Friday, January 30, 2009

Just another day

It's Friday, thankfully. I swear I say that every Friday, but I'm always happy when the end of the week rolls around. The pure anticipation and bliss of two whole upcoming days without constraints and deadlines. Glory be...they're just mine!!

I've always worked full time since I've been about 18 years old. There was that one blissful summer that I had off about 9 years ago, but other than that, I've always worked. So, to have time to myself is precious and I'll have to admit that I'm quite stingy with my days off. I hate (generally) to make plans for fear that when the time comes, I won't feel like doing said planned event. I know a lot of people aren't in agreement with me on this, and that's okay...plan away, but I prefer a more laid back approach to life.
I know quite a few people who have never had to work outside jobs and have been stay at home moms. Now, I'm not saying that that isn't a job in itself, but to have time to do whatever pops into the imagination, what a blessing! I am looking forward to the day when I can tender my resignation and walk away without looking back and have the free time to dedicate to my personal agenda. My very own "to do list". I can envision riding my horse a lot more than I do now, and even taking some lessons because I love to be critiqued and challenged to step outside of my comfort zone. I enjoy gardening and landscape design. Now I'm not saying that I'm good at either one, but I enjoy dabbling and learning and creating. I want to grow fruits and vegetables, lots of varieties of berries and of course I would love to have a gorgeous flower garden, something like you would possibly see in the old English countryside. You know, nothing proper and organized, but wildly imaginative and a bit out of control looking with a touch of old world charm. I especially love to plant flowers not only for their color and beauty, but for their wonderful scent. I want to attract honey bees and maybe even dabble in beekeeping. I think that sounds like fun.

Oh, there's so many things that I would love to try my hand at. I envision rising early and taking brisk morning walks or bicycle rides. I would enjoy taking another photography class and learning a lot more than I do now. And, if given some time for thought, I'm quite sure that my list would grow much longer. There's so many interesting and fun things to be enjoyed but for me, there's never enough time.
I think it would also be fun to remove every bit of furniture from my house and repaint or redo everything and begin fresh with a whole new palette. I would probably still gravitate to old world/farmhouse/western/English cottage design (picture that if you can), but wouldn't it be fun just to try and see how things turned out?? Oh, if money and time weren't always the determining factors of what I can or will do with my life. What a dream!
And I would absolutely love to travel. I have no desire to go to tourist destinations, but instead would rather spend at least a month in the places I like and set up temporary "house" and blend in with the locals. Sounds like a blast to me. What a dream it would be to do whatever our hearts or minds can come up with and then just do. But, that's definitely not my reality, probably won't ever be my reality. So instead, I have to live life on a much smaller scale and simply learn to rejoice in the everyday, simple little things that life has to offer and find the pure joy in the business of life - wherever or whatever our circumstances. That's probably the key in being at peace and finding true inner happiness and contentment. Just recognize and smile at all the simple, little things that happen our way everyday.

And then there's the unexpected little surprises that life throws our way. Here's one for example, I've always wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical. I have travelled to Mexico a couple of times and spent family vacations there when I was a teenager, but not since. The other day I was talking to my sister and she was telling me how she and her hubby are preparing for their annual trek south to Arizona for a couple of months. After I listened to her about their plans, I took a deep sigh and said how I sure wished that one of these days hubby and I would be planning a real trip somewhere warm and maybe even tropical. Wouldn't that be grand? Yadda yadda yadda, here we go again.

So, a few days ago hubby comes home from work and says that his little brother's only daughter who is planning her wedding this coming September has changed their plans and is now going to be married in Hawaii...and would we like to go??? Oh sure, like we can afford to go Hawaii I say...ever the optimist. But, dreams really do come true. Brother and sister-in-law are paying for several of the guests' airfare and the first 2 nights in the very exclusive 5-star resort and spa where the wedding is going to be held...and if we can find caretakers for the horses, they'd really like us to come for the wedding...are you freaking kidding me!!?? Of course we can!!! Count us in!!! So just like that, now I'm searching for beach cottages or hotel rooms on Oahu for a few more nights so we can stretch the vacation out just a bit. Albeit in something less exclusive than the 5-star resort, but who cares!!!! We are going to Hawaii!! Oh thank you most wonderful Father in heaven, what a blessing! You just never know what may be just around the corner in life. All I can say right now is that I'm feeling like one very lucky or probably more likely, very blessed gal who really does believe in miracles and in dreams coming true.

