Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What's going on...

Not a lot.  Oh my, our winter weather just doesn't want to let it go.  Yesterday, we awoke to snow.  Can you believe it?  Snow in March.  I remember it happening a couple times before, but it's not a common thing around these parts to have snow in March, even if it is just a little.

My daffodils are threatening to burst open soon.  My daphne is too, but it suffered a bit of damage as is apparent from the big, dark spots on its' leaves.  Not so many flowers as last year, but I'm happy to have even a little, for the scent is divine.  All most welcome signs of spring to come...

please don't tarry long.

We've had enough rain to float battleships.  Really, we have.  Down the road from our house, the farmer's un-sown field has floated much of the top soil into what used to be a very deep ditch.  It's not even a ditch these days, just about full with lovely Willamette Valley top soil.  I've always thought it a bad practice to till the fields until the dirt is fine like powder.  Lost to the winds if dry, lost to the rains if mud.  Just doesn't make sense to me.

I am so over it.  For me, I've been patient for long enough and I feel just about to bust with the readiness of the daffodil,s for want of a little sun.  Good grief, my fingertips are wrinkled it's so darned wet.

And you should see the horses.  Especially Ladde, you know, the big, white horse who loves to roll...sigh.  They're all filthy and beginning to shed a little, but oh my, you just can't imagine the splendor of Ladde after a day spent out in this mud.  Truly, you can't.

An effort at the clean-up is akin to a dust bath for me.

Ruby and Charlotte are chomping at the bit for a lot more outside activity too.  We try to go on a few, shorter walks sticking to paved areas only, but it's next to impossible to avoid muddy paws, and the overwhelming number of puddles at the ready, for a couple of water-loving dogs.  I feel like I'm screeching to the point of hoarseness and that has to take the fun out of things for all of us.  I know how the Banshee must feel...

So, trying to keep my miserable mutterings regarding our last days of winter (YAY!!) shorter, rather than longer, suffice it to say we are waiting with bated breath for the arrival of spring, and with it,  all that promises to come.

Two weeks and counting...

Time To Relax:

I only wish I could say that this is where I was going to be, but alas I'm just wishin' and hopin'

Beach living:

Oh yeah, I could dig it.  :)