course.  :)

*  Horses.  I simply cannot live without them.  

*  Backyard pools are heaven-sent.  Truly.  

*  My favorite summer sandwich is a BLT.  I can go with or without the lettuce.  But crispy, smoked bacon with big, fat, garden-fresh, juicy tomatoes with mayo on white or sourdough?  To die for!!

*  My favorite summer drinks have to be unsweetened iced tea or icy real lemonade.  Color me happy!!

*  Brightly painted toenails is a summer-time must.  No doubt about it!!

*  My best go-to summer outfit is without a doubt - bare face, bare legs, bare feet and a golden tan.  Oh, and probably a pair of shorts and a cool, breezy top.  For safety sake - when one rides a horse, add boots.

*  The beach is my happy place.  

*  My dogs are my best friends.

*  I love my honey and my honey loves me.  

Jessie and my handsome hubby

*  Jesus loves me...  

*  I am very emotional.  I used to blame hormones, but I can't keep using that old excuse.  

*  Fresh blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream is the world's best dessert.  Bar none.  Ok, except my momma's homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  I hope she can make me one in heaven someday.

*  I cry very easily...(see previous comment)

*  I love my family, but I don't always like my family.  I have my doubts whether they love, or like me at all.

*  Life just wouldn't be good without a dog.  Or two.  Two words - best friends.

*  I am completely infatuated with linens of all kinds.  But especially, bed linens...I'm a junkie and my name is Lorie.  

Gage, Jessie and me

*  I love coffee.

*  I kind of have a problem with shoes too...they speak to me.

*  I am a very strong-willed, opinionated and sometimes rebellious person who knows in my heart what I believe.  Truth is one of those things that can't be just is.

*  I am stubborn.  Sometimes, to a fault.

*  I can be judgmental.  I don't like it, but there it is.  

*  I usually don't care what people think about me.  This has taken a lot of work, but sometimes the hurt still creeps up on me.  

*  I hate people who abuse animals, children and old people.  

*  I hate people who are cowards (see previous note), and people who don't know what they stand for.  

*  Flowers always make me smile.  

*  I love trees...but I especially love my God who created them.  

*  I believe.

Not that you asked.  Probably not that you care.  But there you have it.  

I'm sure there's plenty more where these came from, but it's a start.

These things I know...