So Aloha baby!!! I'm going to Hawaii!!! Yippee!!!

I have so much work to do, let's see lose weight, lose weight, oh and then I should probably lose some weight too. *sigh*
Wish me luck??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures from the blast site - St. Helens

Well, as promised from yesterday, these are just a few of the pictures that we shot on our road trip to Mt. St. Helens in Washington state last weekend. I have to admit that I've never been more disappointed in how my pictures turned out. They just do not even in the slightest way convey the sheer magnitude of this landscape. Imagine if you might, that what was once an enormous and vast forest was drastically and forever changed into a wasteland, which is ever so slowly, but surely returning to life. These first few shots were taken from the bottom at an observatory location near the small community of Toutle, Washington. There really wasn't much color so this first shot is of a small blooming heather plant that shows promise of spring.

My husband and my second best friend. Did I mention that it was very cold that day? It had snowed lightly earlier in the day and then again on our way down off the mountain.

This is a very large marshland that was created in this low-lying area. There is a 1 mile hiking loop around the perimeter with lots of birdlife to be viewed.

This is a shot of the Toutle River as it looks now. The ash and volcanic silt is everywhere and in some places appears to be in excess of 40-50 feet deep still. I can't even imagine how it looked with huge old growth trees and mud several stories deep flowing through here. Even as far as 30ish miles down, they had closed the I-5 bridge for fear the debris would take the bridge with it as it passed downstream.

This is another of the Toutle River with lots of new growth Alder near its' bank. Although there was no color, I found the view to be very calming and somehow beautiful in its starkness.

A little further up the mountain, this was our first view of the valley.

I zoomed in a little on this shot. The day was cold and grey and overcast with absolutely no sunlight. I would like to revisit this place on a beautiful summer's day and see the difference.

This shot is of the same valley, but taken further up the mountain and from the opposite direction. Shot using a 15x zoom. The camera does nothing for the magnitude of this valley.

Every bit of the grey in the background is volcanic ash.

This is a close-up of the Toutle River. Since the valley was torn and gouged and made so very much wider, the river has spread out and the whole thing looks vastly different than it once did.

This shot shows the roadway we had been on just a few miles back down the road. Notice all the new growth forest. The blast occured in 1980.

Again, this was shot with a 15x zoom. I would like to point out all those tiny brown dots in the foreground of this picture and on the trail. It is very hard to see in this picture, but I believe those are Elk. This will give you a small indication of just how far down the valley floor is.

This shot was taken with the wide angle lens and no zoom. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the size and depth of this valley and just how big those mountains are. I felt small and insignificant, and there is still a little bit of an eeriness to the place just imagining that when the volcano errupted, the trees, mud and lava flowed down through this location at the rate of 150 mph. Anyone or anything in its' path didn't stand a chance.

So, that's it. Someday I will revisit this place and this time I will make it up to where the road ends at the Johnson Ridge Observatory and peer down into that crater. But in the meantime, here are a few facts courtesy of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Volcano Review.
1986-2004 Snow and ice accumulate in the crater (about 650' thick) forming North America's youngest glacier. At 0.4 square miles the glacier's area is 1/5 that of all of the pre-1980 glaciers combined.
October 2004 Eruptive activity resumes with more than 1000 small earthquakes per day and small steam and ash eruptions. A new lava dome rises through the Crater Glacier at a rate of 1 dump truck load per second.
2004-2008 The quiet extrusion of mostly gas-free, semi-solid lava continues until the extrusion pauses in February 2008. During the 3-year long eruption, a total of 7 lava spines are extruded, filling the south crater with a 1,300 foot tall pile of fragmented rock (taller than the Empire State Building and 2/3 mile long by 1/3 mile wide). you think she's just taking a nap???

