Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look momma, it's snowing!!!

That's what I felt like saying when I first climbed out of bed this morning and peered out my bedroom window...snow. Beautiful. White. Perfect. Snow. If only my mom were here to share this winters' morning with me - it really would have been perfect.

It always amazes my senses at how pristine and oh, how so very quiet the world seems after a snowfall. This was only the second time this winter that we've had snow, and it's so very pretty. It's real snow too, you know, powder. Not our usual, white rain. It won't last long, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots off. Got some good ones of the dogs frolicing in the backyard too. Ruby needed to go out for "poddy on the grass", but when I opened the door for her - freeze frame - what the heck is this stuff?? It was so cute! Didn't take her long though, to figure out that this stuff is pretty darn cool!! And off she went...her and Annie both. Oh, to be a kid again, and to feel that excitement of a "snow day". Wouldn't it be grand!?

But, no snow days for this gal, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and enjoyed a few glorious moments in my rocker by the woodstove before heading for the shower and off to work. Have I mentioned lately how much I long to be able to spend some time without having to head out the door every single day of my life? Yes? - well okay then...

The drive to work was beautiful; but a bit dicey at best. This lunatic picked the worst possible spot on the highway to - sort of - pull off the road and have a little chat on his cell phone...on an incline and on a corner where those needing to get around him, had to pull into the oncoming lane just to try and see if there was traffic coming. Fortunately, for me, a truck pulled onto the roadway from a sidestreet in front of me, which let me know no traffic was coming and I was able to safely go around joker boy in his cute little car...grrrr...I gave him my best scally look as I drove by him. Then the guy pulls out and rides my bumper all the way into town. This, however did not bother me in the slightest because I have a very large and very heavy steel hitch protruding from the back end of my truck. I might have felt it a little, if he were to hit me...but, you can bet it wouldn't have done the front end of his cute little car any good at all. I pulled into a parking lot and allowed him (still chatting on his cell phone) to go around me, and from there I poked all the rest of the way to work. I didn't slip a tire, but was in 4-wheel drive and going very slowly all the way to the clinic. Why, I'm here - I have no idea - there was one call on the appointment book and the client called and is having the doc come to her house instead. *sigh* At least I'm collecting my pay, even if there's nothing to do...but you never know if something might come up. Life of the veterinarian, I guess.

I'm still a bit lame on my leg, but doing much better after the dogs plowed me over last Saturday while we were out on a walk...Ruby crouches down and awaiting the perfect moment for her attack...catapults herself towards Annie when she's not paying attention...Annie (purely out of self-preservation), wheels and runs in opposite direction of ensuing assault...forgets about mom existing, momentarily...and like a freight train, mows mom down like a summer lawn. You get the picture...the doc says give it a week or so, it should be much better...can you say Aflac???
Diagnosis: strain of the lateral collateral ligament of the right knee (LCL)...collect $150.00
Yay me!!! I gotta get something for my pain and suffering - am I right?

Anyway, the snow is melting as I type, and the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining. It could get even more entertaining around here if it re-freezes tonight. Who knows - maybe I'll get that snow day yet! Hope it's interesting wherever you are at!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take a walk on the wild side

...or a ride - whatever. Cool shot huh? Talk about being bold! Don't you just wish that you could do that? It looks so fun to me...just like in Avatar where they had those dragon-birds that they rode. How cool would that be? Only in my dreams, I guess...

So, I don't know about anyone else, but I know I'm definitely not living the life I'd be living if money weren't an issue. Nope - not even close. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not happy and that I'm not thankful for so many blessings in my life, because I have much to be thankful for.

But, if I could only fantasize for a moment...

For starters there'd be the cabin in Central Oregon. I'm thinking along the Metolius River would be nice. And of course, it would have a few acres and a barn to keep the horses happy and lots of ponderosa pines and juniper for privacy. Nothing too fancy, but comfortable; and there would be air conditioning for those hot, summer days and a great big woodstove for cozy winter evenings. My big, country kitchen where lots of time is spent with family and friends. A big deck overlooking the river that faced the west for sunset viewing, a hot tub off in the corner with a lovely pergola overflowing with honeysuckle...hmmm, lovely sweet scent and a little shade.

We'd have the quaint little beachside cottage too, with it's sunny yellow kitchen where I'd have time to bake bread and cookies for the grandkids. For those times when we grew weary of all that heat and sunshine, and longed for a little cooler climate...foggy evenings listening to the rush of the surf and breathing deeply of the fresh, ocean air. There's nothing quite like sleeping near the ocean with the windows open - the roar of the ocean lulling you to deep and peaceful slumber with just a hint of campfire smoke on the breeze....aah, so nice. We'd enjoy leisurely walks along the shore, gazing at the ocean in all its' spendor and collecting treasures for the flower garden and the yard. Where exactly on the beach, I'm just not sure. I've always loved the beach at Tierra Del Mar, not too far from the towns, but far enough away from all the touristy hubbub to be quiet. I'd like a boat too, nothing too big or too fancy. Just a multi-functional boat that could be used for crabbing in the bay, or fishing on the nearby Nestucca River.

