Monday, January 19, 2009

The missing pictures from today's earlier post

Annie in the backseat. This is "her" space and it definitely shows.

This is a shot of Mt. Hood as seen from near the park where Annie and I take so many of our little walks. The wind was out and it was cold, but it was bright and beautiful too. I treasure days like this, especially in the middle of January in Oregon. Treasured days because they are such rare days!

My beloved poochie amidst the forest flora.

It seems hard to believe right now, but just a couple of short weeks ago, this whole area was underwater from the nearby river that had overrun its' banks. I still had to wear my mucks for the walk, but no biggie.

Here's how Harley looked when I first brought him in from the pasture. A muddy, fuzzy delight!

In no particular order. These are
some shots of yesterday that my
hubby took of me and Harley.
Pardon both of our appearances.
You see, it's wintertime and we're
both fat, fuzzy and oh so very dirty!
Kisses for a good boy!
Can you tell just how strongly the
wind was blowing??? The horses were all feeling fine and just a bit on the snorty side...

He's so cute!!!!!
Not sure if it's blogger or me who's
freakin' out here, first it put all the
pics on the right side and now my
comments won't go where I want them
to go. *sigh*
Oh well, keepin' it real here and sure
as heck not sure what I'm doing.
Just wanted to comment on my
leg position in that one photo...what the heck??? Looks like rigormortis (spelling?) has set in for sure!!
See above, I think!! But, once again Harley's lookin good and ever so relaxed! It was so bright I had to wear my shades!! whoo hoo!!! can you say blue skys????


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Harley is gorgeous! He doesn't look like he has any winter hair in that first photo. Or dirt either!

fernvalley01 said...

What a handsome fellow!!You look happy and wonderful together. We are our own worst critic I can't comment on your leg position at least it was over a horse!

panthercreekcottage said...

Okay that' it. looking at you and Harley while listening to wild horses on your playlist put me over the top missy. And the horse talk! C'mon there must be a companion out in that pasture for this cowgirl wanna be, just to sit on and enjoy the scents of cowgirldom with my dear friend. hmmm....?


Reddunappy said...

I am jealous! I want to ride, but I have come down with a darn cold
:( all I have been doing is hauling Meghan to E-team practice.

Leah Fry said...

Is he that tall or are are you that short? Dang he looks like a big one!

Gail said...

Now this day was a treasure!
How beautiful Harley is, makes mine look boring! Maybe I will paint them this summer.

Callie said...

Hey there my new friend, I've given you an award. Comeon over and pick it up!

Molly said...

Handsome Harley looks happy to be doing his job, and you look happy to be aboard.
A really lovely day!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Annie is one cute pooch, glad you got to go for a walk.
Harley is adorable too, love his spots and fuzziness. Ours are all a dirty muddy mess too. We haven't been able to ride for a while, you're lucky your weather is cooperating.

allhorsestuff said...

Yea girl..up on the Harley man!
Had me cracking up with the rigg comment!!!
Why don't you try shortening your stirrup a bit, fer a little bend in the knee? I have the same prob with my sissy's western saddle. wonder if it is just the build of them?

We both took pics of our gorgeous Mount hood yesterday too.It was just shining huh!

Well, how bout we keep my complaints here, about my Stable woes?..I am afraid someone from the stable may read them,more people are going there to read about themselves when I post pic and such from our rides.
Yesterday was especially volatile there...I showed up and the owner was spewing out F- - - - -' this and F- - - - -' that...about a gal that was her fav just the week before.SAhe was almost within hearing range too!!!I just winced big at her like she was hurting my ears(she was too) and plainly said..."Have you tried telling her all you just told me??!"
I get it ... You are in untill you piss her off, then you're out!
hanging by a rope that is getting shorter!

Jenn said...

Oh, what a gorgeous view you have there! I have um...let's see...cornfields, wheat fields, cornfields, cows, oh, look! A tree! :P

You guys look very happy being out and about and Harley is one good lookin' appy.

C-ingspots said...

Fantastic Voyager!! Thanks, I'll tell him you said so!!
Fern, You're so kind - and I will forgive you of course, but I'm still jealous!
Betty!! Come on down girlfriend!!
Reddunappy, sorry to hear you're under the weather - hope you feel better soon.
Leah!! Yes, I am short - 5'3" but Harley is the little one! If you think I'm funny looking on him, you should see me on Ladde - he's 17 hh while Harley is only 15.3 hh - I always think of Harley as my baby boy who is small by comparison. :)

Thanks everybody - I enjoy your comments all so very much!

And...Kac, ok zipped lips from here on. And, yes let's blame it on the saddle!

Tracey said...

Hasn't the northwest weather been absolutely fantastic now that all that snow and ice and rain are gone?

Harley is lovely!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Riverside walks with a special dog, chocolate dipped ponies, and horse rides in the sunshine. Sounds like a wonderful day!

Lovely pictures all!


Lisa said...

I loved seeing your pictures tonite - Harley is just gorgeous and you guys look like you had a great time together. That sky IS really blue & beautiful. Blue skies, sunshine & Harley...can it get much better.

gtyyup said...

Great pics of you and Harley...Annie too!! Boy don't I know how that west side winter rain can drag on and on and on...It's looking like a beautiful day.

Yes, funny rigg comment!! I'd try shortening the stirrup like allhorsestuff might work better for you.

You look great with Harley!