Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Sabbath

Thanksgiving is over for another year and once again, I am amazed at just how quickly the time passes. This year really seems to be flying by for me. Now that Thanksgiving is past, all thoughts turn towards Christmas and what will seem like the blink of an eye another holiday will be upon us. Today is Sabbath and in less than four weeks Christmas will be here. I love Thanksgiving because I enjoy reflecting upon my many blessings and get together with friends and family and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life, including our homes, good food and good conversation with people I love.

So many times though, I anticipate and look forward to how nice everything will be and when the actual event takes place, I feel somewhat deflated and let down that it's over so quickly and maybe, somehow the actual event didn't live up to my expectations. This is something that I have struggled with over much of my life. I always try to just relax, take things as they come and have no expectations. But alas, I can't seem to help it. Having an extraordinarily overactive imagination and vivid imagery of mind seems to be more of a downfall rather than a benefit for me. I always imagine a cozy and intimate setting with the dinner table set with our best dishes and pretty candles and maybe a centerpiece of greens and beautifully colored fruit. Everyone is sitting down around the crowded table and one of the men of the family carves the beautifully prepared turkey while all the other dishes are passed around and people ooh and ahh over the delectables we are so blessed to be about to enjoy. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying the comfortable familiarity of family.

I did enjoy the holiday and being with my family, but we never seem to take the time to really sit down and listen to one another and talk about what's been going on in our seperate lives. We somehow seem to be more like a bunch of strangers gathered in familiar surroundings practiceing small talk and telling bad jokes with everyone and trying to be heard above the roar. I'm not quite sure of what I'm trying to say here. My family is not perfect, none of us are. But we seem to lack any kind of spirituality and genuine thankfulness for anything. Sometimes I even wonder if we really do love one another or if we just get together because we think we should, or are supposed to. That sounds really bad, I know and I'm not sure where I'm going, but times are so different now. We lack the closeness that all of us once shared. Maybe I'm just missing my mom and my dad and the way our family used to be.

Maybe I'm missing the way the world used to be. Times were simpler when I was a kid, or at least they sure seemed that way. Everything's so different now, people are even afraid of saying Merry Christmas to someone for fear of offending them. I guess we're supposed to say "Happy Holidays" instead. Or, take a Christmas tree for example, is it politically correct to call it a Christmas tree - or should we cover our bets and refer to it as a "Holiday tree"? Whatever happened to us? Somewhere along the way, our American family and our unique and very American traditions, our very way of life has changed. We seem to be trying to be everything to everyone these days...and somewhere along the way, we've lost ourselves and our uniqueness in the process. Our American traditions.

Well, at the risk of offending someone somewhere, I want to state for the record that I am a soon-to-be forty nine year old American woman who believes in God and in Jesus Christ and I celebrate Christmas because it is the set-aside day to remember the birth of my Lord and Savior. I put up a Christmas tree and decorate it because it's a symbol of my family's tradition and because it smells good and because it's pretty. That's it, pure and simple and if somebody somewhere doesn't like it...I don't really give a rat's ass. I'm not trying to please all of the people everywhere. It's my tradition, period. Celebrate whatever it is you want to celebrate, I don't care. And we always have and always will call it what it is - our Christmas tree. So there! I also mail out Christmas cards to my friends and family - not holiday greetings - Christmas greetings.

I heard on the news yesterday that a mob of shoppers in a Wal-Mart in New York state trampled an employee in a mob rush. Can you believe that?? That is tragic and unbelievable. For what? So they might be able to save $10 bucks on some piece of junk to give to someone who really doesn't need it in the first place? What has happened to the people in this world? I am ashamed when I see stuff like that. What is going on? I wish everyone of those stupid bargain hunting shoppers would be held liable for the death of that person. Might make some other people stop and think about what's really important in this life; and what's not. I guess they call it Black Friday for a reason. I think it's a disgrace and it makes me ashamed of where we as a race of supposedly civilized people are headed.

Well, I'll shut up and get off my soap box once again. I'm just saying that I think it's time we start taking into account where our values lie and what's really important in life. You get just one shot at it folks. That's it, there are no second chances. I want to be a good person, or at least the best person that I'm capable of being. I am not saying that I'm perfect - quite the opposite - I have so many flaws that it would take an hour just to try and list them, but I have my faith and my values and I know what's really important. I'm not saying that it's easy to stand on those values; quite the contrary - the current flows very strongly in the opposite direction. But when my life is over and it's too late to change my path, I at least want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know without a doubt that I never lived my life based on what "people" thought of me. I am very proud to admit that I am not a politically correct person. If I have offended anyone, well you'll just have to get over it. I really don't give a damn.
I hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and time spent with the ones you love.

