Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My morning view

March breezed in and flew out with so much speed I can hardly remember it at all.  For me, it's pretty much a blur.  We started out in un-typical fashion, warmer and drier than ever.  Warmest March on record.  A repeat of February.  However, now that spring is officially here, we're cooler and wetter.  March left us in a rather blustery fashion; much cooler temps of 50's, showers and a bit of a wind.  I can hardly believe that April is here.  Seriously, where did March go?  *sigh*  

So, here we are on April 1st, typically "April Fools Day", a day synonymous with playing pranks and mischievous behavior.  For me, I'm choosing to participate in a "blog a day" challenge for the entire month of April.  Each day will have a theme of its' own, and hopefully, it will be an exercise in living in the moment.  Being aware of each day as wholly unique, and generally just paying attention to my surroundings.  For me, it will be difficult to accomplish, but I'm willing to try.  I have no computer and no internet service at home.  If things get busy at the clinic, I will be challenged to post pictures and writing every day, but here goes nothing: 

April 1 - "My morning view" 

In no particular order...
 Sunrise from our deck overlooking our backyard.  

 One of our two cats squalling for their breakfast.  This is Patch, and he's especially good at making his wishes known.  Sorry for the blurry picture...I'd just tripped over my own feet.  

 View of our present living room situation, after I'm awake, showered and bed made.  Yes, we're still sleeping in the living room as our bedroom project has been placed on hold temporarily whilst my hubby is working full-time again for a while.   
 Horses are always a part of my morning view.  I can hardly recall a time in my life when horses haven't been a big part of my world.  That is a good thing.  A very good thing.  :)

 This is what I almost always find after showering and heading upstairs to get dressed for my day.  Ruby has stolen the precise spot where I'd been sleeping.  You know, while it's still warm...rotten dog.  

Ruby's spot when she's ready for morning potty break...we're both so predictable.  

 My view looking out my kitchen window or the front porch.  Facing northward across the filbert orchard and towards the familiar "twin oaks".  This morning was wet, cold and foggy.  Spring has arrived.  

 Looking out into my backyard, facing South.  As you can see, our bushes and trees are in either full bloom or already leafed out by now.  And the grass...oh good grief, the grass! It's growing so fast you can almost watch it get taller.  It was a hasty mow job the other night to beat the rain, otherwise we were going to have to hire someone with a scythe to cut it.  

 And here's Harley; who just moments before had his head and most of his neck reaching through the fence to eat the "better grass on the other side".  I had to put blankets on 3 of our 6 horses today.  Hardly did that all winter.  

 It's routine for me to do a final check on our ponies before heading off to work.  This is Shad, and looking eastward towards the neighbor's field and their horses.  Still foggy and grey...

 A few of our neighbor's horses.  They run an equine rescue and routinely have 30-40 head of horses on their property.  I always include them in my morning prayer for protection before leaving for the day.  :)  

 I'm not sure how I'll like the change in my view when these trees are fully grown.  It will definitely be different from now.  I think we're going to feel much more closed in than we do now.  

 The beautiful flowering cherry tree.  One of my all-time favorite spring blooming trees.  Love those clusters of pink flowers!  Just beautiful.  

Well, that's my morning view.  Feel free to join in.  I'd be happy to share my list of topics, or you could come up with your own.  Whatever floats your boat!

Happy April my friends!!
Until tomorrow, blessings to you all...Lorie 


Kate said...

You live in a beautiful place. It'll be fun to see what you come up with for topics this month.

T.L. Merrybard said...

That was great! Thanks! Lovely to get a feel for how other people live, especially when it's the other side of the world. :)

T.L. Merrybard said...
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Karen Ann said...

Absolutely beautiful - thanks for sharing the pics. Our King bed lived for a while in a little office while we were redoing the bedroom. We had to get in and out of the bed from the foot of it. The sides too close to the walls. It was interesting.

aurora said...

I've never gotten into April Fools day. I would fail miserably at a blog post a day challenge, kudos to you for taking it on & sharing regularly!! I'm even more impressed that you've already chosen topics. I enjoyed your morning views!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Gorgeous photos! What a lovely view every morning. Love how Ruby takes over the bed. We had a black lab "Jake" who would do the same thing when my daughter got up for school. Only he'd put his head on her pillow and pull the covers up over himself. One of the reasons I love dogs! They make me laugh.

Good luck with the blog posts. I could never do it.