Monday, January 12, 2009

A Winter's Day Ramblings

So, I didn't ride this past weekend. Now I'm sitting here at my desk wishing/wondering why I didn't?? My answer...never enough time. That's it - in a nutshell - there just never seems to be enough time, for anything really. Saturday, I got up and had some coffee, lazed around the house for a bit and then hubby and I decided we were staying home instead of going to church that day. Ok, so now what?? I had some more coffee, did a few little chores inside the house, had a leisurely shower and got dressed. By this time, it was maybe 10:00 or so and my hubby who is ever the early riser was already napping on the couch. Grrrr...for some reason this always irritates me. Maybe it's because my own mom accused nappers of being lazy, but anyway, for whatever reason it always irritates me, especially so early in the day when the rest of the world is just awakening, for him it's already nap thirty. Ok, I digress. So, rather than spend time being irritated or nagging, out to the barn I go. Spend some time cleaning the stalls, grooming the horses and generally just hanging out. Something, I generally love to do. The morning dawned cool, foggy and ever so dreary...again. I am seriously getting tired of winter - already. Not a good sign. So, anyway I spent the better part of the day hanging out in the barn with the ponies. Ladde, Harley and the blonde boarder, "Sadie".

Sadie's a friend's horse who we've been housing for going on 2 weeks now. They had stall flooding problems and needed her vacated so they could do some remodeling so to speak. Ok, not a problem as long as you are responsible for your own horse - thank you very much - we already have as many as we can comfortably handle. Besides S, the wife does not work, drives past our house each day to go to the stable where they keep another one of their horses; so not a problem or a big deal right?? Or, at least you would think. Well, today is day 9 and maybe she's shown up, maybe she hasn't. Their hay is gone and they haven't been out since last Friday, so they haven't even become aware of this yet. 3 days out of 8 and S is a now show - no call, nothing, just doesn't show up. I'm wondering, is this their standard of care?? What about the other horse down the road at the stable?? Is anyone feeding/caring for him??? Hmmm, can't help but wonder. Today we'll see if anyone shows up to care for Sadie. If not, I will or Hubby preferably will have to make a call and see what's going on?? I hate being put in situations like this - makes me feel like I have to be the bad guy or the bitchy woman or whatever and say, this is just not cool folks. Grrr, I just don't understand people, I guess. If that were my horse at someone else's place, you can bet your buttons that I would be there promptly every day making sure that everything was in order and my horse was being cared for. I just will never understand why people have horses and don't make the time to make them a priority. Come on, if we have them, then we are responsible for them. Period. Enough said!! Next time, we probably won't be so generous with our time, efforts or the barn, at least with these people anyway. We'll see, but right about now, I'm feeling a little taken advantage of.

On another note, I did enjoy my day in the barn. I took a few pictures, then my camera quit. Batteries needed recharging, so not many pictures of the day. After cleaning all the stalls, emptying the roach coach twice and grooming Lad, Harley and Sadie, I took a little break. I just sat down and let the horses mill all around me. Harley and Sadie headed outside to the round pen and Ladde, Annie (my dog) and I shared an orange and contemplated the universe. It felt very nice and it was peaceful and quiet. For some reason, Ladde has always enjoyed these quiet times, hanging out and doing nothing, just being in close proximity and of course partaking of any morsels there just might happen to be. I love that horse. Just don't know what I'd do without him. Life wouldn't be nearly as sweet tis sure. I am thankful for him everyday. He is a blessing for sure. I'm not saying he's perfect - but he's perfect enough for me.

Saturday night, we went to our riding club meeting. The first one of this year and we voted in new officers and planned the upcoming year's events. We have several weekend campouts scheduled and the big week long Cowboy Campmeeting over the week of July 4. This year it's at a place called Tamarack Springs near Ellensberg, Washington. My boss says it's ugly country and a poor place for camping. Hmmm, we'll see how things pan out - it's kind of far to drive if the spot isn't that great. I only get 2 weeks total paid off all year, so I tend to be rather stingy when it comes to our one vacation each summer. Oh, and I'm the new president of our club. I'm not quite sure how that happened, or if I really want the responsibility of that, but I am it. Oh well, I guess I'll do my best - it's probably nothing to fret about. I can be bossy, so no problemo!!

Sunday I spent a fair amount of time doing laundry and house cleaning, yeeuck!! Not my favorite thing by far, but it's got to be done, so what's a girl to do?? Boring at best, and I just wasn't in the mood for it, but I did manage to get the place fairly clean, so whatever, it's fine for now. I even tried to take a little nap in the afternoon because I had a headache (again), but couldn't sleep, so I got up and read some blogs for a while. Later we picked up a pizza and a movie. Exciting huh?? We watched George Clooney in Michael Clayton - pretty good, however it does make you stop and take a hard look at humanity from time to time. But, overall a pretty good movie. I give it a "B".