Blessings, Cingspots

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Holiday Ramblings and an Update

This is a shot when my Laddster was just a punk. Can you believe that he was 15 hands tall as a yearling?? I knew he was gonna be big, but I didn't have a clue what was to come.

Hot diggidy dog!! Here it is Friday and it's only Wednesday!! Well, you know what I mean...I'm very happy about that and am soooo looking forward to a long and hopefully relaxing weekend. Well, mostly anyway. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! One of my most favorite holidays of them all.

First, you get to eat - which I enjoy doing very much! It seems like there are specially prepared delectables everywhere you turn. I enjoy cooking and creating new dishes, either from a recipe or truly a creation and it's always nice to have a large group of folks to try out those prepared concoctions on. (insert wicked, evil laugh here) I love to see people enjoy their food, don't you?

Second, you get to spend time with family and friends hanging out and visiting after you eat. I also enjoy doing that, very much. Like I've mentioned before - I love to lolligag - it's one of my most favorite pasttimes. Yes indeedy - I do love my lolligaggin' time!
And thirdly, and absolutely the most important thing about Thanksgiving is that it is a day set aside to give thanks for all of the blessings bestowed on us. Thanking God for the bounty in our lives and professing those blessings before family and friends is truly an honor and something which I do not take lightly. Now my family is not a religious bunch, nor are they what I would call spiritual either. But, I always say my prayers of thanks anyway and send up a few prayers for my family too. Heck, a gal can always hope can't she? I always say, as long as we're not dead yet, then there's room for hope. Kinda like jello I guess - there's always room for hope or jello or...oh, you know what I mean - don't ya?

Anyway, Thanksgiving to me is truly a blessing and a time to rejoice and give thanks and enjoy our family and friends and just enjoy being alive. Yep, that's it in a nutshell. And then, you know what else??? We get to have 3 more days off!! Yippee!! With no strings attached - after all the dishes are done and the hullabaloo is over, you get to go home and rejoice in the little ole fact that you have 3 more days of peace and relaxation and freedom before going back to the reality of everyday life. Now, you've just got to admit that is something to be happy and thankful about!! Yesiree bob - I'm very happy about that!

Now, on Friday morning we do have an appointment for Kyle our horseshoer guy to show up and give pedicures all around to the ponies. Sheesh, what's up with that? I've never had a pedicure in my life - except for the ones I have given myself, or if you count the times my dear hubby has painted my toenails for me, but that's not a real pedicure now, is it? But we spare no expense or luxury for those dear and sweet horses of ours now, do we? And, do they appreciate it?? Nah...just another thing they do for us - you know, stand still and be good and quiet while that little guy messes around with their hooves...they sure do got it rough now don't they? Poor, poor babies. And then, after the spa treatment is finished, I am hoping that we can go pick up a couple tons of hay or at least a ton of bedding know, one more little thing that we do for the horses while the horses - yep that's right, hang out eating and doing a little lolligagging of their own. And they say people are the smart ones...not sure I agree with that statement - not sure about that at all. So, after our chores are done (are they ever really done?), we might get to do a little hangin' out know relax a while and do something like, oh I don't know, read a book?, or go for a little ride?, or watch a movie on the tv?, something like that. Sounds pretty good to me...yep, pretty darn good at that.

So, what are your plans for the long holiday weekend? Whatever they are - may you be blessed with good friends, family and good eats. Try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, they truly are the best kind.

Oh yes, and lest I forget - an update on my injured boy, Ladde. He had his first shockwave treatment yesterday for his injured ligament. He is doing just finer than frog's hair. Taking it all in stride and if the truth were known, probably enjoying every minute of it. The treats are a little more frequent when there's stall confinement, don't ya know? So, without further adeau, here are a few pics I shot of the visit with the doc yesterday.

Ohhhhh, I'm feelin' a little funny mom...

This is all there is to it - a couple thousand "shocks" which is actually pulsating pressure focused on the site of the injury. The patient is anethesized to lessen the pain, which sort of feels like grabbing an electric fence. And, yes I have tried it. I couldn't resist knowing just what it felt like.

