Thursday, April 16, 2015

When ya got nothing, make a list

And that's about the size of it - today, I got nothin'.  No witty comments, no cute puppy pics, no delightful tales of life in the country.  

I'm tired.  I didn't sleep much last night and it's been a rather depressing day at work.  Let me just say this - colic sucks.

There are some days when it can be very life-sucking working at a veterinary clinic.  

I'm really (again) looking forward to this weekend, and just laying low, hanging out, sleeping in and frittering my time away.  It's all about the mental breaks, don't ya know?  Oh ya, and planning a vacation.  I really need an extended weekend, and soon.  


So, 10 extremely random things about me...I know, but it's my best subject.  Sorry, I told you I had nothin'.

1)  Whenever I'm scared or nervous, I sing.  

2)  I am the most opinionated person that I've ever known...some may say stubborn, and I'd be lying if I disagreed.  

3)  I used to go to a lot of concerts.  Mostly rock, but lots of other genres too.

4)  I have always been an avid animal lover, and many times prefer their company to people.

5)  I am nurtured and inspired by spending time in the great outdoors.

6)  I enjoy cooking, but rarely follow a recipe.

7)  My most favorite desert in the whole, wide world is pie.  My mom's pie to be exact.

8)  My happy place is at the beach.

9)  I've been riding horses since I was 3 years old.

10)  I don't think I could live a happy, well-adjusted life without 2 things:  horses and scented lotion.  In that order.

I spent time working with Eags again last evening.  It was really, really good - until it wasn't.  At one point, Eagle decided he did not want to trot over the poles anymore and pointed his butt in my general direction and did a short, butt lift towards me...then his eyes rolled back in his head and he thought better of that decision.  But, it was too late for that - I had already reacted with a big jerk on the lead and a big, HUGE bellow from me that, that was absolutely NOT acceptable!!!!  He became acutely humble, apologized and we moved some more trotting over the poles.  I am an evil woman.  

Pretty much everything we did work on last night went very well, except for his tiny infraction involving his butt, and me being on his left side while standing on top of the mounting block.  *sigh*

I keep reminding myself to be patient.  It's only day 3 of our lessons.

I just keep wondering where in the world this problem has come from???  The only thing I can come up with is that fall my hubby took.  Does he think I'm going to get hurt if I get on his back or what?  Or, does he just enjoy his life of total leisure?   If only I knew...

Until tomorrow...


Grey Horse Matters said...

I liked your list of things about yourself. I have a lot of similar traits.

Maybe Eagle has decided he doesn't want to work everyday but deserves the life of leisure he's been living. I say they have the life of leisure 23 hours a day so they can certainly spend one hour a day interacting with the people that feed and clean up after them. I realize we are the "help" but trotting over a few poles isn't cause for bad behavior. I may be evil too!

Kate said...

It could very well be due to the fall your husband took off of him - that sort of thing can really shake a horse's confidence, particularly if things were going well up to that point.

Take a read of this, from a Mark Rashid clinic a number of years ago:

Also, if you read the 2015 clinic posts (from Annette at Oak Creek Ranch) about her husband Brett and his horse Mufasa, there are some common threads there as well.