So, there you have it - my weekend in review. Nothing earth-shattering, but it is January and the weather is grey and wet and boring. Things could always be worse. I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I plan on going home and doing my chores. It's a no cook - fend for yourself night at our house and I'm going to hit the hay early. Hopefully after some Tylenol PMs, I will get a much-needed respite from my ever-busy mind and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a brand new day.

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Leah Fry said...

I think riding is probably like anything else, in that you kind of have to just MAKE time to do it. I seem to be doing that better this winter — if it's a nice day (like yesterday), I'm doing it. The rest of it can wait. Of course, when you're working full time, there's always trying to come up with enough energy for it. I was flat out whupped after my ride yesterday and slept pretty well (for me anyway).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well it sure sounds like you've got some winter doldrums. I hope the weather changes to sun and blue skies for you soon.

It's too bad that Sadie's 'parents' aren't being responsible. That would drive me nutty. Here I am in bed, can't take care of my horse, but would do anything if I could. And there they are avoiding it. Have you called to make sure noone has gotten injured, lost their job or something tragic?
Of course, you'd hope that they'd do that, and ask for help, offering you some compensation if they need you. I just don't get it.
Good for you offering your help and barn until they got their flooding problem taken care of. I hope your generosity doesn't go unappreciated.

Congrats on your Prez. nomination. That's cool! Does this mean you get to scope out Tamarack Springs to make sure it's good choice beforehand? Is there a review website online you can check out to read others opinions of the park?
Hopefully that guy is just grouchy and feeling the winter blues, too.

Either way I envy you all the horse camping trips and rides you've got planned for this summer.

And I envy you the quiet peaceful times in the barn you've been enjoying. Riding is fun, but sometimes just hanging out with your horse is the best medicine.

Baby Doll is depressed I think. I saw her today out in the paddock, as we were leaving (and even when we came back home) standing slumped and sad looking in the same corner. I know she's lonely. She keeps breaking into the barn to steal hail and just get into trouble. I think she just wants attention.

Before my fall, I spent almost every evening and afternoon up in the barn with her, grooming, picking out her feet, and just BEING with her.
It was our time and we both enjoyed it. I miss it more than I can explain. And I just have to believe that my mare misses it, too.
3 weeks without even touching my horse just breaks my heart.

Pamper and be gentle to yourself during these winter doldrums. I hope you feel better soon.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a nice weekend ,you got to spend time with the ponies and any time with them is better than none , I hear you on the wanting to actually get on and ride though. Also on the boarder "Rocky's folks" finally showed up yesterday after dropping that poor little popsicle on me almost a month ago!They "might be back next week to clean his stall and hand walk him!
Anyhow this is your blog so I will quit ranting . Stop by my blog sometime girl I have missed you!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you might just have the winter blues and need a few sunny warm days and some good rides.
Congratulations Madame President, hope you enjoy your new position.
I'll never understand people either, I've seen it so many times where they just don't take care of their horses. Don't let them take advantage of you, give them a call, I would. What do you care what they think of you, they are in the wrong. If you're nice enough to help them out,they should be more responsible.

Melanie said...

Hmmm...have Sadie's owners showed up to check on her yet?? That would get really annoying!!!

I didn't get to ride this past weekend either. Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it??

About Tamamrack Springs...can you look it up on the internet?? Ellensburg is a beautiful area, and I cannot imagine thinking that it is ugly, but that is just my opinion. (I like it so much that I would love to live there!)

I hear ya' on the sleeping thingy. During Christmas break, the kidlets and I satyed up late and slept in until around 8-9:oo, and we are having a hard time re-adjusting to going to bed early and getting up early. All last week I was up until about midnight and up at 6:00. I have the biggest bags under my eyes right!!!

Latigo Liz said...

there just never seems to be enough time, for anything really

Soooo with you on that! You have no idea HOW with you I am.

Latigo Liz said...

What exact time of year for that E-burg trip? I can give you a few hints about it.

Gail said...

Madam President, I would like to announce there are no ugly places for trail riding. Every ride is an adventure, says one who NEVER gets to ride. Right now around the barn lot is looking good.
The wind is blowing cold here and we are getting ready for our coldest nights for this far.
Note: I said no place is too ugly but there are places that are too cold!

C-ingspots said...

Leah, you're right on points I think. I need to make time to ride and if I had more energy, I'd have to admit that there is time to ride - I just chose to not do it.
Lisa, I wish you could be here too - we'd have a good time girl!! I will do some more checking into Tamarack Springs, but where we go horse camping there are no "parks". Far from it, we're talking wilderness camping, usually very far from civilization. Dates for cowboy camp are set at the previous year's cowboy camp. It's a huge joining of all the local club chapters where hundreds of people show up from all over OR, WA, ID, MT. We pitch a big circus tent and have music and meetings and potlucks and lots and lots of riding. Maybe I'll post about it sometime.
Mel, Greyhorse, Fern,
Thanks! And, Sadie's owners were a no-show again last night. I did call and leave a rather stern message. The hubby was gone to National Guards and while hubby is away, wifey just doesn't take any responsibility.
Gail, I agree that any riding is generally good riding!