My boss made the mistake of making some wisecrack about me taking pictures of his butt, so I just had to oblige and spread this shot all over the blogosphere. hee hee hee, what he doesn't know won't hurt him... :)

Our little helper here is the doc's son. He is a good little helper, and he's a ham in front of a camera. Sheesh...must be a guy thing.

All done and that's 1 down and 2 more to go...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Blessings from Cingspots!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Here we are again, another Monday. This week will go fast though, because we only have a 3-day work week. Thanksgiving and the long weekend is just around the corner. Oh, I am so looking forward to a few days off. Last weekend was a whirlwind. On the go with no time for much lolligagging it seems. I love to lolligag - should have been my middle name. I'm not saying that last weekend wasn't fun, because it was. We had a blast! We left home Saturday afternoon and arrived at the beach around 3:00. Just in time to catch a few pics, watch the waves and feed some seagulls.

The weather was fine. It was raining at home when we left and this is what we found in Lincoln City. Lovely, just lovely and it was warm, with no wind.

Here are some of the seagulls that we fed. They are very brave and not afraid of people at all; as long as you have food, that is.
This little guy here is a young one - see, his feathers are still brown and have not yet turned white.
He is more timid than the other ones and was a bit of a crybaby if he felt he wasn't getting his fair share of the goodies being handed out.

This stud muffin here was a bit of a porkchop. He was very brave and decided that the hood of my car was his private domain. He took offered bits of food from my fingers. I gave him the longest tidbits because he had a tendency to snatch without being very considerate of my fingertips. Thank you very much!

This portrait here is my attempt at being rather artsy fartsy as my hubby would say. Focusing on the beach grass in the foreground and softening the background ocean and sky.
Ooh lala!

As you can see, the color of the ocean mimmicks the sky. Today was somewhat overcast which made the ocean appear rather grey. I think it's very soothing.

Here is Sir Porkchop himself still holding down his fort atop my hood. He really was a handsome seagull. At one time, there were around 20-25 birds gathered round begging for handouts. Several children and I had a good time at the feeding frenzy.

The tide was out which uncovered some ruthless looking rocks. A veritable smorgasbord for the seagulls who eat just about anything.

Aahh, breathe deeply and relax while listening to the soothing lull of the ocean.

Here's what the hubby did immediately upon checking into our hotel room. Yes, remote was in-hand.

Just thought I would commemorate the evening's festivities with a quick pic of our ticket stubs.

My hubby and I with brother-in-law on the right. My hubby is the oldest of three boys - can you imagine?? S, on the right, is the baby of the family. Looks like I should steer clear of the sweets for a while. I hate seeing pics of myself - can be so depressing. *sigh*

The two hooligans before the show began. They definitely look like brothers, don't they?

Brother in-law with his lovely wife. They are so much fun to chum around with. We had such a good time with them - always do!!
Thanks guys - you're the best!!

The stars of the concert - Three Dog Night!! They were so good!! They did all their hits plus several lesser known songs off their albums (yes, I said albums!). They also have a new CD in the works which they played a couple of the cuts. One was awesome, something with Blues in the title. It has a very blusey sound to it and I just loved it.

They are in-costume here doing their mega-hit "Mama Told Me Not to Come" with a twist. They sang it "rap" style - like it would sound if it were on the charts as a hit today. The lead singer Corey, on the left is in character as "Poop Daddy". Too funny!! We loved it!

The guy on the left (looking straight at my camera) is Danny and he is the other lead singer. He is the main guy that I remember from years ago, but then he had very long, dark hair. hee hee, we all have a tendency to change with time...
The goofy looking lead guitarist who was quite good.

Lead singer Corey again singing one of my all-time favorites. Road to Shambala. I had forgotten just how many good songs they have done. Good, good music my friends.

And these pics were taken on Sunday morning, just before we went for breakfast. Sunday dawned beautiful with clear, blue skies and absolutely no wind. The temperature was perfect and a sweatshirt was all that was needed to be comfortable. Such a lovely day. You never know what to expect at the beach, but this was amazing.

I think pampas grass is just beautiful (not sure how to spell that). This house was just across the road from our hotel and I was enamored with their lovely little garden. So nice...

And this is the view of the ocean from the hotel. I used the zoom zoom here to catch the lovely blue of the sky reflected in the ocean's color. Just beautiful!

