Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ye Olde Pecking Order

I woke up early this morning because my dumb cell phone was going dead and beeps every 30 seconds or so to let me know that it's dying. Sheesh! Whoever thought up that dumb design function needs to be shot! So, anyway it turns out to be a blessing in disguise because dear hubby who usually does the chores in the mornings had decided to leave the horses in today because it was raining. Yeah...so? It's Oregon silly willy, it's usually raining. My thoughts are that if we left them inside every day that it rained, they'd never get outside.

So I head out to put their blankets on and throw their bums out. Don't feel sorry for them, we have two separate shelters and either one of them is big enough to house all of them. And, it's a warm rain - maybe around 45ish...something like that. So I end up putting the blankets on the girls only, they're both mature ladies and deserve a little extra TLC and outside they all go. And of course they expect to have a little extra hay, so of course I oblige. They're so spoiled and it shows. They're all a little "fluffy" if you know what I mean. And while I'm dispersing piles of hay out in the pasture, I can't help but notice their little pecking order shenanigans. Soooo amusing to me!!

Shad is definitely the "lord and ruler" over his herdmates. Everybody accepts that without exception. Even llama bin laden, you know, Merlin. But after that, things get a little sketchy...you do know that entertainment in the country comes cheap don't you?? Well, so here's where my morning time schedule goes all to heck, because I just have to stand there and take it all in. So there I stand out in the middle of the pasture in my nightgown in the rain with my hubby's wool knee socks and my mucks and my winter coat in the middle of 5 horses and 1 llama who are trying to decide just who is really in charge here.

First off, we have difinitively decided that Shad is the number 1. No questions about his authority, and normally Ladde is number 2...followed by Harley...followed by Siri...followed by Kadie...and lastly Merlin, the llama. Sounds simple enough, right?

Not so fast...now the girls will trade off all the time. Seems like they're always trying to decide just who is lead mare for the day. One day Siri is the queenie and then the next day Kadie is the queenie, and then sometimes it depends on where they are, or who they're standing by is the determining factor. You just can't keep up with those two, and truth be told, I don't think either one of them really cares a whole lot. So, they're kind of boring in the whole scheme of things, but they're all a part of the recipe. Even once in a while Kadie can boss Harley around and he's okay with that...because he loves Kadie. However, most of the time Harley delights in his little fantasy that Kadie is his woman and he herds her around and tries to protect her from everybody else and even though Kadie pretends that she hates this, I think she secretly enjoys it (most of the time anyway). But Harley is always king farook over Siri...she's scared of Harley (and he delights in that most of the time) because nobody but Siri pays a whole lot of attention to Harley anyway; he's a pushover and everybody (including Kadie) knows it.

Here's where it can get confusing...now remember that Siri usually rules the roost over Kadie, not always but most of the time; and Harley rules over both of the girls most of the time, but sometimes not Kadie and all three of them always boss Merlin (the llama) around. This is without exception.

Insert Ladde. Keep in mind that Ladde has firmly established his dominion over Harley, Siri and Kadie. He is definitely number 2 in the overall herd's pecking order. However...Merlin (the llama) has set his dominance over Ladde. Yep. Even though Harley, Siri and Kadie are bosses over the llama, Ladde is not. However humiliating that fact, it is nonetheless the truth. Merlin has somehow established enough of an "air of superiority" that it has Ladde intimidated. Well, that and his ability to spit.

Herein lies the key.

Where Shad, Harley (especially Harley, he doesn't give a rip), Kadie and Siri will occasionally suffer the occasional onslaught of flying green phlegm...Ladde - under any circumstances - will not be subjected to this bit of indignity. PERISH THE THOUGHT!! I do believe that Ladde would willingly forego his breakfast before he would digress to the unfathomable and unpardonable act of allowing himself to be spit upon by that llama!!

