Friday, January 2, 2009

A Free Day

I have quite the collection of snow photos so I thought I would just post a few to remember the snow days by. They have nothing whatsoever to do with today's post, I just like them.

The local gas station in the small town where I live all decorated for Christmas.

Our big black walnut tree in the snow.

This is the view from my house facing the barns and my car. It kind of looks like a humpbacked white whale. Before it all melted, we had between 1.5 and 2 ft of snow at our house. But it's all gone now.

My sweet princess Kadie.

Yes, today is what may be my last free day for a while. Monday begins what I like to think of as the long, dry spell. No more holidays or paid days off until Memorial Day weekend which is the end of May. This is what always feels like the knuckling down time of the year. Winter is here, the days are short, nights are long, weather is cold and gloomy and there is nothing much to do but work, work, work. Our winter wonderland has passed. Yesterday it rained buckets. Flood alerts are out on nearly every river in NW Oregon. Our pastures and yard have lakes of standing water. Yuck!! Mud is everywhere and the horses are tired of it too. Oh well, I did say just last week that I was ready for rain and was tired of the snow. Be careful what you wish for. Will somebody slap me...please!?

So far, the lack of sunshine doesn't seem to be affecting my moods or frame of mind. I am hopeful that I will continue to do well. Depression is very common in a lot of people in the winter when a lack of sunshine and short days create boredom and the blues. Being outside and getting exercise is very beneficial for me. Riding is the best possible therapy in existence in my humble opinion, but alas, it is almost non-existent for me this time of year. I wish we had an indoor place to ride without having to trailer out, but I don't play the lottery so that isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Oh well, it could always be worse. I would like to start riding at an indoor arena a few miles from where I live, but so far I haven't done it. I haven't been on my horse since sometime last fall. I can't even actually remember exactly when the last time I rode. Seriously sucks. I need to get back on my horse for both our sakes.

Ladde is still on confinement. He is not stall bound anymore, but can only go in the round pen and has the barn aisle for shelter. Everyday he gets a barn buddy, either Harley or Shad. The girls are not required to do buddy duty, just the boys. So, Harley and I need to get off the stick and go get some exercise. That would do both of us a world of good. I just need someone to give me a swift kick to get me motivated. Any takers??
Sunday evening is our postponed Christmas dinner at a local restaurant with my boss, his family and my co-worker and his wife. This is how we celebrate Christmas every year and my boss usually gives me a bonus of a few hundred dollars. We'll see what happens. Our business has definitely been down this past year. Specifically, it has been slower than usual the past 4-5 months. Our reports show that overall business is down by about 25% compared to last year. That is not good. We are a small company and have 1 veterinarian. We are about 95% equine and the remaining 5% large farm animal. My boss does general veterinary work, but specializes in equine lameness. This business is generally considered a luxury. Except for emergencies, we do not offer something that is required by most people. And in this economy, we are probably doing better than what would be expected. Hopefully 2009 will be a good year for us, against all odds. I'm really not worried, but then again, maybe I should be. I just don't believe in worrying, if at all possible that is. It doesn't change anything and only succeeds in making a person feel worse. I do however believe in the power of prayer and know that God will provide...or not. I don't have a lot of say in the matter. So, we'll just have to keep showing up and provide good medical service and sound advice. We do have a good, loyal clientel and we appreciate them very much. We have plenty of good company in this situation and are hopeful that our economy will improve. Time will tell.

On a different subject, I got some new boots today and got my hubby a new raincoat. The boots weren't a real necessity, but the raincoat was. We nearly drowned yesterday while doing our chores and winter gear is something that is always appreciated. I really didn't mind being out in the weather yesterday, which is highly unusual for me. I have always been a dyed-in-the-wood hater of rain, but so far this year I'm ok with it. There's been several things like that that I've noticed lately; differences in my attitude I mean. For example, my Christmas tree. Last year was the first time in several years that we got a tree. I didn't want one, not for any specific reason, just didn't want one. We got one last year, but I couldn't take it down fast enough. But this year, I have been loving my tree. It's so pretty and it's still very fresh. But, probably this coming Sunday I'll take it down and pack all the ornaments away until next year. Before I head home today, I'm going to stop by the local garden store and see if they make a bird seed garland. I would like to set the Christmas tree out in the yard and decorate it with goodies for the birds. That way, we'll still get to enjoy looking at it and the birds would benefit as well.

Blessings to all in this new year. May we all find just what it is that we're looking for.


Amanda said...

I posted some photos very similiar to yours today. LOL. I can not wait for spring to get here.

fernvalley01 said...

Ok sweetie ,turn around (lol) I am only kicking you out of love. The After Christmas letdown is tough, but hang it there ,spring will come! I challenge you to post the first Pussy willow photos!

Donna said...

