Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunny Monday

It is truly a sunny and very, very cold and blustery Monday. I prefer cold and dry to warm and wet any day. However, having said that, I'd like to add that I'm dreaming of the warm, balmy and lazy days of a summer afternoon. Aaahh just imagine reclining in the warm welcoming rays of the sun and having nothing more pressing than to lift your glass for a cool, refreshing sip and maybe to turn the page of that novel you've been losing yourself in. Surrounded by the sweet smell of a myriad of blossoming buds and the occasional buzz of a passing honey bee. I can sure imagine that, can't you? But alas, that's not the least not yet. I checked my calendar and we won't reach the middle of winter until the third week of February. I know that sounds like a long way off, but as you know, time does pass rather quickly and before you know it, we'll all be sweating our tailfeathers off and complaining how hot and dry and dusty it is. We're sure a dissatisfied bunch by nature aren't we? So, in the spirit of living in the moment and not wishing my life away, I have decided to ponder for a moment just exactly some of the things that I do appreciate about winter.

First, I enjoy wearing layers of warm and snuggly fabrics next to my skin. Like my favorite marled cotton yarn cowl neck sweater. It's generously sized and feels cozy and soft and is long enough to cover the parts that I wish to show a little less of. I can jump out of a shower feeling clean and refreshed, throw it on with a pair of jeans and feel dressed enough to go just about anywhere. I love sweatshirts and down vests and thick, fuzzy socks. I love wearing my bearskin boots with the deep, fuzzy fleece lining. With or without socks, they feel good on my feet. I love wearing neck scarves. I have several different ones in varying materials and colors and patterns. Added to any outfit, they display a dash of color and a little extra pinache. And, you gotta love that it's definitely not swimsuit weather. I don't have to worry about my white legs or the fact that maybe I forgot to shave either. That's always a plus, not to mention a timesaver in the shower. If I really stop and ponder preferences about the seasons, I'd have to admit that I'm more of a warm weather person over a cold season fanatic; but in any case there's things to be appreciated in all cases. I appreciate a hot cup of chocolate or coffee enjoyed near a blazing fire in the woodstove and wrapping up in the amazing hand knit cotton blanket given to us by my friend Alicia. Or, simply being thankful for a warm home to come into after a cold winter's evening doing chores in the barn. Savor the possibilities of the season and in my humble opinion, we can all find something to be enjoyed and appreciated. I must admit that when I give a few moments reflection, there are numerous blessings of winter. And without the spice of variety in our lives, even the most beautiful summer's afternoon would soon become the mundane. And, if nothing else, who can honestly say that a season without flys isn't really a good thing?
We spent a very leisurely weekend, having accomplished very little at all if truth be told. We did not go to church, we did no housecleaning or laundry and more meals were eaten out than were prepared at home. We did not go riding or do any repairs on our lengthy list of projects. We sound positively lacksidaisical don't we?? Aahh, yep. Guilty as charged I'll admit.
We did take a road trip on Saturday and that was primarily enjoyable. We chose to drive up to the blast site of Mt. St. Helen's in Washington state. It is truly amazing and makes one feel quite small and insignificant. I did take some pictures of course, however for several reasons we stopped our adventure just shy of having reached the end of the road at Johnson's Ridge Observatory where you can look down into the actual crater. The snow was getting deeper and deeper on the sides of the road, the route up the mountainside was getting steeper and steeper and the valley view was getting deeper and deeper. As the afternoon waned, this flatlander got increasingly more nervous at continuing our ascent up to the viewpoint and the decision was made to stop and continue at a later time. Call me a coward, trust me it's nothing I didn't say to myself, but everything in my heart and soul said to stop. I think that I'd prefer to call it my spidey senses or woman's intuition or whatever you want to blame it on, but I got spooked and made the decision to trust my gut (or my guardian angel) and turn the car around. Against my husband's wishes I might ad. He thought I was being a chicken and overreacting, but was kind enough to go along with my cowardice and not make a stink. Trust me, I had visions of failing brakes and plunging granny mobiles plummeting down the mountainside never to be seen or heard from again...(have I ever mentioned that I have a very active imagination?) Anyway, you get the picture, I cried a little, was embarrassed at my cowardly behavior and was more than just a little dissapointed at having driven all the way up there without getting to witness and photograph the grand poobah!! Dammit all anyway. What was a gal supposed to do?? Just ignore what my inner wadworks was telling me and damn the torpedos full steam ahead!? I just couldn't do it...for what it's worth, I have in my past ignored my inner voice and lived to regret it. The problem was, given the scenery and the grand scope of our surroundings, I feared that if my spidey senses were correct and we were not supposed to continue our trek up said mountainside - we definitely would NOT be living to regret it. I therefore chose to regret and vow to visit again on another day...presumably a warmer and clearer day, perhaps in the good old summertime. Having said that, I do have some fairly amazing photographs to post. I just don't have them ready for posting today. Sorry. But, hopefully tomorrow, when I can forego all the drama and confessions and just post some really awesome pictures for our mutual viewing pleasure. All from the safety of our very own little chairs in front of our little computers. Doesn't that sound nice?