Instead, whenever Ladde and the llama have a moment of indecision over the rights to a certain pile of hay...Ladde leads with his rather large and intimidating behind. He has really developed walking backwards, with only a slight tilting of the head and glancing behind, to an artform. I do not jest. It truly is something to behold and appreciate; the way his body arcs just so...and he maneuvers with the greatest of ease...around in a circle to place his big old butt right directly in front of the hay - and Merlin...and with the best dirty look he can muster, and intimidating lift of leg...just so...and still the llama stands his ground!!! For the love of Pete! - does this blankety blank llama not know that this 1400 poundish animal could remove his freaking head with just one well-placed hoof??? Well, if he does he ain't lettin' it show...because stand his ground he does with the best of them! Gotta give credit where credit is due. That is one heck of a ballsy llama! Either that...or he's just plain stupid - and I haven't figured that one out yet. And, apparently neither has Ladde because more often than not, his grandiose display of equine superiority and threatening body language does absolutely nothing...and he walks away and leaves llama dude to his pile of hay.

With his dignity intact.

Sort of.

Well, if nobody was watching anyway.

We must all choose our battles...we win some, and we lose some. And in the end, hopefully there's nobody keeping score.

Because if there is...we're all toast.


Yep...I am easily amused.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Horses, horses, horses and ...aaaccckk!!!!!

Friday follies once again folks, and thank God for them. Keeps life interesting to say the least!! So, I started my day with yet another doctor's appointment...yuck! This one wasn't bad at all as far as yucky doctor's appointments go, so I'm counting my lucky stars. I always try to get all the yearly exams, labs, mams, screenings and such done early in the year when we are at our slowest here at the clinic. The doc has to cover for me until I get here, which is something that he just hates to do. Usually things go well, but this morning I got here and there was a note on the door saying he was out on an emergency and "someone" would be here shortly. Always nice to know that after 9 years of working for this man, I'm referred to as "someone"...nice. Oh well, I'll just consider the source and go on with my business as usual.

I don't have a lot to report here today, so I thought it would be a great time to take a cruise down memory lane and post a whole bunch of pictures of some of the "importants" in my life. Some are still a part of my life and some are resting in their graves, but each one enriched my life and led me to where I am today. God bless each and every one for they were a gift and I am so very thankful to have known them. Without them, life wouldn't have been nearly as sweet.

This is an oldie here. This is the mare that my mom and dad gave me for Christmas one year when I was 12-13 years old. Still to this day, she ranks as the best gift ever. Her name was Flexy, but we just called her Flex. She was one hot tamale, that one. Taught me just about everything that I know about riding horses. She was incredible and I miss her still. She was layed to rest at the ripe old age of 33 on the same day as her daughter (who is not pictured here today) and I miss her still. She was "pure gold" and loved to run...she could fly like the wind and turn on a dime and give you 9 and a half cents change. She was the best and she knew it!

This was my next horse Kadie. She was also a gift. My hubby surprised me with this little mare and she is the most perfect, angelic, never do anything wrong horse that I've ever rode in my entire life. She is a mountain pony extraordinaire and is unflappable...unless we encounter a spotted cow, or a monk dressed in "Friar Tuck" garb...then she's outta there...hang on!
And...she gave me my Ladde boy.

She's just 15 hands high and slight of build and every inch the lady. Who woulda thought that she would produce such a big boy.

And here's Ladde at just barely a year old and already the height of his mother. Yep, a full 15 hands on his first birthday. We just had no clue what was to come. At birth he was an exceptionally large colt with excessively long legs and big bones. Be careful what you wish for.
In my eyes though, he's perfect and will always be a very special horse and hold a very special place in my heart.

He has changed some over the years hasn't he? See the butterfly on his shoulder?

And here's my hubby with Kadie on the left and our grand dame of the herd, Siri. She's the ghost wind mare. We had no idea what that was when we bought her, but while reading the book, the lineage in the book looked very familiar. We got out Siri's registration papers and found them to be an exact duplicate straight through from 1864 ish to her grandfather. Pretty cool! We tried to breed her years ago, but it wasn't meant to be. My hubby rode her for years as his main trail horse. She just turned 27 years old and is pretty much retired now...she looks and acts much younger than her age though.

These pics were taken a couple of years ago when we took the girls out for a stroll. They loved it!

And this is our beloved Mis Star of David, or as we fondly referred to her, Scooter. She is buried on our property along with Flex and her daughter Bo. We miss her greatly. She gave us Harley. She was the best momma in the world, and she loved her boy.

Here's Harley as a little weiner...I think he was 3-5 months old in this picture. He looks a little bit different than he did then. There used to be no white except for his blanket...not so today.

