Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Silly animal antics

Well hello there my lovelies!  As you may, or may not have noticed, I've already blown my 30 day blog challenge.  *sigh*  I have such trouble with commitment!!  

But in my defense, I have a really, really good excuse.  :)  You knew I would, right?  

It was Monday.  I had sooo much trouble sleeping the night before and was tired and basically brain-dead.  Was almost late to work.  Had to skip showering.  Worked hard the day before and was sore.  Chaotic and insistent phones and clients at the clinic...again, it was Monday.  I had an eye appointment and needed to leave a bit early.  

There - how's that!?  Pretty good excuse right??

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!

Let's get to it shall we?

I'd like to introduce you to Miss Ida Mae and her mom.  She came into the clinic because she has a sore leg.  

Ida Mae is a bit of a diva.  She's a bottle baby and until very recently, slept each night in the bed with her human parents who love her very much.  

Apparently, like any baby, Ida Mae gets bathed frequently.  She loves her baths!  In fact, she just had a bath before her appointment today and was thrown into a bit of a tift because her human momma was running late and didn't have time for Ida Mae's usual blow-out.  
(seriously, you can't make this stuff up)  Anyhoo, Ida Mae is reported to have pitched a little fit and stood baaaaaing ever so loudly while staring at said blow dryer.  :)  

Whoa...if they don't get a handle on this child, they're really going to have a problem on their hands when she reaches those difficult teen-aged years!

I'm not sure...but I'm thinking, maybe they should change her name to Mariah.  Or Marilyn.  I wonder if she sings...

Last week my sweet and thoughtful friend Claudia, gave me these beautiful tulips for Easter.  They are so pretty!!!

Thank you Claudia - I just love them!

Besides a beautiful shade of blue - do you see anything in this cloud?  I see a cow, but only her head.  

Sure looks like a typical spring day around here.  Pale blue skies, puffy white clouds, and green.  Lots and lots of green!

My girl.  Ruby.  She's quieter than she used to be, with Annie around (or in the front), but she still loves going for walks.  Nothing has changed that.  It's been almost six weeks since my Annie left us, and sometimes it's even harder now, than it was before.  I miss her so, so much.  *sigh*
Nothing feels quite right anymore...

My shadow, my dog and her shadow.

You know.  In case that wasn't apparent.

We turned the horses out into the "apple orchard pasture" a few days ago.  Nothing in this world makes them happier!  Until it becomes old hat anyway.  We gave them a half hour to graze and decided that was enough as spring grass is rich and lush, and they are fat.  Just sayin'.  Anyway, when it comes time to be run out, which is usually not a problem, they dutifully leave when asked.  We took Harley out and put him in the safe zone, and then Shad and Kadie left of their own accord.  But the three.  Oh no, not these three - they definitely didn't think they'd been allowed to chow down long enough!

The three porkers...Missy, Eagle and Ladde in case you were wondering, had their own ideas.  
Ladde would have went out, but noticed that Eags and Miss were not into cooperating, so he blocked the gate with his substantial girth and grazed there.  That made it quite impossible for the others to comply with our requests to vacate the area.  Perfect excuse!!!

Now Missy loves to run!!  And being built like an old "bulldog" type quarterhorse, the little gal can hunker down and make some moves!!  Quite impressive really...anyway, she just looks for any little reason to play "dodge the human" and fly around and slide to a stop!  And this was no exception.  If she wasn't so darn adorable, I might have gotten mad at her.  But she was, so she didn't get in trouble.  :)

 The star of tonight's show had to be Eagle though.  The usually mild-mannered reporter horse pitched a hissy fit of his own.  We were impressed.  The old boy can get a move on when he chooses to!  He did a few evasive maneuvers, sitting down on his hindquarters and spun beautifully - but the icing on the cake was when he squared off and faced his assailant, did the "wild stallion" double tromp of his forelegs and gave a big, deep harrumph before flying out of the pasture taking the others with him!  It was absolutely beautiful--but don't tell him that!!

*sigh*  These horses just have a way of making us smile every single day.  Whatever would we do without them?  Big goofballs...and dear, sweet Ladde - the desire to make those moves is there, but his big body just doesn't allow him to move like the squat, bigger-muscled little horses can.  And his desire to eat that sweet grass, well it overrides everything else I'm afraid.  :)

I hope you've all had reasons to smile today...I hear spring arrived, even out there on the East coast.  Hot Dog!!

Happy April!

Until tomorrow,  (I hope)


aurora said...

Cute story about one lucky goat! Her mom looks smitten with her. I've been wondering how Ruby was doing. She comes across kinda sad in her recent photos. Poor baby. You are doing an impressive job with your posting challenge Lorie, with or without the occasional miss.

Annette Mickelson said...

So, is that goat potty trained? LOL. That is the craziest story I've ever heard.

Stephen Andrew said...

Omg the goat! Ahhhh!!!!!!! I want her! The weather looks phenomenal.
I'm so sorry you're missing your baby! I know that pain and you truly have my sympathy. Of course these things go differently for everyone but what helped me a lot was printing a huge photo of my lab, Sienna, after she passed away. I hung it in the hallway where she always hung out. At first it often made me cry when I saw it and now it makes me feel so good. But it helped me right away to just still see her.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The goat is adorable. And yes she does sound like a little diva. I can't believe she lives in the house and sleeps in the bed and gets blow-dried!

Annie was a big part of your lives and you're always going to miss her. The pain will lessen but there will still be a crack in your heart. Ruby looks like she enjoys her walks with you.

The horses are just plain silly. They always make me laugh too.

Mrs Shoes said...

As hard as it must be to leave that early grass, my horses always come when they're called. Doesn't hurt (I'm sure) that I've always reinforced that by giving some pellets or hay or treats of some kind once they get into the barnyard.

C-ingspots said...

You know, I forgot to ask about the potty training part. Good question!
Thanks all for the comments about Annie. I know, with time the pain will lessen, but it just sucks that she's gone. And yes Stephen, looking at pictures of my girl makes me cry, but I can't help but smile either. Thanks.

Hartwood Roses said...

Sounds like Ms. Ida Mae has trained her humans very well.

You have a Ruby, too!! So sorry to hear about Annie. Six weeks is not long at all, and I know that the grief must still be so fresh. Soon, you will think of Annie and smile.

Gail said...

I can honestly say I've never slept with a goat...well, there was this one time...teasing.

Fun post.

C-ingspots said...

Oh Gail, you crack me up!!

Welcome Connie - Hartwood Roses!
Yes, we both have beautiful Rubies!
Thank you for your kindness...