Thursday, April 19, 2018

Welcome spring!

Amidst all the rain we've been having this month, we have days like this...

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And I have to admit that I'd be happy to have this weather about 6 months of the year.  I enjoy all the seasons, for each one has its' beauty and its' unique joys...but this is just about perfect for me.

I got my new saddle.  It's well used and has been lovingly cared for, obviously.  I've only sat in it on the saddle stand, and still haven't tried it on Eagle.  I think it will fit him just fine, it's wide in the gullet and is cut back in the flank area.  It's a slick fork and has a Wade tree, which puts me in a completely different position for riding.  I'm sure I'll enjoy that.  It's going to take a while to adjust to the slick forks, for there's just nothing but the horn in the front, and the cantle is much higher, which will feel different going down hills.  We'll see...

Sorry I've been absent for so long.  Life has been about as busy as is usual, but I haven't felt the desire to sit and write about it.  Life ebbs and flows and I just go with the flow.

I was fortunate to be able to attend a women's retreat at the beach last weekend.  I had a 4-day weekend, which is rare for me.  It was awesome!  Wonderful ladies and fellowship, an engaging speaker, good food and amazingly stormy seas to admire.  Lots of rain and wind, but I enjoyed a couple of leisurely walks along the ocean side and was completely drenched on the last one.  It was absolutely fantastic!  I think everyone thought I was crazy to be out walking in the rain, but it wasn't cold and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  When I got back, I had a nice soak in the hot tub and then sat in the sauna, and finished with a nice, warm shower.  I haven't felt that relaxed in a good, long while as I enjoyed a hot cup of Chai tea in a cozy spot looking out over the ocean from the comfort of my room.  *sigh*

My sweet hubby stayed home and made sure the horses and the dogs were well cared for in my absence.  I couldn't have gone without him, and I certainly want to pay back his generosity.  There are several vintage sailing ships in Newport this weekend, including the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean and the ship used in the Goonies movie.  There are a couple others, but I forget the details.  I'm sure my husband would enjoy that, and they offer both tours and adventure sails which are reasonably priced.  That and a nice dinner out might be just the ticket!

I know that in many places around the country winter seems to be hanging on with its' icy grip.  Around here it's been cooler than usual and very wet, but spring is in full bloom.  Flowers are everywhere, the grass is startlingly green and growing fast, and the horses are shedding like crazy!  Riding season has arrived, and I'm anxious to get back into it before the temps heat up too much for my comfort.  Like I mentioned before, if the weather stays like this for a good, long while, I'll be a happy gal.  Just a wee bit less of the water falling from the sky and it would be perfect!

Blessings and sunshine heading your way...

Lorie @ Cingspots

Image may contain: sky, flower, plant, cloud, grass, nature and outdoor