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunny Monday

It is truly a sunny and very, very cold and blustery Monday. I prefer cold and dry to warm and wet any day. However, having said that, I'd like to add that I'm dreaming of the warm, balmy and lazy days of a summer afternoon. Aaahh just imagine reclining in the warm welcoming rays of the sun and having nothing more pressing than to lift your glass for a cool, refreshing sip and maybe to turn the page of that novel you've been losing yourself in. Surrounded by the sweet smell of a myriad of blossoming buds and the occasional buzz of a passing honey bee. I can sure imagine that, can't you? But alas, that's not the least not yet. I checked my calendar and we won't reach the middle of winter until the third week of February. I know that sounds like a long way off, but as you know, time does pass rather quickly and before you know it, we'll all be sweating our tailfeathers off and complaining how hot and dry and dusty it is. We're sure a dissatisfied bunch by nature aren't we? So, in the spirit of living in the moment and not wishing my life away, I have decided to ponder for a moment just exactly some of the things that I do appreciate about winter.

First, I enjoy wearing layers of warm and snuggly fabrics next to my skin. Like my favorite marled cotton yarn cowl neck sweater. It's generously sized and feels cozy and soft and is long enough to cover the parts that I wish to show a little less of. I can jump out of a shower feeling clean and refreshed, throw it on with a pair of jeans and feel dressed enough to go just about anywhere. I love sweatshirts and down vests and thick, fuzzy socks. I love wearing my bearskin boots with the deep, fuzzy fleece lining. With or without socks, they feel good on my feet. I love wearing neck scarves. I have several different ones in varying materials and colors and patterns. Added to any outfit, they display a dash of color and a little extra pinache. And, you gotta love that it's definitely not swimsuit weather. I don't have to worry about my white legs or the fact that maybe I forgot to shave either. That's always a plus, not to mention a timesaver in the shower. If I really stop and ponder preferences about the seasons, I'd have to admit that I'm more of a warm weather person over a cold season fanatic; but in any case there's things to be appreciated in all cases. I appreciate a hot cup of chocolate or coffee enjoyed near a blazing fire in the woodstove and wrapping up in the amazing hand knit cotton blanket given to us by my friend Alicia. Or, simply being thankful for a warm home to come into after a cold winter's evening doing chores in the barn. Savor the possibilities of the season and in my humble opinion, we can all find something to be enjoyed and appreciated. I must admit that when I give a few moments reflection, there are numerous blessings of winter. And without the spice of variety in our lives, even the most beautiful summer's afternoon would soon become the mundane. And, if nothing else, who can honestly say that a season without flys isn't really a good thing?
We spent a very leisurely weekend, having accomplished very little at all if truth be told. We did not go to church, we did no housecleaning or laundry and more meals were eaten out than were prepared at home. We did not go riding or do any repairs on our lengthy list of projects. We sound positively lacksidaisical don't we?? Aahh, yep. Guilty as charged I'll admit.
We did take a road trip on Saturday and that was primarily enjoyable. We chose to drive up to the blast site of Mt. St. Helen's in Washington state. It is truly amazing and makes one feel quite small and insignificant. I did take some pictures of course, however for several reasons we stopped our adventure just shy of having reached the end of the road at Johnson's Ridge Observatory where you can look down into the actual crater. The snow was getting deeper and deeper on the sides of the road, the route up the mountainside was getting steeper and steeper and the valley view was getting deeper and deeper. As the afternoon waned, this flatlander got increasingly more nervous at continuing our ascent up to the viewpoint and the decision was made to stop and continue at a later time. Call me a coward, trust me it's nothing I didn't say to myself, but everything in my heart and soul said to stop. I think that I'd prefer to call it my spidey senses or woman's intuition or whatever you want to blame it on, but I got spooked and made the decision to trust my gut (or my guardian angel) and turn the car around. Against my husband's wishes I might ad. He thought I was being a chicken and overreacting, but was kind enough to go along with my cowardice and not make a stink. Trust me, I had visions of failing brakes and plunging granny mobiles plummeting down the mountainside never to be seen or heard from again...(have I ever mentioned that I have a very active imagination?) Anyway, you get the picture, I cried a little, was embarrassed at my cowardly behavior and was more than just a little dissapointed at having driven all the way up there without getting to witness and photograph the grand poobah!! Dammit all anyway. What was a gal supposed to do?? Just ignore what my inner wadworks was telling me and damn the torpedos full steam ahead!? I just couldn't do it...for what it's worth, I have in my past ignored my inner voice and lived to regret it. The problem was, given the scenery and the grand scope of our surroundings, I feared that if my spidey senses were correct and we were not supposed to continue our trek up said mountainside - we definitely would NOT be living to regret it. I therefore chose to regret and vow to visit again on another day...presumably a warmer and clearer day, perhaps in the good old summertime. Having said that, I do have some fairly amazing photographs to post. I just don't have them ready for posting today. Sorry. But, hopefully tomorrow, when I can forego all the drama and confessions and just post some really awesome pictures for our mutual viewing pleasure. All from the safety of our very own little chairs in front of our little computers. Doesn't that sound nice?