All in all a wonderful weekend. We stopped at the outlets and did a little shopping before heading home. We had a caretaker for the horses and overnight guests to babysit my dog, Annie. She was quite put-off at being left at home. But...a ten year old girl who would never tire of playing ball?; it could have been worse.
I bought her a doggie treat at the local candy store and I think I'm forgiven. :)
Hey! She's a people too!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Counting Blessings is more fun than counting sheep

Happy Friday everyone!! Today, I feel light-hearted and thankful. I saw two very dear friends today while I was out running errands. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and I also feel blessed to have a job in these sketchy economic times. I don't believe in worrying - like my granny used to say "Worryin' is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere". Truer words have never been spoken, in my humble opinion. When you have faith in your life - which I do; it just doesn't make sense to worry. I just try to remind myself when that pesky worry bug rears it's ugly head, that God is in heaven and He is in charge. Whatever He decides is going to happen, will happen. Not a thing I can do to prevent it or make it happen - so, whisper a prayer for acceptance and contentment and whistle (if you can whistle, that is) or whatever makes you happy, and go on about your merry way.

I am also blessed to enjoy my job. It's not perfect, not much is, but I enjoy it and I am thankful that my boss is a good Christian man. Again, he's not perfect, and at times we do ruffle each other's feathers, but in general, we get along just fine. I have had a few "bad" bosses in my day, and the doc just isn't one of them. Again, a real blessing.

I am blessed to have a wonderful man in my life who loves me. My husband and I are each other's best friend. Oh, sure we irritate the heck out of each other on occasion, but underneath the irritation there is always the love. It's a good thing to have someone to snuggle up with each night when we go to bed. Truly one of life's richest rewards.

I have a family who I also love very much. I have sisters, nieces, nephews, sons, 3 grandchildren, beautiful horses and a loyal dog. Hey - what have I got to complain about?? I also have a cozy home, plenty of food and all the other things a gal could wish for.

I wish for all of you out there in blog land to have some peace and contentment in your own lives. When you start to count your blessings, it just might amaze you how very much you do have to be thankful for. Try it and see for yourselves. Tis the season ya know.
I took this little test called The Autumn Test on a friend's blog today. Here are my results:

You are a playful, spirited person. You have a limitless imagination and amazing creative talents.

When you are happiest, you are calm. You appreciate tradition and family. You enjoy feeling cozy.

You prefer change to come slowly. You need a long transition period when your life changes.

You find abundance to be the most comforting thing in the world. You love shopping and having nice things.

Your ideal day is active and full. You like to keep busy with your favorite things, and you appreciate a routine.

You are very impatient. You spend more time waiting for something than actually enjoying it.

Hmmm, some are good and some are not so good. Like most things, I guess. Not sure I like some of those things. Oh well...
I tried to provide a link here so that you could take the quiz yourselves, but alas it didn't work. Back to the old drawing board for me, I guess. *sigh*

Here's hoping you all have a safe and happy weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playlist - Oh Yeah Baby!!

That's right - I am all that!! I have a playlist - whoo hoo!!! I can't believe how easy it is. Who woulda thought?? Now I just need to figure out how to post it here on my blog and I'll really be too cool for words. Don't be can have one too. This has been so much fun - just imagine your favorite song or singer in your little brain, type it in and wa-la!! There it is, push the little button and there it is - free for your listening entertainment. This technology stuff is just too, too cool for words dahhlin'. Right now, I'm being soothed by the romantic lyrics of Mr. Marvin Gaye - ooh baby!! Sorry - TMI ?? (that's too much information for you slow folks). Right on baby, ya ya ya - what's goin' on?...sorry, forgot where I was for a minute there. Really - you have just GOT to check this out, right now!! Go there and get yourselves some free music and listen away!! Seriously, it's neato keato man.

So, doing a 180 here - how many of you folks have big plans for this up and coming weekend?? No?? Well, I do, yes - don't be snarky - I can have plans - I haven't been married that long! My hubby and I and my brother and sister-in-laws are going to the beach this weekend. We will be staying in Lincoln City at some hotel near the casino (Chinook Winds) to be exact and Saturday evening we will be attending a concert (I'm really into music today!). Guess who?? Okay, okay, I'll tell you. They were one of the most popular bands back in the 70's. Oh sure, I guess there are those of you reading this who weren't even living back in the 70's, but I gotta tell ya, those were some good times!! Oh yes, I remember them fondly. I think I remember them - don't I? Oh, yes of course I do...oh sorry, I digress - ready?? 3 Dog Night!! Yep, you know - "Mama told me not to come", "Joy to the World", and if those songs don't ring any bells for you, then how about - "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog"!? No?? Oh well, you young whippersnappers anyway, you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that they are hot, hot, hot!!! At least they were 30 some odd years ago. Oh gosh, I hope they aren't too old and grey and can't even pick up their own instruments anymore!!? You don't, that's silly, they can't be that old...can they?? *sigh* Oh, well guess I'll find out huh? I'm sure it will be fun though. Yes, that's right - it will be fun. I'm sure of it! I am so excited! The last concert I went to, I sang and screamed so much that I could hardly speak - my vocal cords just aren't what they used to be. My husband was thrilled! Oh well, I don't even care, I plan on singing my fool head off once again and having fun, fun, fun!!! Oh yes indeedy I do!

