Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day in the Life of Annie

Happy Birthday Annie!!! My beautiful little dog turns 5 years old today. I can hardly believe that I've had her for so long. She was maybe 6 months old when I got her as a pup. The time has simply flown by...and the time has been joyous!!

Speaking of blessings...Annie is one that I'm thankful for each and every day. She is a very good girl, doesn't really have any bad habits, and is a constant source of joy and loyal friendship.

This is her regal pose. She and her one and only prized pocession - that ball. In this incident, ball could (and is) be considered a 4-letter word...yes - in that sense of the word. Grrrr!! Sometimes, I'd just like to pitch that ball - pitch it so very far that it would never, ever be seen by mortal man ever again! But, I wouldn't ever do that to her. She absolutely loves that ball. She used to have another one just like it, only that one was orange. She chewed and chased and slimed that ball until it pretty much disintegrated. It was not a pretty site. Long before the orange one died, we replaced it with one just like it - only red. You know, a new and improved model. Annie wouldn't touch it. She hated the new ball. Only had eyes for the old one. Pathetic thing that it had become. Depression set was pitiful. The old orange ball could not be found. Seriously. The sucker was gone. I swear we didn't do anything to it - cross my heart and hope to die. It disappeared. Just like that.

Time passed. Annie forgot about the old, orange beloved pocession aka nasty thing. She began to play with the new and improved red ball.

Joy, once again had found its' way into our household.


If you don't throw it for her, she will slime it up real good - and then spit it at your bare legs...or right onto your sore toe. That'll get your attention. Boy howdy!!

So we throw it...and we throw it...and we throw it some more. Now we're having us some fun!!

My little poochie is also the very best walking buddy anybody could ever hope to have. She absolutely lives to go for walks. Anytime, anywhere. Let's go!!

She loves to race way up ahead of me, check things out; flush out the monsters, you know...protect her master. A dog has to earn her kibble. And then she gives me one of these looks. Mom...come on already - hurry up!!!!! *sigh* Must be hell bein' a dog.

See this look here. The intent, glazed over stare and the crinkled snout. Yep, you guessed it - that ball again. This game is called "kick the ball". She loves this, maybe even more than throwing the ball; because there is the block involved with this one. Just try and get the sucker past me!!!! Go ahead - make my day!!! And, she is good at this one - really good. More times than not, she stops it dead. But occasionally we get lucky, connect with the ball and send it flying to parts unknown...and off she goes. Lightening quick - she's after it!!

Aren't games grand?

Tonight, I'll make a stop at the local meat shop. Annie's got a birthday surprise in store for her. That's right - a big old beef bone. She'll like that.

I can't imagine life without my dog. She goes everywhere I go, including to the clinic every day. Walks with me at lunchtime. Accompanies me each and every night to the barn to do the chores. If I go - Annie wants to go. Does a body good to have a dog. She even takes naps with me...if she didn't hog the covers, she'd be the perfect napping buddy too. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

It's a rough life, but she says it could always be worse.
Happy Birthday my little friend!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simple Pleasures

All you have to do is take a quick look around and you'll find so many reasons to be thankful.

I know that I do. I can become grumbly and dissatisfied so easily in this life. But, if I just slow down for a moment and take a breath, have a look around, I see that there are so many blessings in my life that I am very thankful for.

Harley is a huge blessing in my life. I love this guy. He loves me too. In fact, he carries me all over the mountainous trails every summer. Gotta be thankful for that.
And you see that white flowered tree in the background there - those will become this summer's sweet, succulent pears...a very sweet blessing. We just have to be quicker to get to them than the horses. They love them every bit as much as we do.

I'm thankful for how the light shines softly through these leaves here. And for how these trees provide a cooling blanket of shade for the horses and us in the summer's heat.

There's our little home. It's certainly nothing fancy, but it's where my hubby and I call home. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer. See that deck off the back there...we've spent many relaxing evenings sitting there watching our horses graze in this little pasture. It never ceases to amaze me, just how much pleasure we derive from watching our herd. They are an endless source of amusement. We are thankful every single day for them. We are also thankful that we are fortunate enough to have a small piece of acreage in the country where our horses can live. And look, there's another pear tree. Sweet, juicy bartlett pears - scrumptuous!! The horses eat them until the juice squirts out from between their lips and runs out of their mouths in a sticky river of goo!

