Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being Thankful

What a beautiful fall morning it's been here! It's since clouded up a bit and the forecast is for some showers tomorrow, but so far another nice weekend is on tap. I am so glad; maybe my hubby and I will get in another trail ride yet. Keeping my fingers crossed! I am hopeful that we can overlook our many projects this weekend and just enjoy this lovely weather before it's gone for another season. In Oregon, we usually have some nice October days, but November? - well, that's another story altogether. Come November 1st, all bets are off and you can usually count on one thing for sure...rain, and then some more rain - which, at our house means MUD!! Oh gloom, how I hate the mud! But then again, watching the news reports around the country reminds me that we, here in the NW have absolutely nothing to complain about - hey, what's a little rain and mud between friends?? I just keeping telling myself that...over and over again.

I've been following several other horsey type bloggers who are having difficulties lately with abscesses and some colics. Both of which, are very common this time of year. My prayers go out to all you caretakers and your horses for good health and safety. Everyday, I am thankful when I go home and see our 5 beautiful horses munching contentedly in their pasture safe and sound. Working in the veterinary business gives me daily reminders that a lot can and does happen everyday. We all need to remember to count our blessings! No matter how much frustration or pressure we may be feeling - it could always be a lot worse. So, look heavenward and take a moment to whisper a special thank-you to the good and loving Provider for all your blessings. And remember this...if you love a horse - you are truly blessed!

Happy Wednesday

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panthercreekcottage said...

Hi my friend,
I love your posts. Your words make me smile. I soooo look forward to more. God bless you!