I'd wish for good health, and time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Time to go for robust hikes in the mountains, leisurely bicycle rides down winding, country roads stopping for lunch in some tiny little roadside cafe, or camping with the grandkids and teaching them about the beauty of God's creation and how much fun it is to tell ghost stories around the campfire on a starlit summer's night. And time to really enjoy having horses...going for a ride at the drop of a hat, taking dressage lessons and finally learning some finer techniques that I've always admired other people performing with their horses. Or, curling up in my favorite chair to enjoy a good book and feeling no guilt at falling asleep for an afternoon nap in the sunshine.

Oh, and let's not forget about travel. Oh, how I'd love to travel the world and all the exotic places that I've seen pictures of! I'd go to Australia and Switzerland, then maybe a Caribbean cruise to Jamaica. I'd travel to old Italy where I'd rent a loft and live as the locals...spending enough time there to really savor the lifestyle and the food and the customs of the people. And of course, throughout there'd be pictures and memories and stories to be told and retold.

And wouldn't it be grand to spend as much time as you'd want (of course) sailing in the Mediterranean, or the tropical islands of the Caribbean soaking up sunshine, swimming and snorkelling in the ocean and visiting all those glorious little ports of islands, poking about in quaint little shops and restaurants...sigh...I sure can dream with the best of 'em huh?

Always have been a dreamer...probably always will be. Maybe someday, some of my dreams just might come true. Then again, maybe not...who knows? But it can't hurt to dream, and see those beautiful places in my mind's eye. It's a lovely place to visit, even if only for a while...

But, like my friend told me got to be a cowgirl. Do you know how many of us always wanted to be a cowgirl?

She's right. I got to be a cowgirl. And it is positively grand!

And for that, I will be eternally grateful...for without horses in my life - well, I just don't even wanna go there.

My advice? Keep all your dreams alive...for you just never know where they might lead you.

Besides, what else are you gonna do on a dreary day in mid February while you're at work?

:) cingspots

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reporting from paradise...x

Ha gotcha!! You probably thought I meant from some tropical luxurious beachfront villa didn't ya??

Not today!! :) (insert snarkey grin here) is my little piece of paradise. We've been having glorious, spring-like weather!!!! I can hardly believe it myself - get this - I've been wearing my sunglasses for over a week now! And I've seen people kicked back in their cars with their sunroofs open soaking up the rays! Seriously - in February!! Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming!!

Never fear those of you who are turning green with envy...our rain is expected to be back this weekend, but only light rain is forecasted. I can dig it!! It is the middle of winter - right!?

So the point of this post today (besides gloating about our weather) is to post a few pics taken recently around our little piece of paradise.

God bless this horse!!! She simply has to be the sweetest horse ever!! My Kadie, aka "the sugar princess". Just look at that beautiful blessed to share my life with her.

The amazingly gorgeous and kind-hearted...St. Annie...goddess and protector divine. She surely deserves our adoration! Love this dog - she's my loyal bestest friend and constant companion. Mercy, I just cannot say enough about how wonderful she is... Just look at her smug confidence. The girl knows she's beautiful!

My dearest friend Betty and I went a-walking the other day, and we spied this beautiful and unusual tree - a Madrone or maybe it's Medrone. I think it's lovely, but Betty says they"re quite common in these parts...who knew?

Our weathervane at sunrise...a gift from a very dear friend. It makes me smile.

Our beautiful little herd enjoying their breakfast at sunrise. Another reason to smile and offer thanks. I always feel blessed to watch over their care. Love that color!

My whacky, beloved honey during choretime...what a goofball! He makes me smile too.

My honey's big, red horse...Shad. He's the most playful and animated horse I've ever known. He's sure to bring a smile to all and he gets the award for the best buck around. Suckers what we used to call a sunfisher. Not an honest bucker, but twists and turns and shows his belly to the sun. You won't catch me riding him - I've seen how he can buck! I have to admit that he shows a fair amount of self-control when hubby's aboard though...just be prepared to bale if he starts to grit his teeth and his veins pop out. Then, look out!!

Our resident chunky monkey...Little Siri. She turned 29 years old last January 1st! She looks fantastic for her age. We've had her for 15 years now, and she's not been lame once ever, nor has she had an injury or been tough old broad!! Fantastic little trail horse too!!

