Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Here we are again, another Monday. This week will go fast though, because we only have a 3-day work week. Thanksgiving and the long weekend is just around the corner. Oh, I am so looking forward to a few days off. Last weekend was a whirlwind. On the go with no time for much lolligagging it seems. I love to lolligag - should have been my middle name. I'm not saying that last weekend wasn't fun, because it was. We had a blast! We left home Saturday afternoon and arrived at the beach around 3:00. Just in time to catch a few pics, watch the waves and feed some seagulls.

The weather was fine. It was raining at home when we left and this is what we found in Lincoln City. Lovely, just lovely and it was warm, with no wind.

Here are some of the seagulls that we fed. They are very brave and not afraid of people at all; as long as you have food, that is.
This little guy here is a young one - see, his feathers are still brown and have not yet turned white.
He is more timid than the other ones and was a bit of a crybaby if he felt he wasn't getting his fair share of the goodies being handed out.

This stud muffin here was a bit of a porkchop. He was very brave and decided that the hood of my car was his private domain. He took offered bits of food from my fingers. I gave him the longest tidbits because he had a tendency to snatch without being very considerate of my fingertips. Thank you very much!

This portrait here is my attempt at being rather artsy fartsy as my hubby would say. Focusing on the beach grass in the foreground and softening the background ocean and sky.
Ooh lala!

As you can see, the color of the ocean mimmicks the sky. Today was somewhat overcast which made the ocean appear rather grey. I think it's very soothing.

Here is Sir Porkchop himself still holding down his fort atop my hood. He really was a handsome seagull. At one time, there were around 20-25 birds gathered round begging for handouts. Several children and I had a good time at the feeding frenzy.

The tide was out which uncovered some ruthless looking rocks. A veritable smorgasbord for the seagulls who eat just about anything.

Aahh, breathe deeply and relax while listening to the soothing lull of the ocean.

Here's what the hubby did immediately upon checking into our hotel room. Yes, remote was in-hand.

Just thought I would commemorate the evening's festivities with a quick pic of our ticket stubs.

My hubby and I with brother-in-law on the right. My hubby is the oldest of three boys - can you imagine?? S, on the right, is the baby of the family. Looks like I should steer clear of the sweets for a while. I hate seeing pics of myself - can be so depressing. *sigh*

The two hooligans before the show began. They definitely look like brothers, don't they?

Brother in-law with his lovely wife. They are so much fun to chum around with. We had such a good time with them - always do!!
Thanks guys - you're the best!!

The stars of the concert - Three Dog Night!! They were so good!! They did all their hits plus several lesser known songs off their albums (yes, I said albums!). They also have a new CD in the works which they played a couple of the cuts. One was awesome, something with Blues in the title. It has a very blusey sound to it and I just loved it.

They are in-costume here doing their mega-hit "Mama Told Me Not to Come" with a twist. They sang it "rap" style - like it would sound if it were on the charts as a hit today. The lead singer Corey, on the left is in character as "Poop Daddy". Too funny!! We loved it!

The guy on the left (looking straight at my camera) is Danny and he is the other lead singer. He is the main guy that I remember from years ago, but then he had very long, dark hair. hee hee, we all have a tendency to change with time...
The goofy looking lead guitarist who was quite good.

Lead singer Corey again singing one of my all-time favorites. Road to Shambala. I had forgotten just how many good songs they have done. Good, good music my friends.

And these pics were taken on Sunday morning, just before we went for breakfast. Sunday dawned beautiful with clear, blue skies and absolutely no wind. The temperature was perfect and a sweatshirt was all that was needed to be comfortable. Such a lovely day. You never know what to expect at the beach, but this was amazing.

I think pampas grass is just beautiful (not sure how to spell that). This house was just across the road from our hotel and I was enamored with their lovely little garden. So nice...

And this is the view of the ocean from the hotel. I used the zoom zoom here to catch the lovely blue of the sky reflected in the ocean's color. Just beautiful!

