Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Day in History

Yep! That's right everybody - today will definitely go down in history as a precedent-setting election. I do hope all of you bloggers and those with an opinion HAVE voted!! Cuz it's important, that's why - you silly goose!! The first Tuesday in November has traditionally been called "Election Day" and all of us citizens of this good old US of A has a right to put our 2 cents in. And by now, y'all know how much I like to put my 2 cents in huh? And because I believe that however you feel - whether you're red or blue or some other such party affiliate, or whether you agree with me or disagree with me...it just don't matter!! Not one little bit - go on now, just do it---go VOTE!!!
And by this time tomorrow, we will have a new president. Precedent-setting whoever wins. If Barack OBama wins, we will for the first time in American history, have a black man running our country. If John McCain wins, we will for the first time in American history, have a woman in the white house. We've come a long way, baby!! Or, at least I think we have - time will tell.
So, however you swing - just please remember all those wonderful women back in the day before women could legally vote, what they went through, trials they endured, injustices they suffered, all in the name of legalizing the vote for American women. It truly is amazing, check it out sometime and educate yourselves about the women's suffrage. You'll be proud that you are an American woman and have the right to say your piece with the vote. Go on now, git!! Go vote!!

On another political note, lest we forget....praises to everything that is holy! - NO MORE POLITICAL COMMERCIALS!!! Yippee kayeeeee mutha......pardon mois, I forget, this is a family blog. Merci.
On a completely different, more lighthearted subject I thought that I would throw in some totally random pictures for your viewing pleasure...or not

Hopefully, somewhat in the correct order: Hubby and me at some lake near LaPine, Oregon last June. Next is Hubby and our girls - both somewhat retired now, my beloved Kadie on the left and our grand dame of the herd, Frosted Siri L, aka "Siri" who will be 27 years old this coming January 1. She is finally starting to act like a little old lady. Photo #3 is "the boys", Harley (the punk aka "fly in the ointment" aka the baby of the herd) on the far left and my main trail mount, Shad in the center and Ladde playing in the mister (he is a sprinkler hog). Photo #4 is Affermative Shadow, aka "Shad" on the left - beloved surrogate papa of Ladde and my hubby's pride and joy. Shad is an ex-racehorse, colic surgery survivor, best babysitter in the world (to colts anyway) and last, but certainly not least, our herd boss. He even bosses the neighbor's horses from across the fence, and they usually oblige. And, on the right is "Wagtail Ladde", aka Ladde or Ladmonster; my pride and joy, son of Kadie and now my hubby's main trail mount. He is about 1500# and stands a true 17 hands. We're not quite sure what happened - be very careful with that Purina Equine Junior stuff - makes em big! And lastly, one of our grandsons - David atop the ever-so-careful angel horse, Kadie. Ain't he just so cute??? Ornrier than catshit!

Anyway, that's it for now from C-ing Spots!!


fernvalley01 said...

Love the picture! especially the little guy. Yes it will be good to have the election settled one way or the other hope it is for the good of the USA . As a Canadian we heard more over the past few months about Obama and McCain than we did about our own candidates(we voted in October)for our federal election!

Pony Girl said...

Love the picture of David on Kadie! ;) All the pics were great. I really love your appy's, they are very traditional apps and it's nice to see that for a change! And they look like appy's and have SPOTS (shocker, just take a look through Appaloosa News these days....)
I thought the same thing about the election, either way, a lot of "firsts," for sure! I think the economy is really a key issue....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your horses and family.
Everyone is so beautiful and happy.

Thanks for the heartfelt comments you left on my blog.