Whereas Ladde was a big boned, lankey and funny looking foal...Harley was drop dead gorgeous. The cutest foal in the whole, wide world...and he knew it!

He got the nickname of Spunky from me and it still fits him. He was and still is a snuggle bunny and is very laid back...as different from Ladde as night and day. I prefer riding Harley in the woods over Ladde. Harley is 15.3 hands high and is a better fit. The first time I sat on Harley it felt like slipping on a favorite old slipper. And, he listens more than any other horse I've ever ridden. He can be lazy though...nobody's perfect. My little Spunky.

Mom and son, Scoot and Harley - looking more alike as the years go by.

It was only about 5-6 months after these pictures were taken that we had to let go of our beloveded Scooter and lay her to rest under our apple tree.

Enjoying the mister in the good old summertime.

See Harley's shades...he's too cool for a regular old flymask!

Kadie and Harley enjoying some spring grass. Harley looovves Kadie - she tolerates him.

And aaaaacccckk!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck kinda horse is that!!???

Never fear ... it's Llama Dude!!!! aka Merlin.

He thinks he's a horse...just ask him!!

Next time, I'll have to post about my hubby's favorite horse, Affermative Shadow.

Until then, blessings to all from cingspots :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunrises, Spring, Blessings and holidays, oh my!!

The sunrise this morning was absolutely gorgeous! The colors in the sky were so vibrant and bright, full of deep reds and oranges and pinks and silvers and oh my!! Simply stunning! You just can't improve on God's artistry no matter how hard we may try. I was talking on the phone to my hubby when he says that I should grab my camera and head on out and snap a few pics of the day's sunrise. So, I go take a peak and exclaim at the beauty. I head into the other room to grab my camera, but wouldn't you know it...the coffee was kicking in and I had to make a little detour first. *sigh* Sometimes timing really is everything. I know, sorry...TMI as my hubby says. By the time I took care of business, put my shoes and coat on, grabbed my camera and made it outside the colors had already changed, but it was still very pretty. Maybe next time...the weatherman is predicting the rest of this week to be sunny and with warmer temperatures too. Yippee!!

From my count on the calendar, the spring equinox is just 30 days away. Oh, I am soooo looking forward to spring and warmer weather and drier pastures and longer days and beautiful flowers blooming and oh, just everything that beautiful weather entails! I'm sure that we will be having plenty more days of wet, rainy weather, hey - this is the Pacific Northwest and you know what they say don't you? "It's so very pretty there, and it's just so very green!!!" Well, you know how that happens don't you? No? Well, let me tell you, we have plenty of annual rainfall, that's how...and we get a lot of it in the spring. However, at least it's warmer rain and it's mixed in with beautiful blue skys and sunshine and blooming flowers and rainbows and warmer days and oh it's just something good to look forward to and I can't wait!!

Ladde's birthday is on the first day of spring too! Yep, March 20th is the Laddmonster's birthday and this year he's going to be a teenager! I can hardly believe it - a whole 13 years old!! Why, it seems like only yesterday that I completely missed the birth and I went out to check on my beautiful little angel mare Kadie and ...there was this big, boney, excessively long-legged, mule-eared, curly-haired (funny looking) colt laying right on top of a pile of very large rocks that we had picked up from the paddock area and placed in the corner of the small pasture area. Yep, of all the places in the whole vicinity, Ladde had decided to lay down in the corner on the top of a pile of rocks. And - he was stuck. Mama had been pawing at the wall of the barn for apparently a long time judging from all the scratch marks on the wood above Ladde; but you see...he was on a pile of rocks and could not get his footing to stand and...well you know, he needed help. So, I squeeze inside and shimmy along the wall between Kadie (she wasn't about to move) and pick up the big, funny looking foal and place him on his feet. Did I mention that he had a huge, bright pink abrasion on his right hip bone? Well, he did and it was big and he still has the scar to this day. Anyway, so the instant I set him on his feet, Kadie gives me a definitive shove with a look that says now get the hell out of here and leave us alone - so I did. And then I started to cry because after all that time waiting and waiting, I have no idea just what I had expected but it sure wasn't this!! He was kinda funny looking, but I was so very thankful that he seemed to be doing fine and Kade sure seemed perfectly fine and all was well...and I was thankful and relieved and completely in awe. So, I went in the house and called my boss and said that I needed to stay home that day and I changed my clothes and headed back out to the barn to watch Ladde. And now, almost 13 years later, I'm still watching that horse and am totally and completely in love and enamored with him. Lord help me...I'm so hooked on the big old galoot. But, still to this day am counting him as one of my most dearly beloved blessings ever received from God above...and so very thankful to have him in my life. *sigh* I have no idea what I had in mind when I started typing this post this morning, but this wasn't it...see what I mean...it's all about Ladde.

