Friday, May 3, 2019

The merry, merry month of May!

We are enjoying a phenomenal spring!  Coolish nights and warm days, a little shower here and there, with bunches of sunshine and flowers.  Green fields abound! May is one of my favorite months of the year.  Specifically, I love May, June and October...I enjoy summer as well, but cannot tolerate the heat anymore.  *sigh*  I am soooo looking forward to about the next 6 months of pleasant weather and long days.  Oh yes!

Haven't been on my horse since that one time over a month ago now.  The dogs and I have been on a few walks in the park and around our fields at home.  The hubby finally got our hayfield lawn mowed this week.  Seriously, over a foot tall and oh, so lush in many spots.  We have blisters to prove we did much raking.  There just hasn't been any time lately.  After my hub's shop closed for good, and the auction was held to sell off all the equipment; he was hired by a couple of other business owners to deliver and install some of that machinery.  So, he's been working more than usual lately.  Don't you just love it when God provides?  :)  It still feels like a precarious position to be in, but we're choosing not to worry and instead live in faith.  Like my grandma used to say, "worryin' gives ya somethin' to do, but it gets ya nowhere".  Truth.  And I don't want to worry.  I want to trust that we will be alright, just as we always have.  One day at a time...

I did get that furniture rearranging project all finished.  We are loving the new digs!  It feels so much more spacious and open.  Now if I only had a cushy new sectional to put into that new space we've got.  Ahh, but for now the old leather couches will have to do.  No worries that the dogs will do any harm, so there's that. 

I've done a little flower planting in my front yard bed and it's looking so nice.  I have plans for a corner of the yard that we've got nothing but grass growing.  Grass is such a waste of space in my opinion.  A little goes a long way.  I prefer specific areas of interest much more.  Little cozy spots to visit or a nook in the garden to place a couple of chairs and while away a nice afternoon.  And flowers!  I'd really like so many more flowers and shrubs for not only beauty, but scent.  But those darned chickens!  We are going to come to blows if they don't keep out of my flowers!  :)

Our main challenge this year of gardening and home improvement will be the budget.  We're going to have to really rein in the spending, search high and low for bargains (craigslist or garage sales perhaps) and prioritize those projects.  Our two shelters for the horses each have a serious problem.  One is completely falling apart.  Kind of an issue, right?  We need to tear it apart and hopefully, utilizing some of the lumber, rebuild it. 

And the other one has rusted, broken wires poking up through the dirt floor from many years ago having been used as a dog kennel.  They installed small square wire to prevent the dogs from digging out, and that wire has now rusted and is breaking.  I can't trust that a horse won't suffer a puncture wound from that.  So...we need to dig the floor out completely and add something like pea gravel or gravel covered with sand.  We've had the entrance walled off for over a year now. 

You see what I mean?  There's always so many more projects than either expendable income or energy to go around.  I get tired just thinking about it all.  But...all we can do, is what we can do.  And take it all, one day at a time.  Otherwise, I'll make myself crazy.  Since it's up to just the hubs and me, we may not accomplish half of what I've got on my mental list.  We'll just have to see.

I attended our church's women's retreat the first week of April.  I enjoyed it so much!  It was just what the doctor ordered after a seemingly long winter of cold and day to day drudgery.  The beach is my happy place for sure.  Just smelling the ocean air, and feeling that refreshing breeze, and watching the mighty surf and hearing that rush of the waves is simply like heaven to me!  I breathe easier and can just feel my entire body letting down.  We rented a big, beautiful house and ate incredibly delicious food, enjoyed a wonderful speaker and enjoyed the best of fellowship.  I love my church lady friends!  It feels so good to be a part of what feels like extended family.  It was just about perfect, I tell ya!  I'm ready for another.  :)

On a completely different note; yesterday I slam-dunked myself into the concrete in front of the clinic.  To be totally honest, Charlotte (said with a sneer) caused me to body slam the concrete!  It was lunchtime, I was helping the UPS guy carry in some boxes.  They were lightweight, but I couldn't see, and in my normal, hurried fashion, turned around and headed purposefully towards the open door...BAM!!  Charlotte crossed my path, I totally didn't see her and down I went.  Oh my gosh, I hit so hard! It literally jarred my teeth and maybe my eyeballs just a little.  The right knee suffered the most impact and I have a largish red, skinned spot through my jeans, a couple of scuffs and small bruises on my hands, but otherwise I'm as good as gold today.  I put a little of my trusty Vitamin E oil on the skinned spot, and wallah!  Right as rain!  I'm apparently, a pretty tough old bird.  :)  So thankful because oh my, it could have been so much worse.  And wouldn't I be cranky if I'd really lamed myself up at the beginning of the busy season!  Banish the thought!

So, there's that silver lining again.  Always look on the bright side and every once in a while - remind yourself to slow down...

My dear, sweet momma used to tell me that all.  the.  time.   *sigh*
I miss her so very much.  Mother's Day is next weekend.  Call your mom!  Send her a card or some flowers, or just go spend some time with her.  She won't be here forever, and when she's gone, oh dear, you will miss her so much.  Tell her that you love her and are SO thankful for her!

I love you momma.  Happy Mother's Day!

Love this song!  Click on the link and it will lead you to the video...this is the only way I know how to share.