Harley is most thankful for the gift of sweet, delicious springtime grass - yummy!! Oh, and for horsey sunglasses too!!

We built our horse barn several years after we moved here. But before that, we relied on several old barns and outbuildings to house our horses and to store the winter's hay. We still use the old barns today for hay storage, bedding and our farm implements. They may be old and not so pretty, but we are still thankful to have them. They provide shelter for the barn cats too, along with a lot of barn swallows.

I have no idea what kind of flowering bush this is, but every spring it bursts forth with abundant color and much appreciated beauty.

Pansies and violas are one of my most favorite spring flowers. I think they are just beautiful. My mom used to think that they looked like little monkey's faces.

And here's our beloved Annie. I am very, very thankful for her. She's one of my nearest and dearest friends. Every single day she's at my side, wherever I may go. She's the best walking buddy a gal could ever wish for too!! I just can't imagine life without dogs. Annie's 5th birthday is coming up this week, on April 30th. Guess I should surprise her with a little something special for the occasion. Everybody loves surprises!

The ponies waiting for suppertime. It looks like Ladde enjoys his meals huh? He's getting a little round with all this lush spring grass. We'll take care of that before long. I have plans for their conditioning coming up real soon...

And here's Sally and her kittens...what would a farm be like without springtime kittens?
Our life is a simple one by many peoples' standards. And that's okay, generally we like to keep things pretty simple. Life and its' bountiful blessings are not to be found in a shopping mall, or in fancy pocessions. But instead, in the beauty of our surroundings and in the laughter of good friends and family. And, time spent with our animals and the people we love.
Life is good. Be thankful, and take the time to count your blessings...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who you gonna call?

It's been a strange day for me. Started out pretty good, got to the clinic and got down to work. I was in a good mood, not a great one, but before long and a lot of phone calls and clients later, the mood had deteriorated. Funny how that can happen. Patience grasshopper...not my strong suit. Anyway, I've rejuvenated somewhat and am feeling better now, more on a level plain once again. Whew...

So, isn't it funny how friends/people can drop in and drop out of our lives? In the last week, two very dear friends of mine have suddenly reappeared. One had moved out of the area completely, and when my cell phone died about a year ago, I lost her number and life got in the way, and well - you know how it goes...we lost touch. She's been gone for 5 years and then last week, she drives in the driveway and it was like she's never been gone. It felt great to talk with her again. Sounds like she might be moving back to our little area again. That would be nice.

And then another friend who I haven't even talked to in over a year, maybe more, called me out of the blue today - just to "say hi". It was soooo good to talk with her. We talked for over an hour and caught up and laughed, just like we'd never been apart. I'm always amazed at how God drops people into our lives just when we need them. Funny...I guess He really does watch over us at all times.

Life is funny. It's so easy to get busy with things and let our relationships with the people we love and care very deeply about to wane. It's so very easy to lose touch. And, for some reason we just don't pick up the phone, or drop them a few lines - you know, check in, even just to say "hi". I am guilty of this, as much as the next gal. I've gotten bogged down in the everyday little struggles and busyness of life and let people slip thru the cracks. I've often wondered why. Why is it so easy to let go of people who so obviously enrich our lives? Hmmm, I guess I don't really expect any answer, just wondering is all. I've always heard that the third time's the charm - maybe I'll make a quick phone call to one other very dear friend who I haven't spoke to in almost 3 years. I have absolutely no reason not to. Maybe it's my turn to take some initiative and step out of my business of being so busy...and take a few minutes to do something of real importance.

Like stay in touch with someone I care about.

But get this, I've just now talked to yet another friend who called me out of the blue, and earlier today, another friend called me just to say "hi". Wow, am I ever blessed!! This truly is the day for making and keeping connections. That's four friends in one day who thought enough of me to just call me and tell me they were thinking of me. I feel blessed indeed.


So...who you gonna call?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Glorious, glorious sunshine!!!!

