Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Glorious Fall

 We've been experiencing what is in my humble opinion, perfectly glorious fall weather!  It simply couldn't be much nicer.  Brisk, grab a sweater mornings and evenings.  Warm, peel off those sweater days and star studded night skies.  Anyone for a camp fire?  These are the perfect times for gathering and enjoying heartwarming friendships and hand-warming cups of coffee by the fireside.  And soup. 
Can't you just smell the soup simmering away on the stove top?  Oh my, yes! 

Since we've experienced very little rainfall yet, our Autumn colors are something to behold.  These pictures were from September on a walkabout with the dogs, and our scenes were much more end of summer like, as you can see from the brown, harvested clover field below.  Perfect walking weather though.  And our skies full of clouds is always a welcomed site.

The filberts (hazlenuts) have been harvested for another year.  And yes, I did gather my coffee can of nuts for personal use.  If you enjoy eating filberts, I highly recommend trying them in their raw, un-roasted form.  That's the way I grew up eating them and is my favorite!  Roasted they seem to take on a burnt flavor for me, and the actual nut flavor is better untouched and moist from freshness.  Try it!

Since the nuts are gone, and before the rain begins, we can now freely enjoy riding the perimeter of the fields.  Not that I've done that, but I'm still hoping to find the time.  No, that particular situation hasn't changed.  I've ridden very little this year and it saddens me.  I just need to get my priorities straight and stop trying to accomplish so much in my limited free time.  The trouble is, things don't get done if we don't persist.  But...like I said, priorities.  Life is short. 

Charlotte has started not wanting to look at me when I have camera in hand.  *sigh*  I always remember Annie and how she'd pose for the camera.  Strike a perfectly beautiful pose and wait patiently for me to snap away.  :)  My heart still breaks over her loss...if only do-overs were really possible.  I know what I'd wish for.  But as the song goes, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

See those amazing clouds?  Aren't they just lovely?  Makes my heart sing with pleasure when we have such a view!

In such a short time, our fields have become so green.  The moisture from the dew in the mornings is all it takes to make Oregon green again.  These pictures show the end of summer, the ripeness of the earth after the harvest and what always seems like a season ready for a little rest and relaxation.  I can relate.  Our summer was so hot that it was difficult to want to do anything, so we're playing catch-up while we can to ready for wetter, colder days to come.  There's never a shortage of projects, no rest for the wicked as my dad used to say. 

This shot is so dark, but shows our little homestead below, the ramshackle horse shelter and our barn.  The outbuildings are showing their age, but we're always so very thankful to have them.  They give shelter to the animals and give us peace of mind knowing the animals are safely tucked inside on cold winters' nights.

As is usually the case, we've been storing firewood, cleaning and tidying the yard, clearing and putting to rest the garden and storing bedding for the horse's stalls.  Hubby is burning our rather large debris pile today and we've made a dump run, which always feels good to me.  Stored the camper and horse trailer for winter and have the barn full of hay. 

We have a new chicken!  Her name is Penny and she was given to me by Patsy, a friend and long-time client of ours at the clinic.  Apparently her friend met a rather unfortunate demise and Patsy didn't want Penny to be alone.  So...Merryleggs and Pecker have a newfound friend.  Amazingly enough, despite being absolutely docile in nature and so very sweet (unlike our roadrunner-like chickens), Penny rules the roost.  In a maternally, Aunt Bea-like way.  She's never in a hurry to do anything or get anywhere, she is the quintessential barnyard hen, clucking softly and puttering here and there and everywhere.  She is a Buff Orpington which originated in England and I just LOVE her!  She has this beautiful, puffy bottom and is just adorable.  She doesn't necessarily enjoy being caught, but once in my arms becomes relaxed and sweet, readily accepting pets.   My kinda chicken.
She's given us one egg, but I don't care if she ever lays another.  She's home for good. 

Image result for aunt bea buff orpington pictures

This is not our Penny, but this is exactly how she looks. 

We're all doing very well and have nothing to really complain about.  :)  Always a good thing.  The horses are growing fuzzy and fat, and life is good.  Our wonderful neighbor used his tractor and manure spreader to completely dispense of our h u g e poop pile!  Just amazing what equipment can do!  My hubby will never, ever let me hear the end of it.  *sigh*  I understand, truly I do, but money just doesn't grow on trees...and tractors are expensive!

Speaking of money and the lack of it.  We are taking a Caribbean cruise!  We're so excited and now that every little detail has been arranged, or so we hope, we're trying to forget about it until we leave in December.  In the nearly 36 years that I've known my guy, he has always wanted to go on a cruise.  Well, his last birthday in September he turned 69.  There's no time like the present, whether we can afford it or not.  Honestly, I don't think we can afford not to.  Life is quirky at best.  We've got a little money in savings and we'll put some on our credit card.  I simply don't care - we're going - God willing.  :)  I'm already packed.  Yes, unbelievable isn't it? 

That's how excited we are! 

I truly hope that all of you are doing well, keeping yourselves busy and spreading kindness wherever you may go.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm sure we all have many reasons for which to give thanks.  So go forth, be blessed and spread the love whenever you can!

Me and everybody else, here at Cingspots wish you peace...