Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home sweet home

Spring is certainly well underway in our neighborhood, and signs of its' rebirth are everywhere.  The horses are getting fatter, losing their winter woolies like crazy and rations have been cut back.  You can't tell by looking at our pasture, but the grass is growing...and the horses are mowing.  Sure wish they could manage our lawn for us as well as they keep the pasture trimmed.  If only...  

I made a quick dash down the driveway before heading off to work and caught Ladde having himself a little after breakfast nap.  The big guy needs his beauty rest.

Missy looks like she might be getting a little dozy herself.  She has done quite well over the winter without having shoes on.  Against everyone's advice, I had her shoes pulled last fall and let her go barefoot for almost 6 months now.  And exactly as I'd hoped, her heels have opened up and the trims have removed almost all of the curled under heel.  I will be putting shoes back on her sometime in May for the riding season.

Here's that handsome devil Eagle,  looking none too worse for the winter.  Now that the weather's warmed up and we have more daylight hours, I'm hoping to resume his schooling sessions very soon.  I keep wondering when life will be a little less busy, so I have more time for personal pursuits...maybe that's never going to happen.  *sigh*

Harley (in background chowing down) just turned 17 yesterday.  Where does the time go???  We celebrated by having apples and carrots.  Birthdays are always enjoyed by all!

Such a sweet I love this horse.

Thank goodness our living room doesn't look like this anymore!  I wanted to have a few pics just so I remember the "before", or rather, the "during" of our makeover.  Hubby's been a little busy lately, so our project has slowed down a little.  I had to return my drapes because they were too short, and the shades still haven't arrived.  The painting of the window trim is finished on 2 of the 3 windows, and I'm loving the change.  We still need to paint and install the trim boards at the floor and around the doorways, and also get the pellet stove re-installed once we decide on our hearth.  Oh yes, and paint this door...the list never seems to end.

We found a little dry rot and had to replace some of the sub-floor near the door.

This is where we collected all the stuff torn out.  Several of my friends commented on our lovely front yard alecs.  We just hauled a pick-up load of debris to the local landfill last weekend.  I always wonder why after every winter we seem to have a truckload of junk to haul off and dispose of?  Where does it come from???

Special dinner I made for my hubby for all his hard work...beef sirloin with onion,mushroom, red wine sauce with broiled lobster and baked potato.  Yummy!!  And yes, I did have to put that lobster tail back under the broiler for a minute or two, after I took this picture.  :)

A beautiful sunset from a couple nights ago.  It sure is nice having sunsets again.  Our weather has been mostly dry for a week and a half or so now, with temps in the mid 60's and a couple of days into the mid 70's.  Spring really is here!!!

Eagle had a special treat and got to eat sweet, grass in our yard one evening.  It looks like he needs more treats right?  :)

He doesn't really put on much of a winter coat, compared to the others, but what he does shed is almost black and very, very fine and short.  His lower legs however, get long, hairy feathers.  I've noticed when he has his winter coat on, his freeze brand is almost invisible.

It's been a while since I've written anything on my blog (again), and we've been so busy, but I really don't seem to have much to talk about.  Just working everyday at the clinic, keeping up with housework, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping, paying bills and running what seems to be never-ending errands - I don't have much energy left over for personal endeavors.  I enjoy a little bit of time with the horses every evening while helping with the chores and feeding, but haven't started getting the horses back into work mode yet.  I've been doing a lot of grooming lately and that feels like a full-time job for now.

The dogs and I have resumed our noon-time walks and that feels really good.  Hopefully I can continue with my weight-loss goals when I'm outside and more active, because I seem to have plateaued lately.  Sucks.  It's not like I don't have plenty more to lose, but I haven't lost anything in a month or so.  As of March 17th, at my annual doctor's wellness visit, I had lost 31 lbs to date.  :)  I feel better, and my clothes are clearly looser, but would like to lose at least 20 more.  When I reach that goal, I will re-set my long-term goals.  One step at a time...

And in the meantime, I crave pie.  All the time.  *sigh*

I found a new to me kitchen table and chairs at a local re-sale shop.  I love it!!!  I put it on lay-away and will hopefully be bringing it home in a couple of's from Pier 1 and looks very "old Italy" farmhouse style.  Round with 4 matching chairs, rich cherry-toned top and aged/distressed sage green and brown pedestal.  When I get it home, I'll post some pics.  Now, I have a few things I need to try and sell on craigslist.  Something in, something out.

Hope spring has arrived for all of you...enjoy the longer, warmer days!!!

Blessings to all, Lorie @ Cingspots