Harley horse. He'll turn 14 this coming hard to believe that he was the last of our babies. Time sure does fly! He took out a whole section of our corral this past week...must have mistaken it for the gateway. Thankfully though, he only got a couple of scrapes on his face, no other damage that I could find. Every morning before I leave home, I ask God to watch over our little herd and keep them all safe...with a special little prayer for Harley's safety.

Our very pretty Mt. Hood as seen from my car the other day.
I've been thinking about purchasing, if I can find something anyway, some sort of goggles or visors for Harley to wear when he's in the pasture on a daily basis. What a challenge! Seems that it's not very common to want to protect horses' eyes. But, I did find a couple and one of the links is below. Does anybody have any experience with horsey eye protection, or have any ideas where something might be purchased? I'd appreciate any information that you're willing to share. I found an Argentinian company that's called is - they manufacture goggles of several types.

And the mounted policeman website below. Their's is more like a full-face visor/noseguard rather than a goggle. Neither type that I've found is cheap...but it they work, I'm willing to give them a try.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I expect most of you will be celebrating this coming weekend with your honeys...enjoy!!

Peace and Love to all...Cingspots

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hump Day reflections

Yep, it sure is, Wednesday again. Already. My dad always called it Hump Day because you'd reached the middle of the week, and the rest was downhill from here. Funny what you remember from childhood, huh?

And, it's Ground Hog's Day too. Did you know that a ground hog is also commonly referred to as a "woodchuck"? Yep, yep, yep...surely is. I just learned that today. Maybe that old saying that "you learn something new everyday" is really true? Hmmm...something else to reflect upon...simple minds, you know how that goes. Anyway, I, if Puxatawney Phil would have been drug out of his hole and held up to display to the world here - he definitely would have seen his shadow. (For - believe it or not - we have gorgeous sunshine and blue skies!!!!!) Hence, 6 more weeks of winter for us. Oh boy. But, since they were wherever they were back east somewhere, and they're in the middle of a hellacious shadow was seen. Hence, an early spring. There's always a silver lining, right?

I have many, many times before said that even though we (or I should say I) protest wildly about our weather - that in reality, we have absolutely nothing to complain about. I should go crawling away with my tail tucked between my legs (so to speak) for my incessant complaining about our rain and our mud and our grey skies! But, I won't - because I'm too busy being positively giddy at our good fortune and blessings of sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say hallelujah???? :)

Anyway, back to reflections on's cold outside, but I like it!! The horses are fuzzy and all poofy and fat-looking. The mud is frozen. Hot dog!! The sky is this delicious shade of blue that I'd all but forgotten, and my spirits are higher than they've been in weeks. Aahh, it feels good!! I'm sorry for all you midwest to easterners...really I am! I hope the storm blows over quickly and your lives can return to normal...but, don't hate me because I'm happy, oh so happy, that we have sunshine! I feel like Scrooge must have felt like when he woke up from that long night of remembering and fortelling only to realize that he hadn't missed his chance at a wonderful life after all! It just amazes me what a positive impact the sun showing up has on me...truly awe-inspiring. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Note to self** Maybe you ought to think about moving to a more sunny climate** Hawaii, anyone??

I had errands to run over the noon hour, so no walks in the park today for the poochies and me. But, I let the windows down in the car and the dogs got to shove their heads out and let their tongues hang and their lips flap in the breeze. Talk about simple just gotta love dogs! Have you ever noticed how many people smile at the site of a dog's lips flapping in the wind? Check it out sometime - it'll make you smile too!

Last night when we brought the horses in from the pasture, I noticed that Harley had a bad eye. First time in months. It was all swollen and painful looking. Poor little guy! I knew from experience that I'd have no luck getting his ointment inside the affected eye, so I just gave him a dose of Banamine to help with the inflammation and pain. This morning it was a little bit better, but not enough, so I had to give him another dose. Maybe tonight it'll be better, at least enough to allow me to medicate the eye itself. Just sucks! I wish there was more that we could do to protect his eyes from further damage, but without penning him up - I don't know what that would be. I want him to have quality of life...not just life, and that means being with his herd. But, being with the herd also means that from time to time, something's gonna happen and I just don't know what else to do. I wish someone made a soft helmet-type apparatus with firm, see-through bubbles that would protect the eye from trauma. I think that somebody probably spooked or bullied him and in his reaction, he banged his head on something. I really have no idea, but this is my best guess. *sigh* Too bad they don't have a bubble suit to encase a 1300 pound horse inside of...couldn't possibly be that difficult, ya think? So, if you're of the praying type, would ya mind including my Harley boy in your prayers? We could sure use some help, and we'd appreciate it a whole bunch. :)

Happy Wednesday, Humpday, Groundhog's day everybody!!!!

Blessings from cingspots