Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Because it's Wednesday

Sometimes don't ya just wish you could be your dog?? I sure do - just look at that goofy face, tongue a-hangin out and all. She don't care - she's just happy. And carefree. And running at the park. What could be better??

Well things might be better if you'd stop sticking that thing in my face all the time mom!! She'd never admit it, but she's quite the ham.

Would you just look at this beautiful girl! Her name is Sadie and we met her and her lady person at the park. She was absolutely gorgeous and very friendly. She's a Bermiese Mountain dog. She and Annie made friends instantly. And talk about a ham - I totally take back what I said about Annie - she ain't got nothin on this gal here. She practically said "cheese".
She did stick that wet nose of hers on my camera lens twice though - looking for a real close-up perhaps?? Sheesh, what a primadonna!!
Then there's this guy here - he's my special boy. "Wagtail Ladde", or as we like to call him, "Ladde", you know like the Scottish boy term. We've raised him from birth and I still have his momma too. He's a big boy, especially for a foundation Appaloosa. He stands a true 17 hands high and weighs in around 1500 pounds. The boy likes his groceries, what can I say?? We've been scratching our heads ever since he was born, don't have a clue where his size came from - who woulda thought?? But we still love him, big old mooska.
Speaking of momma, here she is now...she escaped from her stall and went straight for the llama's food bin. Her name is "Wag's Pride", but I've called her Kadie since the day my hubby surprised me with her. She was 7 years old at the time and had never been ridden. A more perfect horse does not exist - I'm just sure of it! She is truly an angel horse, never bucks, never spooks, never does anything wrong. And a mountain horse supreme!!! She has never taken a mis-step. Ever. Sure-footed, reliable, trustworthy, honest and if you ever get lost - just give her, her head and she'll take you home - quickest route possible - guaranteed! You can't really tell from this picture, but she is very dainty, fine-boned and only 15 hands tall. Yep - figure that one out - this is the mooska's momma!! She once picked her way through a very large disk attached to a tractor because she wanted inside during a rain storm and the tractor and disk were blocking the entrance to the barn - not a scratch on her - sure did scare the heck out of the stallion owner who was boarding her at the time! Just glad I wasn't there to see that - I would have freaked!!
And this little chunky monkey here is "Frosted Siri L", we just call her "Siri". We've had her for almost 14 years now and this coming January 31st, she will be 27 years old. She was my hubby's trail horse until the last few years, but she's pretty much retired now. On occasion she will give the grandkids a ride and teach them a thing or two, but she's mainly living the good life now.
Good grief!! What a bunch of stall potatoes!! Come on out and make yourselves useful you lazy hay burners!! Did ya ever wish you could switch lives with your horse?? Oh ya, these guys sure do got it rough. Must be nice...
What are you lookin at??? Whatever it is....I didn't do it - Ladde did it!! Oh sure, we're gonna believe that!! - we don't call this one "Fly in the Ointment" for silly, course that's not his real name - his real name is - get this - "Ahkunkenekoo". Uh huh, I was feeling particularly sassy on that day!! But when we're not feelin quite so fancy, we just call him "Harley" or a few other choice know what I'm talkin' bout.
Where do you think you're going Mister?? I could take you out with one good bite iffin I wanted to...but I'm a nice guy, so I'm gonna let you go - this time! See?Oh yea?? Bite me!! - mutant horse.
Did I mention that it's been raining since, oh the night before Halloween???And she doesn't show signs of stopping???

And...I forgot and left the water on all night last night - as if it weren't wet enough???

**sigh** help me...I'm dwowning


Gail said...

Beautiful horses!

Train Wreck said...

Ok Your horses in the barn, look like Breyer horses!haha Love the kitty photo too! But MY FavOrITe Is the one with the Llama standing on your horses head! ahhahahahah! Look it looks like that is what happening!

fernvalley01 said...

Those are some "Happy Appys"
Love the freedom dogs exibit at play ,yupit makes me want to be one too. Sorry I am laughing at your water story, I did that so many times one year we started to get grass growing inside the barn!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there!
Your horses are too blame cute in the runin shed! Hilarious..Bruce really liked the cat too! I had a tabby male named Micheal...he would have loved to be an our door sort...but he would not have lasted long on the city streets here.
Funny about Kadie wanting outa the rain that badly to go through the tracker...Pantz the Appy I have for now that is my sisters sound like her tons!!! Hates Rain, never misteps on the trail and will always take you home..almost walking horse gaited stayle!(For a 15 hand Appy mare!

Your Burneese is gorgious!

That movie was great..not the best made..a bit prerdictable, but wowsa the main line is soo right on!Soo happy it is still in the theatres!

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful horses. I enjoyed your blog - you and i have similar thoughts.... sorry, didnt mean to scare ya! Giddy up!

Anonymous said...

It's time to gather up your gear and join the Pony Cousins on the next trail ride! Make sure that your DOR brings her best beaded outfit.

Melanie said...

I love the picture with all of those barn potatoes standing in a row like, "What?"

My old riding buddy from childhood, had a 17 hand monster Appy named Sunkawakun, and he was the bomb as far as hores went! Sometimes those big ones just pop out of nowhere don't they?

C-ingspots said...

Thanks you guys - I think my ponies are beautiful too!! They are definitely happy appys cuz most of the time they're just being horses and this time of year - chocolate-dipped!
And thanks to Cuz K, I got to go on a "trail ride" this morning - yeah!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your style of writing cracks me up. lol! And all your animals....horses, dogs, cats are beautiful and full of character...just like their Mom ;)

By the way, I've Fallen for you :)

Come gather your award.

New Mexico

Jenn said...

My mom had a nearly 17hh appy when I was a kid. She kept him until his very last day and he was the most awesome animal ever. He was patient and kind and oh so talented! I used to get up on him by encouraging him to eat, then swinging my leg over his neck and asking him to lift his head back up so I'd slide down onto his back.

Apps get a bad rap, but honestly, I've NEVER run across a truly bad one. Slow, yes, cranky and opinionated, umm, yup, Bad? No way.

And your apps are a good-lookin' bunch!

It's been raining here since the beginning of the week and I'm OVER IT! We had the wettest spring/summer on record and it looks like we're headed that way for fall/winter too. Gah. I should have bought SEAHORSES!

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love the one with the cat! And the stall potatoes are hilarious!