Oh wow, I just cannot express it enough how much better I feel when the sun is shining! I am so happy that I'm just about to pop a vein or something...well, you know what I mean. It is truly a glorious spring day and I would describe it as, dare I say it...perfect? Oh yeah baby!! It is a perfect day, and this is actually the fourth day in a row that I would use the "p" word saved only to describe those days where a body just cannot help but rejoice! And sing...and shout...and giggle...and walk. That's right, I said walk.

Yesterday was the first day that Annie and I resumed our noontime walking routine. Yippee!! It felt grand. Now, this was not what I would describe as our customary, brisk walk - no, not at all. On the contrary, this walk was more of a sensuous saunter in the glorious, God-given sunshine. I took off my flip-flops and walked barefoot in the cool and moist grass at the park. It was heavenly, and warm and utterly delightful. Annie frolicked and played, sniffed the sniffs and even chased the stick a few times. The day was positively meant to be savored. Today at lunchtime it was almost a carbon copy. Day two of walking barefoot in the park...beautimous!

Afterwards, I lay down in the sun and Annie layed in the shade of a cedar tree. Aaahh, how I hated to head back to work. Days like this were not meant to be spent inside. Pooey!! Bah-humbug!! But alas, the time came and we went...grudgingly at best. But as they say, lounging in the sunshine on a glorious springtime day does not pay the bills. The need for money really does interfere with my life. And, that is one can of worms that I'm not even going to open up today. That would seriously put a damper on my spirits, and I simply won't have it. Nope, not today!

So, as I mentioned last week my hubby and his horse, Shadman went to a clinic this past Sunday. The trainer/clinician, who we'd never met before worked with Shad for an hour or so. It went well. However, neither the trainer or my hubby actually mounted the horse. Hmmm, I wonder why no one feels like hopping aboard this guy. He has quite the reputation. Either that, or the trainer just did not feel lucky on that particular day. I was a little disappointed that my hubby did not take advantage of the situation and ride his horse, but I do understand that he was nervous and is not used to being in front of an audience. Been there, done that.

All in all it was a particularly enjoyable day. For once, I was the horseless person at an equestrian event and got to relax and enjoy watching. I do have some pictures to post, but am not quite ready yet. All in all, I am quite proud of Shad's behavior. He was noticeably nervous and more than just a little goosey when we first arrived. But bear in mind that this horse has not left home in at least 5 years. So, leaving home and trailering to a strange place alone was bound to make him question our motives...I'm sure.

There was one time that was quite funny. The trainer had a mirror mounted on one wall in the arena. He had worked with 4 other horses earlier in the day, Shad was the last one. Not one of these horses seemed to pay any attention at all to this mirror on the wall. Except Shad. After he had relaxed somewhat, and took the time to admire his surroundings; he did just that. He stopped and took a good, long look in the mirror. I wish I could have gotten my camera ready to snap a picture, but alas it was in sleepy mode and I missed it. But, he studied his reflection in the mirror, and then glanced at the audience as if to you see this guy? Man, what a good looking horse! And then back to have another long, appreciative look. It was so cute!! A typical male response for sure!

The day was overall very enjoyable and we enjoyed the potluck lunch and good conversation with friends. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

One hitch in the trip was our truck. We have a 1995 Dodge 4-wheel drive truck which I have always loved. I love this truck. It drives like a dream, gets great mileage (for a truck) and has never really given us any trouble. We have overworked it ever since we've owned it, and it now has over 125,000 miles on the gas engine. Big grey is starting to show a little age. For the last couple of years, occasionally the engine would run a little hot. We've checked out every little thing that we can think of, but nothing wrong can be us, anyway. We've changed the thermostat, the water pump, the fan clutch, had the radiator cored and flushed. You name it, we've done it as far as the cooling system goes. But on that particular day, it overheated big time, and several times on the way home. We had to stop 3 times, add cold water and let it cool down. Red-lined on the temperature gauge. Guess we're going to have to break down, bite the bullet and take it to the Dodge shop. At least have them diagnose the actual problem, and then if we can, fix it ourselves. If not, hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg to get our truck in tip-top shape once again. It is afterall, the beginning of the horse camping season, and we are scheduled to make the first trip next month. *sigh* It always seems to be something to drain the pocketbook of what little savings we have miserly been able to hoard.