I digress...once again. :) I'm blaming it all on hormones - that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

So, I read my church newsletter the other day and inside was this true story and I thought I would pass it on. I enjoyed it very much and it made me smile.

The Atheists' Holiday

In Florida, an atheist created a case against the Easter and Passover holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews and observances of their holy days. The argument presented: it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized day(s). The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring, "Case dismissed". The lawyer immediately stood, objecting to the ruling, saying, "Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah. Yet my client and all other atheists have no such holidays". The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, "But you do. Your client, counsel, is woefully ignorant." The lawyer said, "Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or holiday for atheists." The judge said, "The calendar says April 1st is 'April Fools Day' and Psalm 14:1 states, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.' Thus, it is the opinion of this court that if your client says there is no God, then he is a fool. Therefore, April 1st is his holiday. Court is adjourned."

Can we get an Amen!?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts to ponder

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen".

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Winter is truly getting to me and affecting my outlook on everything. And when I get like this, I tend to become somewhat of an introvert lest I scare everyone around me off. I have learned many techniques over the years to help this situation; light is good, but I have very little control over the amount of sunlight in my world. Keeping my mind active with classical music helps, studying Scripture helps, especially Psalms and the Proverbs, but anything from the Bible really. Another useful tool is banishing all negative thoughts from my mind; this is an especially difficult one for me and it's not the same as positive thinking. Research in the area of depression has shown that positive thinking does absolutely nothing for the human psyche, but ridding oneself of negative thoughts is helpful. A fine line there, but if you think about that for a minute, there's definitely a difference. Drinking lots of fluids and especially water is a good thing, exercise outside in the fresh air is a very good habit to have, especially walking. I guess walking sets up a rhythm within the body that is one of the most beneficial exercises that a person can do. And, it requires no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere. That's why it's usually my first choice in exercise. But really, anything is beneficial and better than nothing.

But, I am digressing again. My intent today was not to discuss depression, but more along the lines of a person's thoughts and how very much they affect our relationships with other people and our whole outlook in life. I can be a very judgemental person and for some reason, I tend to focus on a person's flaws instead of their attributes. I don't do this just with other people, oh quite the contrary...I am also my own worst enemy. I find it very difficult to give myself a break and treat myself with any degree of kindness. I am not a friend to myself. I have been working on this problem of mine for a very long time, and at times I'm definitely more successful than at other times. One of my areas of most concern is what I refer to as my "self talk". I would never in a million years verbally express to another person some of the things that I will commonly say to myself, or about myself. And, I tend to say some very hurtful things to the people that I love the most. Not all the time, but when I get angry, look out. I tend to let fly with my verbal onslaught and can snowball out of control rather easily. The Bible says that the tongue can be our most dangerous weapon and I know that this is true. More harm can be done with our words than with most anything else, and once spoken those words cannot be taken back. There are some things that I have said that I wish I could take back, but that will never happen. I just need to learn to control my thoughts first, and then it will become easier for me to refrain from saying things that would have been better left unsaid.

My mom used to tell me that if you can't say something nice, then you shouldn't say anything at all. Those are very wise words and I'm still trying to learn that lesson after all these years. I truly aspire to see the good in people rather than focus on their bad, and that goes for myself too. The Bible teaches us to stop pointing out the splinter in your neighbor's eye when we ourselves have a log in ours. I've oversimplified the verse, but the point is there nonetheless.

May God be patient with each one of us and bestow us with His bountiful blessings.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Breaking Rules 101

Oh give me a break!!! If you haven't done it yet, darlin' - it's high time!!!

