Thursday, April 2, 2015

Favorite Flowers

You've heard it said that "April showers bring May flowers", right?  We all have, I'm sure.  Well...I'm thinking that we're going to have more than our fair share of flowers in May then, cause baby have we got the showers!  With less snow pack in our mountains than in, maybe ever, I just keep telling myself that the rain is a blessing.  

In the Willamette Valley of NW Oregon, we're known for our temperate climate, year round.  This year so far, has been one for the record books.  We've been much warmer, much drier and just so mellow that people have been saying this was the year of no winter.  I'm in agreement with those folks because it was absolutely painless, effortless other than a bit of mud.  We certainly can't complain, especially when I hear about what so many others have been dealing with.  I just keep wondering what the bug situation might be this summer though...nothing in life's ever perfect is it?  

Come what may, we'll just take it one day at a time.  

April is full of flowers too.  Everywhere I look there are trees in bud, trees leafing out, beautiful bulbs blooming, birds singing...sigh, spring is just glorious!

So what better topic of the day than flowers.  Some of my favorites.  And, there are many.  Oh, so many!  It's rather difficult to decide just which ones are favored over others.  They're all beautiful, unique and so lovely to behold; and smell!  It's astounding really, when you start to look around at all the color and the beauty there for the enjoyment of all.  

Last night I wandered around my yard and took a few shots of what's currently in bloom in my own back yard.  For others, I had to search my archives because they're still sleeping.  

Well, here goes!! sweet momma's favorite flower.  
Do you recall that I've always said that my dear Annie was perfect?  
Well...this reminds me of one tiny infraction when she was a puppy.  
I used to have a gorgeous, deep purple lilac in my yard.
That is all I have to say about that.

These are blooming in my yard right now.  The bleeding heart.  So dainty!

This is my white lilac in my back yard.  Such a heavenly scent.

And these lovelies...well, these are Annie's flowers.  Whenever I would pick a flower and bring it to my nose, she would always want to smell them too.  :)  She was such a beautiful soul.  
Hyacinth, primrose and violas are all among my favorites. 
 The rain has battered these as you can see.

Pear trees in bloom...I just think they're so very pretty.
And their fruit is pretty good too!

Daphne Odora...was there ever a more intoxicating scent?  Unfortunately, it's on its' way out until next year.  

And quite possibly my most favorite of all, at least that grows in my yard is the wild rose.
There are actually 2 varieties, but only one is pictured.  The scent is indescribable, but I'll try...spicy, sweet, potent and just out of this world delightful.  

I'm afraid I don't know what all of these are, but petunias definitely are one of my favorite summer plantings.  They are hardy, spreading and come in every color imaginable.  So pretty!!  I think those others might be zinnias, or are they asters?

Aster or variety of Chrysanthemum?  Either way, they're lovely.

No summer garden is complete without the happiest flower of them all.
The Sunflower.

The tulip.  Aahh, what else can you say about tulips except they are just enchanting.
In my yard, I have deep red and an even darker purple in bloom.

I know I've said that I spend all too much time with my head in the clouds, daydreaming about "someday".  But, when I'm retired and my time is finally my own, I hope to do a lot more gardening.  I would just love having a garden reminiscent of an old English garden, with flowers of all types, colors and scents growing haphazardly everywhere!  Can't you just picture it?  Knowing me, they'd have to be of the hardy type though.  Sometimes I forget to water on a regular basis.  :)

Nobody's perfect.

Happy April all!!
Until tomorrow, Lorie


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the flowers! Beautiful. You're so lucky to have them already. We still have some snow on the ground believe it ot not. There are some buds ona few trees though.

I'd love an old fashioned English garden too. Just don't know how to go about planning one.

aurora said...

Early spring bulbs are blooming in my yard, snow drops, iris and crocus. Nothing scented, yet. I'm not familiar with Daphne Odora, must be tender for our zone. Enjoy your blooms, like most good things they go too fast!

Stephen Andrew said...

Ahhh what a breath of fresh air all these flowers are! Nothing blooming here yet. But we have the heavy rains and warming temps, so they won't be far off now. Love that wild rose. Have you ever taken cuttings from it to try and get more? Have you ever read Connie's Blog, Hartwood Roses? She has a rose cutting tutorial that's very helpful.

C-ingspots said...

I haven't, but maybe I should! Thanks, I'll look up Connie's blog. Great idea SA!

Arlyne, I don't have a clue either...but maybe that's the beauty of an English garden, it's not planned, just rather wild in nature.

Aurora, I know the flowers you've mentioned but have none of those in my yard. I really want to plant a lot more spring bulbs for flowers and color all season.