I sure do hope that you all have a fantastico weekend yourselves...and remember, don't do anything that I wouldn't do!!! Too much leeway? Never! Banish the thought!! Oh, now I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs - oh, what a classic!!! They just don't make music like they used to, do they??? Oh, the good old days...

In the infamous words of Carly Simon...always remember...these are the good old days.

Use them wisely my friends.

Don't waste one precious little minute.

Bye for now,

Cingspots :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Stall Confinement

Sunday morning treats before the shenanigans took place:

Well, my suspicions were confirmed. Ladde has a torn ligament in his left front leg. The injury was probably caused by overstretching his leg by slipping in the mud Sunday morning. He has swelling and inflamation in the knee (carpus) and extending down the inside of his canon bone about halfway to the fetlock joint. The ultrasound images show disruption in the fiber pattern on the inside (medial) deep digital flexor tendon and at the branch of the inferior check ligament with some pulling away from the splint bone. Whew, I hope I got that right! All those big doctor terms which I can so easily get confused. Basically, it isn't a severe tear - although there is enough disruption (stretching) of the fibers to cause substantial inflammation and fluid within the layers of these two structures.
Amazingly enough, when walking around he is showing no signs of lameness. Initially he did, which is what I had noticed; and with further examination noticed the swelling and heat. I immediately put a frozen bag of peas on the damaged site and wrapped the leg, then confined him to his stall. I also gave him some bute to help with the inflammation. Bute or phenylbutazone is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug commonly used for pain. It is about like you or me taking a couple of Advil for a sore back from overuse like stacking a couple cords of wood when we're out of shape. You know, something like that. I did not give him enough of the medication to cover up his discomfort, but I did want to control the amount of inflammation at the site of the damage. Confinement is crucial in injuries of this type to prevent overuse when the bute kicks in and lessens the pain. Pain can be very beneficial to lessen movement, but controlling the amount of inflammation is vital as well. So remember if you give Bute, always confine them initially if you're treating an injury.
(pardon the funky picture here - I had it on the wrong setting - he's not that long really)
Anyhoo...what this all means is I won't be riding my horse for at least a couple of months. I will keep him on stall confinement. He gets out twice a day for about an hour in a small run-sized area for mental health and some stretching of his muscles - as long as he's quiet anyway. No woo-hooing or it's back to jail. I gave him his last dose of bute this morning and then I'm cutting that off. He shouldn't need it any longer than that. I am keeping both his front legs in standing leg wraps or pressure bandages for the first 2 weeks or so. Next Monday, which will be 1 week after his initial injury he will begin his shockwave treatments. My vet/boss has an HMT VersaTron focused-type extracorporeal shockwave therapy machine which I highly recommend (if you've never heard of this therapy/treatment, google it and check it out). He will get a total of 3 treatments, 2 weeks between each treatment. After his second treatment, which will be the week of December 8th, he can get out of stall confinement. He will have turnout in the roundpen and access to the barn alleyway for shelter to him and his "buddy". Since he would go bonkers if he were totally alone, each of our horses will take turns daily at "buddy duty". They won't like it, but hey - life is perfect for no one. It won't kill them. And then, after his 3 treatments are finished, he will be on lay-off for 2-3 months. If all goes well, he should be ready for light riding and conditioning in late winter or early spring. Without the shockwave treatments, he would probably be recuperating at least 6 months, possibly even up to a year. I feel very fortunate to be working for an equine veterinarian who specializes in lameness. Very blessed indeed. Without these advanced diagnostics and treatment options, most people would just turn their horse out to pasture and hope they return to soundness within a year.
I am fortunate and have a lot to be thankful for. The injury could have been a lot worse than it is and, remember that pesky right rear pastern that I'd been eyeballing for the past couple of weeks? While the doc had the old U/S up and running, we took a look at that area as well. Nothing - nada - zip. Yippy skippy!! That is something to be happy about. I think what I was seeing was maybe just a little stocking up in that joint or who knows??? I would notice a hair out of place on this horse for pete's sakes - so I could be just a little bit paranoid. Anyway, that's the scoop on the old Laddmonster for the time being. And true to his nature, he is taking it all in stride...if his feathers are a bit ruffled at this unexpected confinement - nobody could even tell. He's a happy boy. He's resigned and seems content. Just another day in the lap of luxury. It could be a whole lot worse...and the pears aren't half bad either.