I love this bird and everything that he stands for.

Freedom is always worth the risk.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day and Broken Promises

Well it's Valentine's Day and the sun even came out today for a lovely visit. Today was the day I had promised to turn Ladde out in the pasture with his herdmates...and I did for a very short time.

I fed everybody their breakfast and after a couple of hours, went out and led Ladde out into the pasture where all the horses were hanging out. The sun was out and every belly was full and all were looking kind of dozey. Things looked promising, until I turned Ladde loose...at first he was a good boy and went to finish off the scraps from breakfast (always thinking of the belly first is a common thing), but then it was like all of a sudden he realized, Hey!! I'm loose and I'm out here in the big pasture with everybody!!! WHAT AM I DOING EATING??? So, he arches his neck, drops his head and humps up his back and does the colt buck in place move (too cute with such a big boy!) and lets her rip!!! He got everybody wound up and they all started bucking and running and slipping and sliding and that's all I could take. I had to intervene. We had too much at stake here, with the expense of the shockwave treatments and all the time spent in confinement and all...there was no way I wanted to risk it all for releasing him too soon.

So out I come with halter in hand...and at first he looks at me like - I don't think so...you promised!! You know that look. He wandered away from me, but then stopped and turned around to face me and dropped his head in resignment. Poor baby!! I felt so bad for him, but it is so muddy and slick out in our pasture that even I was slipping just walking back to the barn. Sorry dude, not today; not after all we've been through to get you sound again. Sorry charlie and all that. I'm the bad guy but life's a bitch and then you die.

We got almost all the way back to the barn and I sensed a change in his attitude. So, I stop and tell him to forget about it, just be a good boy, before long the footing will improve and you can go out, blah blah blah...you know how it goes...and on we head towards the barn.

But Laddmonster had other plans ticking away in his little pea brain. All of a sudden, he does his very best at spooking, run up ahead of me and spin and face me trick!!! I yell at him and give the rope a good snap and tell him to "Knock it off!!". We resume our journey to the barn - Ladde head down and all the life sucked completely out of him. Poor guy. I felt so sorry for him. So, I let him go out in the corral and I returned out to the pasture and brought back Harley for his prison buddy. Mean old me!!! A few alfalfa cubes helped a little...but he's still disappointed, I can tell. *sigh*

Sometimes it's so hard being the bad guy. But I had a bad feeling about that pasture today and I gotta trust my gut. Drier days are a-comin'. But right now I'm feeling bad because my horse is very droopy and feels like the perverbial carrot has been dangled in front of his nose and yanked away just when he was about to bite.

Poor baby. I think I'll beg for his forgiveness in the form of treats. Isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about anyway?? Giving goodies and love noogies to the ones we love? I think it just might work...wish me luck?

How could I ever resist that sweet mug??

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love that horse??

I'm a goner.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Picture's worth a thousand words...

A day at the beach is always a good day. First, find a quaint little cottage right next to the ocean where you can listen to the roar of the surf whilst you sleep.

Beautiful flowers flourish in the daily mist that the sea provides and the temperate climate soothes and ensures a steady growth.

What a great place to bring your chair and curl up with a good book.

The Pacific Ocean on a peaceful summer's day. Can't you just hear the gulls and the crashing of the waves against those rocks?
The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse perched on a jetty of rock overlooking the crashing ocean just below. Completely restored, you can climb the spiral staircase inside and have a look from the very top. It's a lovely view.

The tidepools below harbor a world teaming with life. The day was cool with a stiff breeze coming in from the ocean and the fog never quite receded.

The rock that juts out from the shore is a favorite perch for the marine birds as is evidenced from the mass quanitities of their droppings. See all that white stuff on the top of the big rock? That's not frosting or seafoam...

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to soar through the air like the birds? Oh, the sheer joy and the freedom they must feel would be amazing! Just catch a little current of air and soar above everything!

The beach has always been a place of peace and relaxation for me. A great place to visit and just let your senses go and let your imagination run wild. Feel the spray of the ocean on your face and breath deep...glorious!

And the sensation of the cool water swirling around your feet and the sand disappearing beneath your toes. Heaven!