But, in the spirit of thankfulness...I am glad that it happened on a day that was pleasantly warm, neither too hot nor too cold, and we were hauling the small trailer with only one horse on board. And...we weren't too far from home. And...after all, Big Grey did get us home.

There is always something to be thankful for.

Until next time, blessings to all.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Ho!! or It's all about Shad

Another typical spring day...breezy, a shower or two, a peak from Mr. Sun and puffy, non-threatening clouds. It'll do. But this coming weekend - get this - it's supposed to be very warm and dry for at least the next three days. Yippee!! We're talking up to 80 degrees here folks. Bring on the shorts and the summer shirts!!! I am soooo ready for this.

Tomorrow, we'll probably go to church, followed by a late morning breakfast/brunch and then have no plans for the remainder of the day. Sounds good to me.

But on Sunday, it's another story...see this guy here? This is Shad. He's my hubby's horse. Shad is the King Farook of the pasture and our little herd. He is the un-challenged leader. He can still make Ladde do the baby chew in a New York minute. Oh yeah...he's one bad boy.

Then there are those times he can be a big old girl...he squeals with the best of 'em. Just like a little girl. And he pitches the best hissy fits you'll ever see. He's going to be 18 this year and he's going on 2. Uh-huh. That's right - he still hasn't grown up, nor do I think he ever will. He loves to play. Probably moreso than any other horse we've got. He and Harley play a lot - face wars. I can buck higher than you. I can sit'n'spin prettier than you. I can run faster than you. I can slide farther than you. You name it, they play it. Every once in a while, they even get Ladde to join in. Occasionally, the girls might play along - you know, lower themselves to the level of "those juveniles". You know what I'm talkin' bout. Those dreadful and silly boys...nuff said.

Shad doesn't get ridden very often. He's what we refer to as our "flatlander". He loves arena work. He looks beautiful under tack, english or western. He's very much out of shape and doesn't have much in the way of muscle tone. What fitness he has is entirely up to him. He's a pasture potato. Shad gets verrrry excited when he gets to go somewhere. Shad's veins pop out and his nostrils flare. Shad bucks. Impressively so.

Sunday my hubby is taking his beautiful boy to a riding clinic in Washington state. I do believe it will be one of a few times Shad will have been ridden in the last several years. First time off the farm in many.
Please pray for my hubby's safety.
I'm going as the official photographer.
I can't ride because of my toe.
Blessings all,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Cannoli Batman, it's Thursday again!!!

Can you believe how fast time goes??? Just what is up with that anyway??? I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I'm gonna be this little old grey-haired lady hobbling around with aches and pains and pondering thoughts and looking at pictures of my grandchildren and reminiscing about old friends and, and, and...oh no...can't be...I am that already!!! Whaaaaat!!?? When did that happen!!??

Whew!! Okay, alright, I'm feeling much better now...I must have dozed of there for a minute. Silly me...I dreamt I was this little old lady, but I'm sooo very glad that I'm still this sprite and lively spring chick!! Oh yeah baby!! One hot spring spring at that!!! That's right, I'm fine...ooooh baby!! I'm cool....

So, how's things today out there in Blogland?? Everybody still with me?? Helloooooooo!!! No, of course I didn't have a drink!!! It's just coffee silly!!! I'm fine...really I am. Whyever do you ask?


Dadadada!!! Remember I got that sisterhood award the other day from my little pal Carolynn? Yep, that one. And I promised to pass on the love and give it back to some of my favorite friends when I learned how to make those silly little linky things....well guess what!? I am so all over that already!!! (thanks Michelle)

So without further adeau (and much silliiness), I shall pass the torch of Sisterhood and share the love with my beautiful friends no particular order of course:

I love you ladies, you know that I do right?

There are so many more wonderful ladies who I've come to know, admire, respect, love and value. But, I better leave a few of you for someone else to pass the love onto. You can post the award or not, because as Carolynn so gracefully pointed out, - the gift is in the giving. I thank each and every one of you for being who you are and for enriching my life in so many wonderful ways.