Life is good - especially for this guy.
That's my boy. Blessings from Cingspots.
p.s. (see that taped on green thingy on the post up there?? That's an old camper cushion to protect Harley's eye during all of the inevitable face wars that go on between those two)
:) Goofballs!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The death of me tis sure

Aye, that would be my Ladde!! My special boy who I love more than just about anything or anyone seems determined to drive me crazy!! For the last several days, I've been increasingly watchful of a suspicious intermittent puffiness in the right rear pastern. Some days there is nothing. No "offness" and no puffiness whatsoever. Some days though, there is a very small amount of swelling just below the fetlock joint, which when palpated causes a fairly substantial reaction in an otherwise quite stoic horse. Friday night, I applied slight pressure to check for soreness because the puffiness was there again. Ladde reacted quite violently by slamming his foot down. This startled me and I gasped aloud in surprise, which caused him to spin and face me. He lowered his head and placed his forehead on mine and stayed there for several moments as if to say "I'm sorry". He was very apologetic for his actions and took several deep, cleansing breaths while we stood there. He is always so careful around me and would never hurt me intentionally. On that, I would bet my life. I've raised this horse from birth and even spoke to him daily before he was born. From the day he was born, he has known my voice. I've never felt a more solid connection with another horse, with the exception of his mother, but it is somehow different with Ladde. Sometimes I think he knows what I'm thinking even before I'm aware of it. Sounds silly you say? Maybe, but it's true and I can't begin to explain it. So, I don't even try - I just accept it. Anyway, I digress. So, yesterday morning I open his stall door to let him outside for breakfast. Nothing amiss - he is perfectly fine. All is A-OK! Hot dog! Later in the day, hubby and I are in the barn and Ladde calls to me from outside. I walk out and say "hi" thinking he just wants some attention or more likely, a treat. But he is persistant in wanting my attention. So, I call him over to where I am and as he is heading over to me, I notice a definite lameness in his left front. Oh no, what has he done now? When he walks, he does not want to place his weight on his heel, resulting in a "knuckling over" appearance in the fetlock joint. Just great!! So, I bring him inside and sure enough, we have quite obvious swelling and heat on the inside of his canon bone between his knee and the fetlock. I iced and wrapped the leg, gave him some bute and confined him to his stall. Not a happy boy at all. So, my boss is coming out tonight after work and we will check him out with the ultrasound and with any luck, my well known "sweller" will have nothing more than a brewing abscess - but for some reason, I don't think that's the problem. What I think may have happened is he was running around in the muddy and slick pasture and zigged when he tried to zag and pulled or tore the ligament. But...I am still hopeful for an abscess. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending up my prayers for mercy for my goofy, overly large "delicate flower", otherwise known as Ladde. That horse worries me more than all the others combined, always has and probably always will.

Lord help me...I'm worse than an overly protective mother hen.

Hopefully, I'll have some good news to report tomorrow.

Until then, blessings from Cingspots

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day(almost)

Howdy everybody!! Whew! What a week it's been - don't ya think?? The last two mornings my hubby's alarm did not go off so things started out in, well sort of a rush. We jump out of bed, he grabs his clothes, I reheat a cup of yesterday's coffee (yuck!) for hubby and he runs out the door just in time to catch his ride to work. Which means that I have to get dressed and go do the morning chores - sheesh - he oversleeps and I gotta cover his sorry behind...just kidding, I know, I know there's been plenty of times he's had to cover for me too - for one reason or another. That's what we do in a pinch right?? We cover each other's back sides, so to speak. Hmm huh, anyway...needless to say, that's left stall cleaning to the evenings and I always have a tendency to sloooow things down, I guess...that's what my hubby says anyway. But, what's a gal supposed to do? When I get out there in the barn, I tend to dawdle - you know, kiss on the ponies, throw the ball for the poochie, snuggle a puddy cat or two - you know how it goes...when ya give a little lovin' to one, then the one next door thinks he or she needs a little of that sweet lovin' too - a scritch scritch here, a rub-a-dub there, here a rub, there a dub and so on and so forth.

