Wednesday, April 8, 2015

18 years ago today...

I was given one of the most wonderful gifts ever bestowed upon me.  Seriously, ever.  

My beautiful mare "Mis Star of David", but lovingly known to us as Scooter, gave birth to the most gorgeous foal I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.  I know everybody probably says that, but our little Harley was drop-dead gorgeous right from the beginning.  :)

And I was there at the birthing, and was so blessed to get to watch the whole thing. 

You see Scoot was 30 days overdue and her pregnancy had been worrisome, so my hubby had installed a video camera in the corner of her stall so we could spy on her whenever we wanted to.  He had run telephone coax cable from our house to the barn and hooked it up to the tv.  We had our very own "scooter channel".  It was great!  The only reason I got to be with Scooter that morning, was because of that camera.  

Somewhere on my blog, I've written this story in its' entirety, but I don't know how to link to it, so if you're interested - it's quite the story.  Needless to say, I ran to the barn just in time to drop down on my knees and witness the whole thing.  It was amazing!  And scary and wonderful, and so much more.  For me, it was also very emotional.  For 12 long months, we'd anticipated and waited for this day to unfold, and I was with my girl the whole time.  I felt so honored; and so very humbled.  I still get teary-eyed remembering how awesome it was.  

I just watched and did some soothing, calm-voiced coaching on Scooter's behalf.  She and I made eye contact several times and I think she felt better knowing she wasn't alone.  Oh my gosh, she was so beautiful - and her foal was gorgeous!  I wish I had some of his newborn pictures to share with you today, but they were pre-digital and are at home in an album.  But...I have several pictures to share with you of Harley's and my adventures together over the years.  

Riding in a Brad Cameron clinic 

Me and the hubby on a trail ride with our boys

Harley, me, Ray Hunt and my sis at a clinic

Me and Harley at another clinic with Ray

Me and hubby on another trail ride outside Dayton, Washington with our boys.

My sweet boy when he was about 6 weeks old 

He always has been a lover-boy.  :)

Again at about 6 weeks old.  We called him Harley Ten-Hairs when he lost all mane and tail.  I was devastated, but it grew back...

Taking care of my non-horse-riding brother in-law.

Isn't it odd how life goes sometimes?  I truly believed that day, when Harley was born, that this would be my last riding horse.  And I guarantee that I'd still have been riding this horse all over the countryside and in clinics and anywhere else I could think of, had he not gone blind.  I know that I have to feel thankful for so many aspects of his blindness, but my heart screams why this horse!?  From the first ride ever, we rode around Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood and I felt 100% comfortable and so at ease.  We had an instant trust, and I knew I'd found my replacement for Kadie.  Oh well, I am grateful that he's otherwise healthy and I get to see him and love him every single day.  He does pretty well dealing with his blindness, this is where he was born and lived his entire life, so he knows the lay of the land.  Very helpful when dealing with herd politics!  

So Happy Birthday my handsome boy!!!  18 years and counting...

Happy April!!

Until tomorrow,


Angel The Alien said...

He is a beautiful horse! And just looking at him I can tell he has a sweet spirit! I think animals deal with blindness much more calmly than humans do, maybe because they use their other senses just as often on a daily basis. I read that a horse can hear your heartbeat, and when you are riding him he can feel it if you so much as move your eyes. So probably being unable to see is just a small problem for him to deal with!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful boy! And thanks for the history and the great pics!

Gail said...

Happy birthday to your most precious gift.

Karen Ann said...

He is beautiful!! and Lucky that you are his!...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Handsome! He's a very special horse and it's easy to see how much love you have for him. I'm sure he loves you too and appreciates all you've done together.

aurora said...

What a great post & photos!! Boy did he ever change color! Happy Birthday to your Harley!!

T.L. Merrybard said...

Happy Birthday Harley! I loved reading about you!