So, these pictures posted here today are not the ones that I personally snapped yesterday. These are just a sampling tidbit of what is to come...

Blessings from cingspots (remember her? She's the one who's afraid of heights.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a difference a day makes

Hi all. I feel quite tired today for some reason. I decided to opt out of the daily walk that Annie and I usually take over the noon hour and instead did a couple of errands and came back and have caught up on some of my favorite blogs. It's almost time to go home and my plans are to go straight out and bring the horses in; get them fed and snuggled in for the night and head back inside for some fireside lounging. My hubby and I went out for dinner last night in a celebration (of sorts) of my birthday. However, by the time I got home from work, I was feeling like just staying home and turning in early. Always amazes me just how quickly my moods can go from very good to very subdued. There are so many things or variables in our lives that are just not in our control. I am ever so slowly learning to realize that I cannot change some things no matter how very much I wish and pray that I could. I just need to pray and trust that everything will be okay and will work out however they're supposed to. Our daily lives are all about our choices. Good or bad, right or wrong. Each one of us every single hour of every single day makes our own choices. And someday, each one of us will have to account for every one of our choices that we alone have made. I have for a long time lived with something that I have always thought was intolerable. However, by not making choices we actually do choose something don't we? My indecision has set me upon my chosen path and I have endured. I have been changed and continue to evolve with every new day that I remain. I trust and continue to have faith that I have and will continue to be just where I am supposed to be.

On a completely different topic, I am going to switch gears again. I seem to do that a lot, don't I? Quite some time ago, my wonderful friend Sherry at Fern Valley Appaloosas endowed me with an award which so many of you have also received. And then again the other day, my blogging buddy Callie at Midwest Horse blog honored me with the same award. I have been somewhat distracted of late and have neglected to post this award. I wish to thank both of these wonderful ladies who thought highly enough of me to grace me with this award which is all about attitude and gratitude. Something which I strive for excellence and sometimes maybe even achieve. I'll take some honest credit for trying. So...thank you gals. I consider it an honor to include you as my new-found friends and humbly accept. Another reason I've had for not posting this award before now has been the rules attached. I don't do well with rules, never have and probably never will. I'm supposed to pass this along to 10 other worthy (in my humble opinion) bloggers and post links to their blogs, etc. I think that by now most of you have probably gotten this award already, so I will not be passing it along to anyone except my near and dear friend Betty over at Panther Creek Cottage Blog. She is one of my most dear friends and I just love her.

So, if any of you would like to stop by and say hello to my friend, her blog address can be found on my sidebar blog roll. I'm sure she would love to have you stop by and leave her a comment from time to time. She's an awesome lady who I've loved and admired for quite some time.

Oh, and right now would be an awesome time to check her out. She has posted a video of herself and her dog sledding down the road she lives on in the snow we had recently. She's a hoot!!

So, here's my very first ever lemonade stand. There sure has been a lot of talk about lemonade-based drinks around here lately. (Think margaritas, my friends) Do you think we're longing for the good old summertime and wishing we were a-sippin' something long, cool and slushy, lemony good poolside in the sun???
Hmmmm...I'm thinking we need some heat and some sunshine for all of us, wouldn't you agree???
So, there you go Betty!!!! I choose to share this award with you my girlfriend!!!
Blessings my friends from cingspots

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthdays and Presidents, oh my!

Today's my birthday. My 49th birthday to be exact. Wow! I've had a great day so far. At lunchtime Annie and I went to our favorite walking park. The road to the park is closed right now, not sure why but it is. So, we park at the top of the hill and walk down and head to the river side along the nature trail. The sun was out and it's warmer out today and no wind. It felt good to be outside among the trees and in the fresh air. I am thankful for today and that I've made it this far. What I really mean is, I've come a long way baby. It feels like an accomplishment to have reached this milestone. I'm really not sure why, but that's what I feel like - like somehow I've reached a milestone in my life. Achevement can be treacherous and rather expensive, if you can relate. I like this age. I don't feel "old" whatever that is. I feel older certainly, but my mind feels ripe, and my relationships with everything and everyone that matter to me are generally good. Life is good, and I'm thankful to be on this journey. And, yes I guess I'm feeling rather philisophical today because it is my birthday.

