Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playlist - Oh Yeah Baby!!

That's right - I am all that!! I have a playlist - whoo hoo!!! I can't believe how easy it is. Who woulda thought?? Now I just need to figure out how to post it here on my blog and I'll really be too cool for words. Don't be can have one too. This has been so much fun - just imagine your favorite song or singer in your little brain, type it in and wa-la!! There it is, push the little button and there it is - free for your listening entertainment. This technology stuff is just too, too cool for words dahhlin'. Right now, I'm being soothed by the romantic lyrics of Mr. Marvin Gaye - ooh baby!! Sorry - TMI ?? (that's too much information for you slow folks). Right on baby, ya ya ya - what's goin' on?...sorry, forgot where I was for a minute there. Really - you have just GOT to check this out, right now!! Go there and get yourselves some free music and listen away!! Seriously, it's neato keato man.

So, doing a 180 here - how many of you folks have big plans for this up and coming weekend?? No?? Well, I do, yes - don't be snarky - I can have plans - I haven't been married that long! My hubby and I and my brother and sister-in-laws are going to the beach this weekend. We will be staying in Lincoln City at some hotel near the casino (Chinook Winds) to be exact and Saturday evening we will be attending a concert (I'm really into music today!). Guess who?? Okay, okay, I'll tell you. They were one of the most popular bands back in the 70's. Oh sure, I guess there are those of you reading this who weren't even living back in the 70's, but I gotta tell ya, those were some good times!! Oh yes, I remember them fondly. I think I remember them - don't I? Oh, yes of course I do...oh sorry, I digress - ready?? 3 Dog Night!! Yep, you know - "Mama told me not to come", "Joy to the World", and if those songs don't ring any bells for you, then how about - "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog"!? No?? Oh well, you young whippersnappers anyway, you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that they are hot, hot, hot!!! At least they were 30 some odd years ago. Oh gosh, I hope they aren't too old and grey and can't even pick up their own instruments anymore!!? You don't, that's silly, they can't be that old...can they?? *sigh* Oh, well guess I'll find out huh? I'm sure it will be fun though. Yes, that's right - it will be fun. I'm sure of it! I am so excited! The last concert I went to, I sang and screamed so much that I could hardly speak - my vocal cords just aren't what they used to be. My husband was thrilled! Oh well, I don't even care, I plan on singing my fool head off once again and having fun, fun, fun!!! Oh yes indeedy I do!

I sure do hope that you all have a fantastico weekend yourselves...and remember, don't do anything that I wouldn't do!!! Too much leeway? Never! Banish the thought!! Oh, now I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs - oh, what a classic!!! They just don't make music like they used to, do they??? Oh, the good old days...

In the infamous words of Carly Simon...always remember...these are the good old days.

Use them wisely my friends.

Don't waste one precious little minute.

Bye for now,

Cingspots :)


Gail said...

Loving your music and envying your concert. I am old enough to remember.
Those look like my cats.

Train Wreck said...

LOL! Girl put the Red bull down and step back! LOL!! Ok here is how you add your playlist...
Go to your layout, Add a gadget, click on "html/javascript" (Copy your code for your player, then paste it here) Click save and Volia! There you have it! I love love love to add music that corresponds with my post, in case you haven't noticed...hehee! Hope you have a fun weekend at the beach!

fernvalley01 said...

3 Dog Night???
My mom used to crank it when I was a kid and we would all dance around and clean house. Thanks for the fun memory

C-ingspots said...

Trainwreck!!! Thank you girlfriend!! I did it - so cool!!!
Piece of cake darlin'...see everybody - proof positive that you're never too old to learn; even technology!

Karen J-S said...

I love PlayList!! It's so fun to go searching through the music.

Have a fantastic time this weekend...3 Dog Night!! Oh high school days. It wasn't that long ago?!?...was it? ;~)

C-ingspots said...

Careful there Karen - you're dating yourself there my dear!! You and I must be around the same age it sounds like...don't you agree that the 70's were good times?? Do you remember??

allhorsestuff said...

When I have time..aI will come on back and read up on "How To" myself...cause sometimes I listen to a soneg or another while I read people's post..thinking..I should do this sometimes it makes the reading so much fun . Sometimes I turn it off, or just change the song. I mean..look at tall those choices!
Thanks My freind, ,
My sweet freind too..!