Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day / Remembrance Day

It feels like any other Tuesday to me, except there's no mail service and the banks are closed. Oh, yes and all the government offices are closed in honor of Veteran's Day in the United States. Our good neighbors to the north in Canada, their holiday is called Remembrance Day. Either way, it seems like instead of a blanket holiday for some, our veterans should get a paid day off. Just my humble opinion, folks - for what it's worth.

But, however you feel about it - whether you agree with war or disagree with war, it is a reality of this life...and there are and have been many good men, and now women who have walked away from their own personal lives and given of themselves for the freedoms we enjoy.

I would like to remember them and honor those people for their selfless service to our country. What they do now and have done in past wars is an incredible gift to those of us who have been fortunate enough to remain at home - safe. My dad was an infantryman in the United States Army. He served in World War II and most of his duty was spent in Germany, but also some in France and England. He really didn't talk about it much, but I remember he told me that he was once a guard for prisoners of war in Germany. A German soldier taught him a little bit of the language and also how to make bracelets out of stainless steel and copper. He sent my mom one of those bracelets that he'd made and inscribed "Susie" on it. That wasn't my mom's name, but that's what he used to call her. My mom wore that bracelet until she died. My dad told me once that he was very proud that he'd never had to kill anyone, at least that he knew of and that he remembers almost always being cold. He also said that he'd spent more time in fox holes than he cared to remember and that there weren't many atheists in those fox holes.

My husband served in the United States Navy in the Vietnam war and his father was a pilot for the United States Air Force and served in World War II. My brother-in-law was an MP (military police) in the Korean War. I salute each one of these brave men who fought for our freedom in these wars. And, I am very thankful for what they did.

May God Bless our Service men and women and protect them. Thank you from one free to speak my mind, American woman.

I had wanted to show you a picture of my dad in his Army uniform. He was so very handsome. But, the picture was in DVD format and I couldn't get it to work. Maybe another time. And I don't have any pictures of my hubby in uniform, so instead the top pics are of my hubby and his horse, "Shad". This last one is our beloved "Scooter" - gone, but not forgotten.

Blessings everyone.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I agree with you. Our veterans should be treated better than they sometimes are and honored for the risks they take for our country.

Mrs Mom said...

What a fantastic tribute!


fernvalley01 said...

Lovely tribute , If only each of us at least gave thought and prayers to those who have served and are serving today and every day...

Pony Girl said...

That is a very nice tribute. My dad was in the army, and sent to Germany instead of Vietnam. Had he gone to Vietnam, I might not have been here.

I don't know how people in the armed forces potentially risk the loss of their lives to defend and save our country (or help other countries) and people they don't even know. It is an amazing gift they have given us. I admit it is not something I would ever do. So in respect I thank and honor them in my heart often.

C-ingspots said...

Thanks so much ladies for your comments. I appreciate each one.

Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for commenting on my photograph. One day after my daughter got married, she had her dress in the car so she could take it to be cleaned. She put it on with her riding boots and we did a photo shoot. She is walking down the lane with her thoroughbred,
Target. Enjoyed reading your blog.
Lori Skoog

Melanie said...

An excellent tribute my friend!!!
I agree with you that they should get a paid day off...

Kacy said...

Yes that Movie was very good and edifying for us. I am so glad it has lasted in the theatres this long!
What a wonderful riding priviledge you have with your neighbor!Beautiful pics..even yours!
Thanks for standing in the gap for all that is good sweetie!

Gail said...

Wonderful pictures...again!
Heartfelt tribute.
Bumper sticker, "If you can read this, Thank a teacher. If you are reading this in English, thank a veteran.