I got a beautiful boquet of flowers and a music playing card and a little love note from my hubby. I love that guy - I guess I'll probably keep him. :) I got a message on my phone from my big sister who sang Happy Birthday to me and told me that she loved me. That always feels good - to be loved. And, a friend of mine brought me a lovely handmade wooden jewelry box that she's handpainted with little spotted ponies on it. She knows I love those spotted ponies. So thoughtful of her, and I'm just feeling loved and blessed today. It's a good life and I have a lot of blessings to be thankful for.

Life is never perfect, not on this little planet anyway, but it is always interesting and challenging. I think life is what you make of it. Being happy is usually a conscious decision. We all have trials and tribulations, but if we accept that and take life one day at a time and make good decisions every step of the way, we'll always be okay. Life will be good. In my journey, one of my greatest challenges is always remembering what is important and keeping everything in perspective. I tend to be somewhat dramatic at times. Maybe I missed my true calling and should have went for a job in a soap opera or something...but, I know what matters and what doesn't. I just need little reminders every so often. Anyway, I feel good today and am thankful for the day and for my mom and dad and my sister and my friends, my dog, my horses, my home, my job, my health, and yes - even my blog. I enjoy this little outlet so much...and mostly I am enjoying all of the lovely people in this world that I am getting to know through this little blog of mine, that otherwise I would never even know existed. So, thanks everyone for being there and for interacting with me, for listening and laughing or crying, or whatever with me. I'm glad you've been here and that my life has been enriched because of you. yadda yadda yadda...remember I am middle-aged and emotional and philisophical and moody, did I say moody? Okay, yes that too. Anyway, like I've said before - I'm happy today.

So, switching gears now, I want to inquire what everybody thought of our brand new president's inaugural speech? I loved it! For the first time ever, in my 49 years I am hopeful about a president. No, I don't expect miracles or any dramatic overnight changes, but I like this guy. Right or wrong, I find myself believing in what he says. He is either one of the most compassionate, intelligent and gifted speakers I have personally ever witnessed - or he's the best liar I've ever encountered. And, let's get one thing straight - it's not because he's the antichrist!! Puhleeeeze!!!! People, come on - you're scaring me if you believe that - even for a tiny little second. He's just a man, an american, a guy with some gumption and some ideals. And, he apparently knows how to get things accomplished. And boy howdy, do we ever need to get some things accomplished!! I hope and pray that he is what he seems to be; and if nothing else can get the American people united again and believe in the power of ourselves and our ability to overcome and endure. To really care about our country as a whole and stop being so greedy and so darned gullible. We all individually need to figure out just what the truth is, and what really matters and be willing to jump in with sleeves rolled up and do our part and accept the fact that it's going to be a lot of hard work and remember that it's not all about me. For a change, stop thinking just about ourselves and see what togetherness can once again accomplish.

The new president and we, the people have a big old hill to climb. But, you know what?? That never stopped anybody who knew the path and steered straight ahead.

Okay, dismounting's my birthday and I have every right to get on my high horse every once in a while. I'm 49 years old and have earned that right!

Blessings ya'all!!

Cingspots over and out!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

The missing pictures from today's earlier post

Annie in the backseat. This is "her" space and it definitely shows.

This is a shot of Mt. Hood as seen from near the park where Annie and I take so many of our little walks. The wind was out and it was cold, but it was bright and beautiful too. I treasure days like this, especially in the middle of January in Oregon. Treasured days because they are such rare days!

My beloved poochie amidst the forest flora.

It seems hard to believe right now, but just a couple of short weeks ago, this whole area was underwater from the nearby river that had overrun its' banks. I still had to wear my mucks for the walk, but no biggie.

Here's how Harley looked when I first brought him in from the pasture. A muddy, fuzzy delight!

In no particular order. These are
some shots of yesterday that my
hubby took of me and Harley.
Pardon both of our appearances.
You see, it's wintertime and we're
both fat, fuzzy and oh so very dirty!
Kisses for a good boy!
Can you tell just how strongly the
wind was blowing??? The horses were all feeling fine and just a bit on the snorty side...

