Monday, April 27, 2015

So...I totally suck at keeping my mouth shut

Monday already!?  It just seems like it was Friday, and I was so looking forward to the weekend, and it's hard to believe it's come and gone...where does the time go?

We didn't do much at all.  Went to church.  I stubbed my pinky toe on a kitchen chair and almost died! hurt so bad I did a little jig and had to hold my tongue for fear of what might come out.  I'm still gimping around a bit, but it's better than it was.  However, getting out of the shower this morning brought on a whole new level of pain when I temporarily forgot I was wounded and attempted to dry between my toes with that big, fat, hideously awful towel!!!  Good grief, I think I actually saw stars!

I'll live.  But just barely.

In other news that really isn't news, our weekend weather-wise was very nice.  Saturday was all sunshine and big, fluffy white clouds.  Sunday, not a bad day, but it misted pretty much all day long.  Ruby and I attempted to take a walk and made it only about a quarter of the way around the big field before I got the bright idea to cross the little creek and head back (because my toe hurt, alright?) and knew I wouldn't make it if I attempted to, I found a spot where the creek was narrow enough that I could step over it.  What I failed to realize though was how very steep the embankment on the other side was.  What was I thinking???  *sigh*  

No, I did not fall backwards into the slimy, little creek!  I did however hover in a precariously crouched position for what felt like, forever! - grappeling in the mud and trying to find anything at all to help me climb out of the cavernous (and very slick, I might add) ravine that I was stuck in.  Oh, okay it wasn't really cavernous at all, but for a while it sure felt like it was!  Suffice it to say, I eventually managed to claw my way up and out of harm's way and vowed to tell no one of my little mis-adventure.  

Ruby promised to keep this just between us...mum's the word.  I really think the little brat was secretly laughing at me!  She just stood there watching me with the most bemused expression on her face!!  No offer of assistance either!  Some dog she is...

Anyway, I'm just thankful she can't talk.  

Did I mention just how much more my toe hurt on the way back?   

Sometimes I wonder just how in the world I can get myself into such predicaments - and at my age???  You would think I'd grown out of these shenanigans by now...

Remember how I'm always saying there's always something to be thankful for?  Well.  The hubby was sound asleep when we got back home.

I did a little laundry, and decided that a nice, warm bath sounded mighty nice.  Perhaps a bit safer too...

How was your weekend?  Do tell, and please don't spare us the details.  :)

Until next time,


Ian H said...

I need some pictures, or preferably a video of you dancing the jig, and holding your tongue! Are you right handed?Or left handed? :-}

T.L. Merrybard said...

Hmm, trying to come up with an injury to cheer you up... ok hubby and I have joined the local volunteer bushfire brigade, and I was trying hard to get a hose off the side off the truck, and spanged a muscle in my back. I had to give up, thinking to myself, "Ah, what a weakling!" Then the lieutenant comes along and gets my hubby to help him by doing one side each. Yep it is very stiff and I had no need to bust myself trying so hard to do it on my own! Did I let on that I'd hurt myself? No fear! :D

Other things I did...helped hubby do ANZAC Day mobile ham radio contacts from the local war memorial as his very bad penciller, did lots of crochet, and did lots of work getting my very last old novel up to print. Plus of course plenty of doggy walks!

On Monday morning (it was a public holiday here for the ANZACs) we took our dogs up the block and got to see a big flock of white-tailed black cockatoos fly over. That was cool and hubby got some of them on his phone so I'll hopefully upload it to my blog this friday.

You asked, Lorie. :) Hope your toe feels better soon, and while I think of it I might go find the ice for my back! :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sorry to report that I've had no injuries this weekend but the week is still young and there's always a good possibility I'll do something stupid. Is it wrong to laugh at your misadventure? I'm sorry but I did. I'll take it back now even if your tale had me very amused. Thank goodness Ruby can't talk!

Gail said...

You are not alone. My sister says the day of work is not over until Gail gets hurt. I seem to attract injuries. Could it be because I go full steam ahead as if I were twenty? It sure makes life interesting.

Hope your toe heals quickly. Sometimes taping it to the other helps or even taping a Popsicle stick to it gives a little protection. Believe me, I speak from personal injury experience.

Once I was hanging a gate, holding the gate with my behind while hammering the hinge, kinda working upside down. I flattened my thumb to the point that I could not even cuss.
And the family gathered around, are you okay? H-- no! I can't even talk, see the blood??

I measure my adventures by my injuries.

Heal quickly. I'm truly sorry but I had to laugh a little...because I KNOW!

C-ingspots said...

Haaa, you guys DO make me feel better! :)

Karen Ann said...

I totally suck at keeping my mouth shut too... and oh, how I hate the jammed toe situation. Indeed it hurts like H&ll.

aurora said...

My weekend was quiet and thankfully uneventful. Hope your toe is feeling better, ouch!