And...before ya know it - "HE" says, will ya hurry it up already?? - we're gonna be out here all night - you're fallin' behind again. *sigh* Us girls can't be rushed - these things take time, I tell him. Some things in life are just more important than other things, like ah work. Icky poo aack, I'd much rather fool one form or another. Wouldn't you???

Be honest now, ya hear?? Don't make me come back there!! You'll be sorry...

Have yourselves a merry little weekend...and I won't tell if you want to fool around - you know, just a little?

Life's just too dern short not to have some fun now and then!!

Go on then - git!!

Have fun!!

Or else...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Because it's Wednesday

Sometimes don't ya just wish you could be your dog?? I sure do - just look at that goofy face, tongue a-hangin out and all. She don't care - she's just happy. And carefree. And running at the park. What could be better??

Well things might be better if you'd stop sticking that thing in my face all the time mom!! She'd never admit it, but she's quite the ham.

Would you just look at this beautiful girl! Her name is Sadie and we met her and her lady person at the park. She was absolutely gorgeous and very friendly. She's a Bermiese Mountain dog. She and Annie made friends instantly. And talk about a ham - I totally take back what I said about Annie - she ain't got nothin on this gal here. She practically said "cheese".
She did stick that wet nose of hers on my camera lens twice though - looking for a real close-up perhaps?? Sheesh, what a primadonna!!
Then there's this guy here - he's my special boy. "Wagtail Ladde", or as we like to call him, "Ladde", you know like the Scottish boy term. We've raised him from birth and I still have his momma too. He's a big boy, especially for a foundation Appaloosa. He stands a true 17 hands high and weighs in around 1500 pounds. The boy likes his groceries, what can I say?? We've been scratching our heads ever since he was born, don't have a clue where his size came from - who woulda thought?? But we still love him, big old mooska.
Speaking of momma, here she is now...she escaped from her stall and went straight for the llama's food bin. Her name is "Wag's Pride", but I've called her Kadie since the day my hubby surprised me with her. She was 7 years old at the time and had never been ridden. A more perfect horse does not exist - I'm just sure of it! She is truly an angel horse, never bucks, never spooks, never does anything wrong. And a mountain horse supreme!!! She has never taken a mis-step. Ever. Sure-footed, reliable, trustworthy, honest and if you ever get lost - just give her, her head and she'll take you home - quickest route possible - guaranteed! You can't really tell from this picture, but she is very dainty, fine-boned and only 15 hands tall. Yep - figure that one out - this is the mooska's momma!! She once picked her way through a very large disk attached to a tractor because she wanted inside during a rain storm and the tractor and disk were blocking the entrance to the barn - not a scratch on her - sure did scare the heck out of the stallion owner who was boarding her at the time! Just glad I wasn't there to see that - I would have freaked!!
And this little chunky monkey here is "Frosted Siri L", we just call her "Siri". We've had her for almost 14 years now and this coming January 31st, she will be 27 years old. She was my hubby's trail horse until the last few years, but she's pretty much retired now. On occasion she will give the grandkids a ride and teach them a thing or two, but she's mainly living the good life now.
Good grief!! What a bunch of stall potatoes!! Come on out and make yourselves useful you lazy hay burners!! Did ya ever wish you could switch lives with your horse?? Oh ya, these guys sure do got it rough. Must be nice...
What are you lookin at??? Whatever it is....I didn't do it - Ladde did it!! Oh sure, we're gonna believe that!! - we don't call this one "Fly in the Ointment" for silly, course that's not his real name - his real name is - get this - "Ahkunkenekoo". Uh huh, I was feeling particularly sassy on that day!! But when we're not feelin quite so fancy, we just call him "Harley" or a few other choice know what I'm talkin' bout.
Where do you think you're going Mister?? I could take you out with one good bite iffin I wanted to...but I'm a nice guy, so I'm gonna let you go - this time! See?Oh yea?? Bite me!! - mutant horse.
Did I mention that it's been raining since, oh the night before Halloween???And she doesn't show signs of stopping???

And...I forgot and left the water on all night last night - as if it weren't wet enough???

**sigh** help me...I'm dwowning