He's so cute!!!!!
Not sure if it's blogger or me who's
freakin' out here, first it put all the
pics on the right side and now my
comments won't go where I want them
to go. *sigh*
Oh well, keepin' it real here and sure
as heck not sure what I'm doing.
Just wanted to comment on my
leg position in that one photo...what the heck??? Looks like rigormortis (spelling?) has set in for sure!!
See above, I think!! But, once again Harley's lookin good and ever so relaxed! It was so bright I had to wear my shades!! whoo hoo!!! can you say blue skys????

The Scent of a Horse

The scent of the horse is indescribable to me. Like nothing else in this whole, wide world the smell of a horse relaxes me, but at the same time exhilerates me. If only that scent could be bottled, I'd be a millionaress to be sure. The stuff would sell like hotcakes.

That's right, I rode my horse yesterday and it was GOOD!!! Oh baby, it felt grand!! And no, we didn't go on a long beautiful trail ride and I didn't work my horse into a lather. I just saddled up and got on Harley and rode. Mostly we just walked around and did some flexing and some turns and then we walked some more and then did a little trotting and then some more walking. We stopped and soaked up some sun and took in the quiet and the sounds all around. I leaned close and smelled his neck and I spoke to my boy in soft, hushed tones. I told him what a good boy he was and he listened and took deep cleansing breaths. We relaxed and hung out, he and I there in the sunshine of a mid-winter's day. And it was so very good. We spent some good, quality time together and just hung out. No pressure and no expectations from either of us. He quietly did every little thing that I asked of him, and for that he got an apple and lots and lots of scratches and horsey lovin' from me. I love that horse!! I have been out of the saddle for far too long and it shows. Right at first, I felt all tight and not very relaxed at all. My ankle was even objecting to being turned in at the stirrup. But after a few minutes and a couple of deep breaths, I relaxed and all my muscles fell into place and I felt so very, very good to be sitting on my horse again. I just can't explain how good it has done my soul and my psyche to ride my horse. That wonderful, warm, earthy smell of my horse wafting up from his body into my nostrils. There's just nothing better than that smell, and that feeling of peace that settles over me every time I'm on my horse. I do believe that I was born to be atop a horse, or at least be with them. I can't see ever being without them in my life. Truly, life just wouldn't be worth living if it weren't for the horses that share our lives. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that just don't understand what I'm saying here...but then again, there's plenty of others who know exactly what I'm talking about. And for all of us in the world, we share a very special and wonderful secret that is one of the greatest blessings that God ever endowed the human race. The love of the horse. Sweet!!

I do go on and on don't I?? Yeah, I know - I've truly gotten quite sappy and dare I say it?? Overly sensitive and emotional in my middle age...sigh, I know, it's true. But, you know what? I don't care. I'm admitting it to anyone and everyone, I'm an emotional sap and I am okay with that. So whatever.

So...I did take Annie and go for another nice walk in the wooded park again. Beautiful day and it was fun. Annie just goes crazy, over-the-top joyous when she gets to go for walks. What a goofy little dog she is. I wouldn't have her any other way. I love my little dog and she's a very good and loyal friend to me. Without her, my days would be a lot less enjoyable. I took my camera along and had some pics to show, but once again blogger isn't cooperating and won't upload my shots. Maybe I'll get a chance to try again tomorrow.

This past weekend weather-wise was clear, sunny, cold and windy. Truly beautiful and I am so very thankful that I took the time to ride my horse. That's it for now from cingspots!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Sabbath to everyone!

Or maybe I should just call this post "random photo day". I'm feeling very relaxed after sleeping in and spending time in the sunshine and in God's beautiful church of nature. I've been reading a lot of my favorite random blogs and people are in good form today it seems. And so we should be!! We all have many blessings to be thankful for and I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day of rest. Treasure it for it is surely a gift!!

This is my lovely big sister taken this past Christmas Eve in her home. I love you big sissy!!

And this lively little sprite is my youngest and only granddaughter Kaylee. She loves horses and gammy has high hopes for this up and coming junior equestrian. She's almost 3 now, so you do think she's about ready don't you??

The young pirate David and Miss Kaylee from this past Christmas Eve.

This is a shot of the whole little wrecking crew. You must be quick to get a shot of the 3 of them together and sitting down. The new addition and the eldest of the 3 grand kiddos is Jack - the serious one on the right. He doesn't show any real interest in horses (yet), but the other 2 are horsemen in the making for sure.

