Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Friday!!

That's how I feel. Like I've survived another week. The days have all been so foggy and grey that I have to admit it is beginning to affect my psyche. Yesterday afternoon was the first small peak of sunshine since, oh I don't even really remember when. Man did it feel good!! Took my little poochie Annie and went to the park and went for a walk and soaked up as many rays as possible. Wowee!! Sun is good!!! I had to wear my mucks because very recently this park was underwater, but it was sooo worth it. Took some pics too and meant to show them here today, but for some unknown reason, blogger wouldn't upload them. Ah well, another time perhaps.

I feel the need to get out and be with nature and would like to ride if possible this weekend. I need some uplifting and am hopeful of seeing the sun again soon. This morning the fog was so very thick and the temps were below freezing, that at first site it looked as if snow had fallen. Everywhere on trees and field there was a white "dusting" of frozen fog. Absolutely stunning!! However, by midday the fog was still upon my little world but the temps had warmed up and all traces of the white wonderland were gone. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the mystical world before it disappeared.

I am feeling blessed once again that all my beautiful little ponies are healthy, fat, fuzzy and happy. There are some out there who are feeling sadness at the loss of their precious friends. I will include you in my prayers and hope your heartsickness passes soon. We who love the horses in our lives understand your grief and sense of loss. May you be comforted by the Great Comforter and find peace.

Wishing everyone a joyful and relaxing weekend.

Blessings, C-ingspots


fernvalley01 said...

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get a ride in. We are getting some nice weather here finally so I have been absorbing sunshine as much as possible. the footing is a little funky with the snow so I might not ride but then again...Just realized its 5 weeks till I go to Cabo for a week of sun and rest,how many sleeps is that....

Grey Horse Matters said...

Here's hoping you get a ride in. The walk in the park sounded nice. Too bad the pictures didn't load. We're expecting even more snow this weekend. Can't wait for some sun and warmer weather. Have a great weekend.

gtyyup said...

And the same to you...ride Cowgirl, ride!!!

Being born and raised in the Willamette Valley, I know exactly how you feel...any glimpse of sunshine is a gift from heaven. Glad you got to walk with Annie and enjoy some rays~~

Gail said...

Ride and dress warm

Melanie said...

Hey you!!! We have frozen fog up here too! I think that our weather is really!!!

I asked my hubby about Tamarack Springs (I have never been there), and he said it is nice if you "like areas like that." Not much help is he??

The Ellensberg area looks like most places in Eastern WA (and I imagine Eastern OR?), with not a lot of underbrush, smaller, scrubby trees, rocks etc...
Maybe try googling Ellensberg, or looking at some property that is for sale over that way (look at Thorp too). That would at least give you an idea of what it looks like.

Hope that you get a good ride in this weekend!!! I rode for four hours today in the 20 degree frozen fog!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'll bet everything was beautiful with that icy fog. I love seeing the icicles hanging.

Jenn said...

Isn't wonderful how just a little sunshine can change your whole outlook? I go into a major funk and don't want to do anything when the sun refuses to show it's face.

Donna E said...

Hello,just wanted to pop inand say howdy! Your weather sounded lovely to me,glad you got to go walking with your dog I so miss that.I'm guessing your horses atleast one has spots,I adore appies,and my dream horse is a large appy mare to ride at upper levels in dressage.A real american horse,I did say my dream right!Look forward to getting to know ya'll better.I'm in Maine,it's been cold but sunny,but I don't have my horses,or dog to spend time with.I visit friends horses for my fixes 'til I can have my own again. I do have wee lovlies around my house that keep me from slipping into the dark winter hole! Sledding has saved me again.Love your music choices.Hope you're having a great weekend!

C-ingspots said...

ok Fern!! What the heck!? Cabo!!?? I am so jealous I could just spit!!You are going to have a blast girl!!! maybe ask your hubby if I could go in his'd be an honor to fill in! no?

Grey horse, sorry about the snow. I hear that on the sun! Thanks

gtyup, Ha ha ha, I sure hope I will cowgirl up - maybe today!!
you did?? where??

Gail, yes mom.

Mel, yep I think so too (weather). Tell your hubby thanks a lot!! :)
very helpful...
Thanks!! You too!!

Voyager, yes it was very pretty. kind of getting tired of cold though.

Jenn, seems like most of us feel the same way about the sun - and yes girl, it does feel good!!