Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The "R" word...please!!!!!!!

I just watched something on the news last night that just irritated me so much that I just have to spew!! So, here goes...this is ridiculous!! Oops, sorry another one of those pesky "r" words. Some people in this world apparently make it their lifelong pursuit of being offended at what somebody else says, does, wears, believes...etc.; the list could go on and on. Fine. But what really irritates me is when they try and infringe their beliefs on us, and force us to comply or become, "God forbid" politically incorrect.

The lastest in this barrage of naziism is in trying to restrict the general public at large into refraining from using the word, "retarded". I'm sorry, but whether you like it or not, the plain and simple truth is that some things in this world are without a doubt, RETARDED!! And, dare I say it, some people too are retarded. I am so terribly sorry if this offends you, but I guess you'll just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it!!

Seriously people. We all need to just take a deep breath and get a grip because there are always going to be people who do things or say things that you might disagree with, and probably won't even like, but whatever! - that's what makes life so interesting is that everybody has their own opinions and likes and dislikes. Life is full of disappointments, and if you don't learn to deal with those pesky little disappointments, then chances are going to have some serious problems along the way. Call me crazy but I think we all need to do a little growing up here.

I could name so many examples here, but I hopefully don't think I need to, just to make my point. I'll just bet that if each one of you thinks about it for just a minute or less, each and everyone of you could (and probably will) come up with your own example and our list would be very, very long.

I really do believe that it is okay, probably even good for us to have to deal with being a little bit offended every single day. Helps to keep us humble. And, if you're one of those individuals who makes it your life's pursuit to be "offended beyond endurance" at some of the silliest little things that people do or say...well all means, join that group of busybodies and just try and get your little boy into the Girl Scouts. I'm sure your son will grow up to thank you someday.

And, if I've offended anyone out there and harmed your delicate sensibilities to the point of permanent scarring...I promise to try really hard to lose at least one nights' sleep over it.

Really, I will. :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lovely day in the neighborhood...

Hi all! Just thought I'd better check in and drop a few lines. I've joined Facebook a few months ago and have found it to be very interesting. Perhaps that's why I've been neglecting my blog so...This afternoon I touched base with an old high school classmate and she had posted some pictures from our 30 year class reunion which was held the summer of 2008. I didn't go. I wish I would have gone now, after seeing these pictures. I suppose I had more than one reason, but I just couldn't muster the energy or whatever to go. Maybe it's my vanity, or maybe I'm just a coward. But, I really got a kick out of seeing pictures of some of my old high school classmates. And, what a shock to see how everyone's aged! Good grief!! I guess I needn't have been so worried about my appearance so much after all. Some looked great!...and some, well, some looked not so great. But it looked like I really missed out on something that probably would have been very enjoyable. I haven't gone to any of my high school reunions, but the next one I'm going to go, if at all possible.

So, I've been hauling Harley to a nearby indoor arena and have been riding a couple of times a week lately. He's been such a good boy, except for last Sunday!!! He was a complete BRAT!!! If I wasn't mistaken, I surely think that he meant to buck me off...little turd anyway. So, this old gal decided to dismount, save dignity and lunge his little spotted butt instead. He galloped full tilt yelling and digging in until he was frothy and dripping in sweat. For what, I have absolutely no idea except that my hubby had brought Ladde along! After 20 or so minutes of pure insanity, he came back to his senses and calmed down...somewhat. I then got back on and we walked for another 15-20 minutes and tried to just chill. Sheesh!! He had a bee in his bonnet for sure!! Oh well, it happens to the best of us from time to time, I guess. After his cooling out session and a quick brush, we loaded up and headed home. Thankfully it was a very warm day and it didn't bother him to be turned out in the pasture soaking wet. He galloped off, tail in the air, apparently none the worse for wear and rejoined his herdmates. I can take him alone and he's a perfect little gentleman. Bring Ladde...and his brain disengages and he becomes a raving lunatic!! Go figure!! Does anybody else have this particular problem, and if do you overcome it? Maybe we just need to persist and eventually the problem will just cease to exist. I would love to have some input on this particular subject. They do seem to be joined at the brain and/or hip. Horses!! Such a fickle lot!!

Life is fairly bland right now. I just keep showing up at the clinic everyday, going home to chores each evening, going to bed and then rising to begin all over again. Monotony - pure and simple!! Winter can be so extremely tedious and boring sometimes. Our weather for the last month or more has been warmer than average, in fact, this is the third warmest January on record to date. And very, very wet. Yeeuck!! That means more than average amounts of mud to endure...what a complete drag!!

I wish it weren't so, but sometimes I feel like I live my life awaiting the warm spring and summer months...and they come and go so very quickly that I am surely wishing my life away. Just like my mom used to say I did, so many years ago...apparently I've been this way all my life it seems. *sigh* Life is too short to not enjoy the full set of seasons. Maybe I should start looking seriously at relocating to a more suitable climate. Where oh where do you think that might be? A perfect place I'm sure, exists only in my imagination. But drier ones would certainly suit my fancy just fine. Trouble is, I don't want it terribly hot either. I'm so difficult to please. Maybe I just need some ice cream. Ice cream always helps a troubled mind. My grandma told me so.

Blessings everyone,


Patience: "the will or ability to wait or endure without complaint". God help me...