Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Blue Wednesday!!!!!

But definitely not for the same reasons!!! I am happy, excited and so very, very hopeful for our country for the first time in many, many years!! Yea!!, Pacific Northwest and most other states as well for being True Blue. Obviously, many people in our great country are pinning their hopes on this man, President-Elect Barack Obama. Congratulations to us everybody!! I hope you all got a chance to hear his acceptance speach last night. It was most encouraging. I don't expect miracles. As he mentioned, this is just the beginning folks, because our country is in one helluva mess. No matter who you are, you've got to admit that. And, there's lots and lots of work to do to dig ourselves out of this mire, I listened to that speech last night - I felt oddly emotional (me? about politics??), and less cynical, and yes definitely - hopeful. Here is someone who by the grace of God, we can look up to, maybe even respect. Time will tell, but for now I am filled with hope for our country's future.

Another thing I thought of as I listened to that speach, was just how intelligent, thought-provoking and passionate this man is. He speaks not only with great passion, but with authority as well. I was a very young child in the early 60's, but like most of you have heard President John F. Kennedy speak at some time or another. For some reason, Obama reminds me a great deal of him. He too, faced uphill battles when he came into office, but he was courageous and energetic and eager to serve a great country that he had a tremendous amount of love and respect for. He was also very young as is Obama, and I for one am very thankful that he is as young as he is. Being President of the United States is a job that I just don't see as something anybody would want to do. It ages a person and takes a great toll. He will be assuming an awesome amount of responsibility at a time in history when our country is at a very low point. Not just financially, but in so many different ways. I'm not even going to get into it all right now, but I'm sure we can all agree that he will be facing enormous challenges right from the start.

May we all as citizens of a great country join together and work for the betterment of all. Hopefully with this new administration we will remember that our United States of America was founded on the basis of seperation of church and state. We are all free to make our own moral choices and never the twain shall meet. It will be refreshing to keep our religion and our politics seperate for a change.

God be with us. We do after all need all the help we can get.

Have a great day everyone - go blue!!


Melanie said...

First off...thanks for the horse introductions down below! I absolutely LOVE Shad, but that is because I have a personal weakness for chestnut horses with chrome (see my sidebar). Your appy's, as I have mentioned before, are pretty darn cute as well, and I love the picture of your grandson riding! :)

Next...the title of your post had me going for a!!! Yes, we live in Blue states, and I am ready to move on to this next chapter in our lives.

I agree with you about Obama's way of talking. I think that he is fabulous in that area, and I am always shocked to hear people say things like he is the Anti-Christ, or a terrorist. Really??? It scares me to think that people really think that way.

Toodles darling!! :0

KB said...

Howdy, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have Appy's too!