Peace, love and blessings to each and every one...

sniff, sniff...

I'm so emotional...

I think I missed my calling. I should have been in the soaps. :0 )

See ya in the funnies! know, me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the Sisterhood!!

I certainly never expected to meet so many wonderful people when I started this blog last fall. I didn't even know what a blog was for pete's sake. I do, and I would miss it dearly if I didn't have this little avenue of friendships. I admire and dearly love getting to know all of you that I've been fortunate to meet. It's been so much fun!! I've gotten pearls of wisdom, daily inspiration, understanding and so many laughs.

Carolynn over at A Glowing Ember gave me this lovely award the other day. I just love it!! I love what this award stands for and I do feel like I'm a part of a wonderful "Sisterhood"! Thank you so very much Carolynn!!! If any of you haven't yet met Carolynn, go check her out. She's a lovely gal with a beautiful style of writing...and she's my 37 Day Challenge Buddy. At least she's had no trouble keeping her end of the bargain anyway. I've been rather lacksadaisical of late because of my stupid toe...but I will keep slogging away. I tried to do a link here but failed. So, sorry you'll have to do it the long and tedious route...but it will be soooo worth it - I promise!!

I will pass this on to a few of my favorite blogging sisters, but I vow to learn how to do those stupid link thingys first. Sheesh!! I learned the other day from Michelle, another blogging gal, but I waited too long to give it a go...and now I've apparently forgotten how!!! Grrrrr!!! I know, I know, it all seemed so very simple, but it escapes me. So many of you have tried to help me, and I still don't know how. No worries...I will prevail! I will!!

I accomplished a couple of things today. One, got my taxes mailed - phew!! That feels good, one less thing rattling around in my mental "to do" list. And...I've finally made a choice on the Hawaii rental cottage. I await the final details. God willing, we have a decision Houston.

Well, must run!

That's it for now at cingspots!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday!!

Once again, I'll admit to sounding like a broken record and proclaim to the world at large - that I'm soooo glad it's Friday once again!!!'s Good Friday taboot. This is a special Sabbath eve for sure. May each of you be blessed regardless of how you celebrate what this weekend represents.

My hubby and I have made no special plans for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be wet and mild. Pretty typical stuff for an Oregon spring. I don't think we're expecting much rainfall, but it's likely to be showery interspersed with a little sunshine. It sounds just fine to me. I'll take it and be thankful.

I hope to just take it easy this weekend and maybe get caught up on some household chores that I've let slide a little this past week. Yes, I'm going to place the blame on my darned toe again...well, because that's exactly what's to blame! This toe has been a major pain, and in more ways than just one. I tried putting a shoe on this morning and wowee!!!! It smarts - apparently I'm not wearing anything on that foot just quite yet. Maybe a flip-flop, but nothing enclosed.

Go ahead and call me a wuss...I am - and I'm okay with that. Really, I am.

