Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Comin' Up!!

Yippy skippy!!! I love my weekends. I am excited because again, we are being blessed with yet another outrageous, sunshiney, glorious Autumn weekend!! Whoo hoo - what the heck is going on here?? This is sooo not like Oregon...but then, who am I to question the powers that be??? I am just a little old human type person, whatever. My sole responsibility is to be thankful, bask in the warmth, revel in it's beauty and ... take pictures!! Yes, that's right - I got my new camera today!! I am so assited!! Which one did I FINALLY decide on, you ask? Well, it is a Kodak 1015 IS with a most important thing here - 15X optical zoom - oh yeah baby - zoom, zoom, zoom!!

So, as soon as I figure it out (which I apparently have a problem with sometimes, you know, figuring things out) I am going to give it a go!! Jolly good old chap - a picture-takin' here I go! Okay, enough silliness.

We are members of a trailriding club called AHA - that stands for Adventist Horsemen's Association. There are many chapters throughout the U.S. and several, in the Pacific NW too. Our club is meeting this Saturday night for our annual Harvest Party. We meet up in a clubmember's arena and have a big old campfire, make homemade apple cider, eat a potluck dinner and visit. It's a lot of fun and last year we had an impromptu softball game right there in the deep dirt - running was a little tricky, but hey, we're not professionals - we just wanna have fun! This particular family has a big ole boy named "Ben" who is a dapple grey Percheron draft horse who used to be a carriage horse in Disneyland. He is just too cool for his spots!! It's always fun getting to see good old Ben again. They also have 4 kids, 10 or 12 other miscellaneous horses and ponies, a bunch of chickens, a bunch of dogs and the occasional barn cat. The dad of this very entertaining family is also the dentist for the Portland Trailblazers. And, in case you don't follow basketball - that's our local team. I don't usually follow them, so I don't know if they're doing any good this season or not...oh well, just a little bit of local trivia for you there. Anyway, this might prove to be the perfect foray into trying out the new camera...keep your fingers crossed for me huh?

Anyhoo...have a fantastic weekend and I hope everybody gets on their ponie's backsides and goes for at least a little trailride...this weather ain't gonna last forever ya know!?

Bye for now, Lorie @ C-ingspots

p.s. just gonna throw in a random picture or two just for fun - kind of a farewell to the old camera - she's served me well.

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Gail said...

I see you decided on a camera and it is looking good.
These beautiful weekends will be scarce soon so enjoy!
I would say it would be a good time to get some riding in before the icicles start growing.