David and big bro Jack. Brotherly love...and at times brotherly not exactly love. This is one of the good times. You know what I'm talkin' about?

This is our son (my stepson) Justin - the papa.

Tle little momma herself, Jenny and Miss Kaylee

The joy of Christmas morning and getting a new electronic ... something.

Are you all getting tired of Christmas yet??? I told you these were random didn't I?

What!!? Like everybody doesn't keep their saddles in the living room??? Looks like I might need to clean that dust off'n mine just a bit!

Now, for something else which just somehow feels appropriate to me today. My sister sent this to me. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

"Two Wolves"

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside all people. He said, 'My son, the battle is between two 'wolves' inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.'

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: 'Which wolf wins?'

The old Cherokee simply replied, 'The one you feed.'

Just perfect!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Friday!!

That's how I feel. Like I've survived another week. The days have all been so foggy and grey that I have to admit it is beginning to affect my psyche. Yesterday afternoon was the first small peak of sunshine since, oh I don't even really remember when. Man did it feel good!! Took my little poochie Annie and went to the park and went for a walk and soaked up as many rays as possible. Wowee!! Sun is good!!! I had to wear my mucks because very recently this park was underwater, but it was sooo worth it. Took some pics too and meant to show them here today, but for some unknown reason, blogger wouldn't upload them. Ah well, another time perhaps.

I feel the need to get out and be with nature and would like to ride if possible this weekend. I need some uplifting and am hopeful of seeing the sun again soon. This morning the fog was so very thick and the temps were below freezing, that at first site it looked as if snow had fallen. Everywhere on trees and field there was a white "dusting" of frozen fog. Absolutely stunning!! However, by midday the fog was still upon my little world but the temps had warmed up and all traces of the white wonderland were gone. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the mystical world before it disappeared.

I am feeling blessed once again that all my beautiful little ponies are healthy, fat, fuzzy and happy. There are some out there who are feeling sadness at the loss of their precious friends. I will include you in my prayers and hope your heartsickness passes soon. We who love the horses in our lives understand your grief and sense of loss. May you be comforted by the Great Comforter and find peace.

Wishing everyone a joyful and relaxing weekend.

Blessings, C-ingspots

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Toodles and other such stuff

Cool huh?? Lovely Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch has graced me with this award. She's a great gal and right about now could sure use some company. She's layed up for a short while tending to a knee injury, so make sure you jump on over there and grace her with your presence!!

And this one too!! Thanks ever so much Miss Lisa, I really appreciate your clever wit and interesting topics. That's my favorite part of her blog, you just never know what to expect. This award here is for "Keepin' It Real". The portrait is of the infamous Marie Antoinette - I think they beheaded her, didn't they?? Yikes!! All I have to say about that is be very careful who you offer cake to...

Cake is apparently very dangerous stuff...

I'll leave you to digest that tidbit and just move onto other stuff. Another fairly slow day at the clinic. However, things do seem to be slowly picking up. That's a good thing. My brain, however is not functioning on all cylinders lately. Might have something to do with my lack of sleep of late, but with the help of sleep aids, I did sleep like the dead last night. Woke up feeling very disoriented and just wanting to sleep some more. I'm going to try and turn in early tonight and get myself back on keel. I need to start getting more exercise. Winter is bearing down on me and I definitely need to get into some sort of routine and get moving. That would be of infinite help, I'm sure. In short, nipping the winter doldrums in the bud before they get too out of hand. If anyone has any valuable insight pertaining to how they keep themselves on track during the long winter months, please do share your advice and thoughts on this subject. They would be very much appreciated. In other words, I need all the help I can get!!

This weekend, I plan on going to Costco and checking out their eyeglasses department. I just recently got a renewed prescription for reading glasses and need to get busy and get them ordered. I think that might be why I've been having so many headaches lately. I thought maybe my blood pressure was out of whack, but I don't think that's it. I think it's just simple eye strain, what with all the reading and computer work I do, it's very likely.

American Idol is back starting tonight. I have never been able to figure out just why I love watching that show so much. But I do - I love it!! There's very little on tv anymore that I do like, but I'm a sucker for American Idol.

Well, enough for now. Stay high and dry everyone!!

Blessings, from C-ing Spots