Ladde had an episode of colic the night before last and that scared the dickens out of us!! Good grief - if anything happened to the big old galoot, I'd just about die!! It must have been a spasmodic colic because it came on really fast. Ladde has done this four times now in his lifetime and they've always presented the same way. Firstly, Ladde comes and finds us and lets us know in no uncertain terms that something is wrong...and we are to fix! So, hubby lets Ladd into the barn while he's doing chores. Ladde begins to paw the ground and then that is followed by him body slamming himself into the wall. Ooookay! Hubby comes inside to get me and lets me know that the Laddmonster appears to have a belly ache. Oh out I hobble. Sure enough, I take one look at his face and can tell the poor guy is in some major pain here. We put his halter on and hubby takes him down the driveway for a little walk while I rummage in the first aid kit for some banamine. I give him a 1000 lb. dose which for Ladde is only a partial dose. But, I'd rather give less and see how he reacts. Walking is resumed, but it takes a little while for the meds to he breaks out in a sweat and is super hot and dripping wet. Time to panic!! I call my boss and let him know what's going on...he's so calm and cool I could just strangle him!! He asks me to check his vitals, give the meds a chance to work and continue the walking...yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to scream at him because I would much prefer that he be as panicked and upset as me, and tell me that he's running out the door and is on his way as we speak. You know how it is when it's your baby, right?? No matter how many times I remain calm, cool and in control with clients at work when they're in crisis mode - it's never the same when it's my crisis. It never fails that my mental faculties vacate me...what is with that!? I want to know just exactly why that is. I know what to do. I have been through this a few times before, but dadgummit it all anyway - it's scary!! So, anyway I try to take a few deep breaths and gather my wits and do as the dadgummed vet wants me to do. Okay, I'll try. Check the gums for capillary refill time - check. Get the heartrate...the heart? Where is the heart????? Oh good Lord, help me out here. I should know this...where is that thing anyway? Oh forget that - it is what it is!! Take the temperature - forget that - I can see he's all overheated. Allright, you get the picture. After a while, I completely give up at the doctor stuff and resume to towelling my babie's head off and speak to him in soothing tones...and give him some more banamine. More walking, more walking...chilled out now...muscles quivering all over his body...crap. Put his blanket on and warm him up. More walking. Okay, that's better. It looks like the meds are kicking in and doing their job. Okay, alright, I can do this. Pray. Beg. Plead. More deep breaths. Call the boss back up and tell him we are looking a bit better now. Okay he says, now go work on those vitals and relax. Call me back if you need me. Okay, I can do that now. Thank you and good night. Pray again and thank God for taking care of things again.

My hubby spent the night in the barn on a cot. He got very little sleep. Ladde was very hungry and did the bucket banging routine all night so that we knew he was okay now and did we forget that he'd only had a half of a flake!!??

You just gotta love husbands who are willing to sleep in the barn with the horse and let me sleep in the house.

Thanks honey, I love you for being so kind-hearted and for loving the animals every bit as much as me.

Oh yes, and thanks God. Once again.

Blessings to all,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Harley!!!!

Another birthday for the last of my babies. Harley is 12 years old today. He's recovered from his recent sole bruise or whatever it was and he's fine as a fiddle now. Harley or Ahkoonkeneku which is his registered name was born April 8, 1997. I actually got to witness his birth. It was truly a miraculous event for me.

We had this beautiful mare we called Scooter. Her registered name was "Mis Star of David". She was built to the hilt and I thought she was gorgeous. We bought her for a song because she had foot problems. Scoot suffered from chronic laminitis which was caused by a hormonal imbalance and no medications primarily used to treat this condition worked for her. Little did we know, that the problem was worsened by pregnancy. Another lesson in life we learned the hard way. So, anyway we selected this handsome dark liver chestnut Quarterhorse stallion named "Happy Impressive Too". Ridiculous name, but he was gorgeous and also built. He had been successfully shown at halter, reining and working cowhorse. He was a beauty, but he was also a kind stallion. The match was made and slightly over one year later, little Harley was born. Yep, Scoot was a full 31 days late and we were scared. The last several months of her pregnancy she rarely got up because of her foot pain and she was living on bute. It would be a miracle if she and the baby made it. My hubby had run a t.v. coax cable from the house to the barn so we could spy on Scoot. We called it the "Scooter channel". We were constantly checking on her...poor girl, no privacy whatsoever. Well, one morning I got up and flicked on the scooter channel and there she was...but something looked different somehow. It looked like she was circling and looking for a place to lie down. Could it be!? I threw on my jacket and mucks and ran out to the barn. I was just in time to fall to my knees and witness the birth of a perfectly beautiful little colt. For a while, I thought we had a solid foal, no biggie, just so long as they're both healthy, that's all that mattered. You see, Scoot decided to take a break when the head, neck and shoulders were out. So, I cut the sack away from the foal's nose and got to know the little one. Whew!! What a beauty!! He/she was drop-dead gorgeous!! Not a white hair could be seen and the foal was this incredibly dark, rich mahogany-liver chestnut. Oh thank the Lord, could we possibly be so lucky? So, anyway back to the business at hand...Scoot was relaxed, so was the foal and mama was communicating in soft little maternal nickers to her baby. All was fine, but when would she finish? I started to get a little bit nervous. Was this normal, should I try to pull the foal? Aaack!! I didn't know what to do!! The little thing was awfully slippery and all my mental facilities had apparently left me...I had no idea what to do! I prayed. I prayed really, really hard for the Lord to please, please, please let Scoot deliver this beautiful baby now and quickly if you please? Oh, and please let them both be perfectly fine too, okay? Thank you Father...Amen. After a few more tediously long moments, Scooter obliged and out slipped the foal. Oh wow!! A beautiful blanketed foal with these huge dark spots all over the rump!! He was about the most beautiful foal I'd ever layed eyes on!! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Everything appeared to be perfectly fine...everybody except me seemed perfectly relaxed. The foal showed no interest in getting up - none at all. He just layed there, looking around, sniffing, blinking and trying to suck on my coat. Well come on little one - get up already. Blink blink. I ran into the house to make the phone call to the vet. This didn't seem right.
Okay, the vet's on his way. More waiting, more soft nickers, more looking around...all is calm, all is right.