All in all a wonderful weekend. We stopped at the outlets and did a little shopping before heading home. We had a caretaker for the horses and overnight guests to babysit my dog, Annie. She was quite put-off at being left at home. But...a ten year old girl who would never tire of playing ball?; it could have been worse.
I bought her a doggie treat at the local candy store and I think I'm forgiven. :)
Hey! She's a people too!!


fernvalley01 said...

Great photos!! It looks like a beautiful area, we are land locked here but when I get to an ocean it is such a calming feeling,for me it is the same to got to the mountains we are about 3 hrs from Jasper Ntnl park(we have the really big rocks up here) when I get there I can just feekl the sense of calm coming over me.The photo of you is lovely you have a world class smile!!
If you are feeling round take your photo next to a horse like my Classy filly (a few posts back) she makes me look positively petite!!(wish I could take her everywhere!!)

Karen J-S said...

You did have a great weekend didn't you!!! Loved all the pics of Three Dog Night...they don't look too bad after all these worse than us!!! Just a little gray ;~)

I used to live at Seaside...haven't ridden at the beach since then...mid 1980's. My husband has never ridden at the beach...we're going to have to make a go of it. your PlayList!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Nice time you fun fun!
I love the grass pics...very artsy fartsy...the right kind too!
We will have to ride at the beach this summer..I will blog about the Bay Ocean House so you can see where it is...

Pony Girl said...

My parents used to live near the beach and I loved visiting them. I have so many great memories there. Now they don't live near the beach and I never make it there. I miss it! Thanks for your nice pics, they take me back.
Also, I think the red mark on the seagull's beak, isn't that a place for the baby seagulls to peck when they are hungry? I think I read that somewhere!?

the7msn said...

Have I thanked you lately for following my blog? It may seem like I've got a funny way of showing it, changing my blog address the day before my first giveaway and screwing up everybody's links. What an idiot I can be...Anyway, if you haven't had a chance to enter the giveaway because you can't find it, try the old address, , and be sure to enter. Blogger assures me the pointers will be going in the right direction soon.

C-ingspots said...

Fern, thanks for the compliment. Ah yes, always feeling round these days...could be worse I guess. And yes, the mountains have the same effect on me too. I'd love to live there someday and be enveloped in the calmness and that pine fresh air. Nice.

Karen, wow quite a change from the beach to where you're living now. Which do you prefer? And yeah, the guys didn't look half-bad did they?? They're still good!

PG, I noticed that red spot on the seagull's beak, but have no idea what it was. There was also a beautiful pigeon there who had the brightest red feet! He was just gorgeous- but those feet!?

7 - Thanks for stopping by. I love following your blog - I can daydream about being in your desert climate and riding on those dry trails with you! :)
I wondered what was up - couldn't find you yesterday.

Jenn said...

Oh, what a fun evening! I always enjoy a night out on the town, doesn't seem like there are enough of them.

Excellent pictures...I could almost smell the salt on the air. Seagulls freak me out a little bit, I would never be able to feed one scraps by hand! You are one brave women.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I love the beach pictures. I grew up near the ocean and loved going all year round even in winter for tail-gate stew parties and such.
Three Dog Night, wow, didn't know they were still around. But I do remember all their songs.Kind of dates me I guess. Don't worry about the pictures, the camera always adds pounds. Like your playlist too.

Melanie said...

I think that the ocean is my favorite place to be, especially when it is stormy out! I could sit indoors and watch the wind and waves all day. :)

It looks like you guys had fantastic weather too! What is better than walking down the beach? Not much!

Glad you had fun whooping it up at that concert!! You are reminding me that I need to get out!!

Callie said...

Awesome beach photos! Sounds like a great time! I've just tagged you for a Meme!

Kacy-allhorsestuff said...

How is that LADDIE today?
I meant to ask that when I replied to your reply!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your pictures are all so wonderful. YOu have a smile that just screams out "I'm loving life" SO beautiful :)

Three Dog Night, eh? HOw cool is that!
I think that's so funny that they spoofed their music with modern bands. hehe Poop Daddy! lol!!!

Thanks for sharing your fun adventure!

New Mexico