So, these pictures posted here today are not the ones that I personally snapped yesterday. These are just a sampling tidbit of what is to come...

Blessings from cingspots (remember her? She's the one who's afraid of heights.)


Gail said...

Wonderful post, look forward to your pictures.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think right about now we are all looking forward to the bees buzzing and a little warmer weather. There are some nice things about winter that I appreciate, but I've already appreciated the most out of it that I can for this year.
Looking forward to your pictures to go along with this post. The ones up are wonderful.

fernvalley01 said...

You are amazing ,with all that talk about snuggly warm clothes and the zero risk of needing to do a swimsuit ,I almost started to regret my plans for Cabo....NOT .But you do make a good point . As far as feeling unsure and turning back ,please always trust your instincts!(my grandma always said that is the voice of your guardian angel)I would hate to loose now that I have found you dear friend.

C-ingspots said...

hah!! Sherry my little chickadee...I meant nothing personal, I wasn't even thinking (nothing unusual there) when I was talking about the warm fuzzies and no need for a swimsuit - I promise I wasn't thinking about your upcoming trip! I love your comment "I almost started to regret my plans for Cabo...NOT" you crack me up!! Classic!!
Guess what!? There's a chance we may get to go to Hawaii in early sept. for a family wedding!! Way too early to confirm, BUT!!!!! I can't help it, I'm already excited at the possibility!!!

Pony Girl said...

We might be long-lost sisters (and not just because of the Appys! :) Your post sounded like something I would write... I love winter for the same reasons as you....I love winter clothes and sweaters and boots and being cozy! ;)

Don't have worries about your fear on the mountain. We are supposed to follow our intuition! Doesn't sound like the road conditions were the safest. You can always go back. I would like to visit Mt. St. Helens someday, too!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I like wearing sweaters and I like snow, otherwise I like the fall season the best. It's usually warm and dry by day and cool by night.

I visited Mt. St. Helens on it's 5year anniversary. There was smoke rising and the mountain was rumbling. There was a helicopter flying around monitoring the activity. It was very spooky! As everyone knows, nothing came of it, but it was a very ominous feeling to be there and see all the grayness and destruction for miles around.

Melanie said...

Hmmmm...I don't like winter, or the fuzzy clothes that go along with!!! I would rather be in shorts, a tank top, and sandals/flip flops. (Great writing though!!! I could jsut imagine/feel what you were talking about!!)

Isn't Mt. St. Helens amazing??? We camped at Seaquest State Park one summer, and spent everyday up there. I have friends who like to trail ride down there too.

Jenn said...

When people ask me what my favorite season is I am never able to answer. I like ALL the seasons for one reason or another. They are all beautiful and wonderful in their own way, which is why I could never, ever live in one of those places (like Florida) where it's pretty much one season all year round. As much as I complain about the cold of winter, the wet of spring, the heat of summer or the unpredictability of fall, I love them ALL for exactly those reasons!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have a warm fuzzy sweater like you described that makes the winter not seem quite so bad to me. I love that sweater.

I've never been to that observatory either. I guess I didn't realize it was on steep windy roads like that....guess I should have though considering it's a mountain range.

I still get shocked just looking at that Mt St Helens today. I used to go to high school near Toledo and we had a beautiful view of that mountain on clear days. It sure doesn't look the same. Such a shark contrast between then and now. Makes me kind of sad.

Thanks for a great post!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! What an ominous before and after comparison. Scary to have seen that while it was happening. Don't people pay big bucks to have views of the PNW volcanoes?
Hmmm, wonder if they can get their money back for their less than perfect view now. lol!

It is very spooky though. I would probably have felt the same way had it been so late in the day.

Oh and I love all the seasons here. I didn't like summer in SC, though. Too humid and buggy. But here in the mountains all of the seasons are pretty nice.
I, too like to wear winter clothes. :)
And I love to knit and spin.