Apparently all my worrying was for naught, the vet checked everyone out - declared we had a healthy colt who would get up when he was ready - not to worry. Easy for him to say! But, he was right. A full 2 hours after Harley was born...he stood up and began to nurse from his still recumbant momma. Scooter nursed her foal from the lying down position for a couple of months. When she finally started standing for the feedings, Harley was one peode little man. It hurt his little neck to have to crook it up like that - he'd stomp his feet and switch his little tail to show his displeasure! This little sucker had a temper - a foretelling of things to come...

So, Mis Star of David aka Scooter, had a Harley. Hard to start and slow to warm up. We almost named him Harley David's Son...but for whatever reason, I decided on Ahkoonkeneku. It's a Nez Perce Indian term meaning, "the land above" - like heaven. Yeah, I know - Harley suits him much better. He hasn't changed a whole lot - he still doesn't like to be rushed. He likes to sleep in and take time out to stop and smell the roses...or the clover...whatever. Some things in life are just not meant to be rushed. Harley's one of 'em.

He's always been a snuggle bunny though. It's real easy to get him all doe-eyed and sweet, especially if he's sleepy.

It didn't take long for the little white hairs all over his body to show up. Those Appaloosas! You never know what to expect - and then what you get, is rarely what you end up with. *sigh*
He ruined the screen in the kitchen window. Oh well, we knocked out this wall and put in a slider and a deck anyway. Friendly little guy!

The beginning of the no attention to the outfit. It must have been laundry day.

Below is Scooter and Harley. As time went on, he looked more and more like his momma.

First clinic for Harley. This was with Ray Hunt at my friend's house in Dundee, Oregon. We had a blast!! Harley is very social and non-aggressive, making him a pleasure to ride in most situations. The gal in the lavendar shirt riding in front of us is my friend Mary. The photographer and my savior who was with me at the Ray Hunt clinic where I started Ladde. Her name is Mary and she's riding her colt she raised, "Fargo".

I sure do love my little spotty body. He's a very good boy. I've always felt more comfortable riding Harley than Ladde, probably due to the size difference. Where Ladde is around 17.0 hands, Harley is only 15.3 hands. Much better...

Apparently, Harley thinks it's time for a little nap. I think this photo below was taken at a campout at Mt. Adams in Washington state. He believes that his food should serve multiple functions. He's always slept on his food and nibbled while he lies down.

Harley enjoys some water playtime in the good old summertime too! See his cool shades - they're from "Horses in Black". He's a cool dude!! We've since removed the ear coverings. Hubby said they were not cool.

What a sweet boy...most of the time anyway. We also refer to him as our "fly in the ointment". I think you can figure out that one.

Harley loves to put his lips in the kitty's fur and nuzzle his lips all around. He likes to do this in people's hair as well...makes goosebumps! You're just never quite sure that's all he wants to do...

These last few pics were taken just last week. The big guy all grown up.

Have a happy birthday Harley!!! God willing there will be many, many more to come. I'll make sure and bring the apples home tonight! *wink*
Blessings from cingspots...