And just before you head back inside to warm up with your favorite hot mug; one last look over your shoulder at the sun sinking low on the horizon...a smile passes your lips at the farewell of another perfect day...
at the beach.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's not Wednesday, it's Humpday

Frost art

Humpday -
That's what my sweet dad used to call Wednesday and because he did it, I do it. I sure do miss that guy. If he were here, I'd ask him to wrap his arms around me and make everything all better again. He just had a way of putting everything into perspective for me and making me feel so much better. I consider myself blessed to have had a dad like I did, one who loved me unconditionally and without question and I admired and respected him always.

I'm having another one of "those" days again. You know, the kind of a day where staying in bed and not having to face the world sounds so very, very good? But, I'm here and doing my best to carry on in spite of inwardly feeling profound sadness and questioning some very foundational things in my life. Sounds oh so dramatic doesn't it? I don't mean it to be, I just don't exactly know what to say or how to feel and I'm so very tired of feeling out of control. Remember that spinning wheels scenario, like I'm reliving the same thing over and over and over again and nothing ever changes. It doesn't get better and it doesn't get worse...it just keeps going. Kind of like the Eveready bunny, just not in any way cute, or amusing. Oh well, life is what it is. I'm going to pick my butt up off the floor and carry on and be happy about it. Because I do have some very wonderful blessings in my life even though life isn't even close to being perfect or even resembling paradise. Hee hee, paradise is what we make it isn't it? Check mate Charlie.

It snowed again yesterday morning. Just an inch or so, just enough to make everything look pretty and the roads very, very treacherous. I saw two more accidents on my way to work again. One involved a car and a pickup and a snapped in two telephone pole. On a flat road and on the straightaway. Hmmm, you think they might have been travelling a wee bit too fast? So, we sat and waited while they got the road cleared away and then onward to work I went. Old man winter...me thinks the thrill is gone. Go away! And Monday night we had another full moon. It was eerily pretty with the passing clouds and the leafless branches of our big old black walnut tree. I took a few shots and will post one today. According to the calendar, we are less than 4 weeks away from daylight savings time. That's always welcome in my book. And then spring is less than 2 weeks after that. Can't come soon enough to suit me. I am ready for longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures and blooming flowers and more time spent outside. Yep, just what the doctor ordered!

I think today might be a triple shot latte day. Hmmm, sounds good to me.
Blessings everyone,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mid Winter and counting

Monday morning I awakened to a frozen and very foggy world. I saw two minor accidents on the way to work due to the slick streets and once again made my little wish for an early spring. We are now officially past the hump of winter and are on the downhill side heading for spring. I am so looking forward to a new and better season. Winter has gotten officially old and can gracefully bow out. Adios amigo.

The weekend passed ever so quickly and was greatly appreciated by me. I love my free time and cannot express this sentiment enough. My hubby and I went to church Sabbath morning, followed by breakfast out, grocery shopping and then took Annie for a nice, long walk in our favorite park. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!! - Blue skies, warm temperatures and nary a breeze. So very delightful and did it ever feel good!! After our walk we came home and had a nice little nap. What is it about naps that seem so deliciously decadent as an adult and so horribly detested by young children? Hmm, one of those questions to ponder and probably never be answered. Whatever, I love them. Afterwards we woke up just in time to bring the horses in for dinner and a little attention, then back in the house for a light supper and a movie on the television. What a lovely day!

And then Sunday dawns...not exactly the same picturesque story of weather delight. It was cold and very foggy and the temperature was below freezing and it was so very damp and cold. Yeeuck!! It's interesting to me how in mid-February we always seem to have a week or two of beautiful spring-like weather as a teaser, but then reality sets in and winter remains in control for another month, and in many cases two or more. Our horseshoer came and we got all caught up on the equine pedicures once again. Everybody was on especially good behavior and the job was completed without incident. I am so thankful to have well-mannered horses. Each and every horse we have is a perfect gentleman or lady while in hand. We expect near perfection and they almost always comply. After the farrier left, we headed inside to warm up and have some breakfast. Later on we did some major housecleaning and of course, the chores in the barn. I got caught up on all the laundry, which always feels good, but never lasts. I like to think of it as job security - yep, not a snowballs' chance in hell of that ever ending, or the housework. But anyway, it's always nice to feel that sense of accomplishment at having a sparkling clean house - even if it won't last.