I love that first blue photo, so lovely. We only had a few inches of snow and it didn't last long, but I was happy to see it since it didn't inconvenience me any. Yes, you need to get back on a horse, and soon!

Pony Girl said...

I saw on the news had bad the rains and floods are in Oregon. Crazy weather we've had these days!
I like your idea of making the tree for the birds!
And I hear ya on riding in the winter...I have been on my horse once in the last month! No access to indoor riding really has me bummed out. I would bundle up and ride in any weather- as long as I could get to the arena. It's just not possible. Like you said....when I win the lottery, LOL!
Happy New Year!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The pics were great. The ranch sign with the kicking donkeys was a hoot. And gosh! 2 feet?? That's a ton of snow...that melts and turns everything to muddy mush.

We've got the mush right now, too.
When it's like this, I dom't feel so terrible that I can't ride my horse. Even if my knee were strong, it would be too slippery and unsafe to ride.

BOOM! Did you feel that my dear?
Yep. That was me kicking you from all the way down here in New Mexico (with my good leg, of course).

YOU MUST RIDE, if not for yourself, for me, so I can live vicariously through you(what does that mean anyway...vicarious? It's a good thing, right?).

Your pretty girl Kadie looks like she'd love to get some exercise and spend time with you. DO IT!!
No more excuses!

I love that you're planning on gifting your tree to the birds and wildlife. They'll love it.

As for me, we have a fake tree, so it looks like there will be no issues with the Christmas tree, all the lights and decorations staying up until the Spring thaw...or until I'm able to tear them all down once my knee is strong again.
Maybe I'll just be like those hillbillies who keep their decorations up all year. Heck I'll even turn the lights on in July!
Won't that be fun? lol!

You want to join me in celebrating a Christmas in July?

Happy New Year my friend and keep you chin up with that beatiful smile on your face. Laugh at the rain. It'll make you feel better,
(And stop wishing for weather stuff...except for maybe lots of sunshine. That's a good thing always!)


allhorsestuff said...

Ha. gotta address the word veri first this time=
Okay...glad to hear from you! I am also glad to hear laddie is able to do some walk about apart from circling the stall these days. Puts him in a better frame huh.

Well, funny you should mention the fact that you have not had the normal SAD effects this year...mee too. I know that the extended summer light into fall helped tons and the snow is bright too..I did get off soy this year so I no longer wake up in had natural Estrogen..I had too much!
What ever the reason...I will take it.
I do have the Apollo Lights for therapy, but have not used them but 1 week this season.
Rain is not buggingh me either...yet the wointer is young.
We are getting snow again..and it made me cry this morning!
I just think of the stable and all they went through..all I will go through helping again casue everyone else is chicken to drive there.
I have only ridden one in 12 days..the trails on monday when Pantz left. It was slick...but, I walked. If it snowed..I'd do my snowy ride all over again!!!I am intrepid though.
Hang in...SPring is truly jsut around the corner...then oiur beach trip planning should begin!!

I love your top of the page eve snowy pic...dreamy blues.

gtyyup said... funny that I was looking at my poor forlorn Christmas tree in front of the house and wished there was something besides putting it onto the brush pile to be burned...and here you are with the most fantastic idea!! Thank you!!!

Now the challenge of finding bird seed for the tree...that'll be tricky. Hopefully I'll find success.

The pics are much snow. They will be fun to look at for years to come.

Ok, I'll give ya a lil' "boot" too. Just load 'um up and'll be good for the soul~~

Anonymous said...

The bad weather has certainly given you some fantastic photos! But i especially love the photo in the previous blog - the one with the weather vane, snow and moon. Terrific!

Gail said...

An award awaits you AT The Farm.

OnTheBit said...

The snow pictures are lovely! And I am so glad to hear that Ladde is doing better! Being allowed out, even in a small area, is good fir his brain. And I don't think you have too much to worry about when it comes to your long as people have horses they will go lame and for a big lameness they will call a vet that specializes in it. Yes, some people might not want to spend the money, but I think 25% sounds about right.

Melanie said...

Ok girl...get out there and hitch that trailer up! You're going for a ride!!! LOL!!!

Our weather is hideous right now too, so I can relate. Will it ever end???

C-ingspots said...

Thank you so much everybody for your wonderful comments - as usual. I enjoy reading each and every one of them. They are so very beneficial to me. I apologize for my lack of attention here on my blog, but I've been so very busy. My boss has been hanging around here at the clinic so much lately that he is seriously driving me nuts!!! Let's all send up a prayer for this economy to improve so that he'll be too busy to be here...please!?
And thanks to all of you who booted me in the butt!!! I will get my buttons in gear and go riding soon - maybe even this weekend, it's supposed to be sunny and dry for 3 days in a row!!!! Can you believe that??