This coming weekend will be the first time we turn Ladde back out with the herd. Yippee!! I'm so very happy for my boy. He simply won't know what to do with his newfound freedom and ecstatic joy at returning to the fold of his herdmates. He's been such a good and patient boy during his recovery period after his suspensory injury last November. On Valentine's Day it will be one full month after his third and final shockwave treatment. He has not taken a single lame step since the initial day or two following the incident of his injury. He's quite stoic and must have a very high tolerance for pain. But, I still take this as a good sign - no lameness is good. We plan on wrapping both his front legs for a while for a little extra support. Whether it does anything or not is of no consequence, but it sure can't hurt either. I am always quite nervous about the first few times in the pasture, but will say a prayer for his protection and will place my faith in his good sense to be careful.

In closing, here is one of the very many quotes that I love and wish to share with you.

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring which you have not; but remember that what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for."


Me and the boys on the banks of the Metolius River near Camp Sherman, Oregon.
And below is me and the Laddmonster back in camp.

Don't you think Harley needs to learn to relax when he's camping?? Poor baby!

Thanks ever so much Lisa!!! I am grateful and just as pleased as punch if even once I've made someone smile or laugh.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fantastic Friday Whimsy

Howdoo everybody!! Welcome to another Friday post and as usual, I have no agenda. However, I did want to touch base and write down some thoughts I've had and also post some cleverly written little tidbits that I have found along the way. They have amused me and hopefully they will brighten your day as well.

I'm feeling better today, after having gotten a good nights' rest and a triple shot latte which I'm still nursing as I write. Yummy!! I have to admit that they are an addiction for me - I love my lattes and actually just coffee in general - as long as it has creamer in it anyway. Okay, so what's new in my life anyway?? Truthfully, not much but I have been looking online for Oahu beach rentals and have found several charming possibilities. One even has its' own private pool in the back yard. Doesn't that sound grand?? And my only criteria for the last four nights in Hawaii is that the cost must be less than $100.00 per night, be within walking distance to the beach and probably a small town where we can purchase groceries and a kitchenette for preparing at least some of our meals. I've heard that everything in Hawaii is very expensive, so that will be one area where we can hopefully save some cash. There are many choices but they are not in hotels. Oh, I can't wait!! I know the time will pass quickly and then the vacation will come and go in the blink of an eye, but I am so excited at the prospect. I have also checked into a day cruise of whale watching, dolphin watching and you even get to swim in the ocean with the dolphins if the crew decides it's not disrespectful to do so at that given moment in time. They also have snorkeling. That sounds like fun to me. I've never swam underwater before, but I'm willing to give this a try. But seeing the dolphins is the most exciting prospect to me. I've always been fascinated with this extraordinary animal and I am hoping that I will be able to get in the water and at least watch them up close and personal and experience them in their world. Other than the day cruise, I would like to take some hikes and of course take lots and lots of pictures and do a fair amount of lounging in the sun on the beach. Aaahh, just sounds lovely to me. So warm and peaceful - can't you just feel the sun on your face right now?? I guess I'm like my dad in the way that he always enjoyed the preparations and the planning for the trip almost as much as he enjoyed the trip itself. So, I'm enjoying this little challenge at the moment and anticipating the pleasures that await us in sunny Hawaii. :)

Here is something that I found on a fellow blogger's site. I have no idea who the author is, but reading it made me smile. Hopefully it will do the same for you:

On the first day, God created the Horse

On the second day, God created man to serve the Horse.

On the third day, God created all the animals of the earth to spook the Horse when man was on his back.

On the fourth day, God created an honest day’s work so that man could labor to pay for the keeping of the Horse.

On the fifth day, God created the grasses in the field so that Horse could eat and man could toil and clean up after the Horse.

On the sixth day, God created veterinary science to keep the Horse healthy and man broke.

On the seventh day, God rested and said “This is good. This will teach man humility. It will tire him out and keep him striving ever forward to meet the needs of the Horse.”

These pictures were all taken from a camping trip to Sheep Springs Horse Camp near Sisters, Oregon a couple of years ago. Me and my trail pony, "Harley".