Friday, October 24, 2008

**!?*#?!* grrrrr

Did I fail to mention before that I don't know what I'm doing here????


Jenn said...

ROFL! You'll figure it out. The latest changes Blogger made to their photo posting feature had me all confuzzled for awhile. I finally figured it out. :P

Melanie said...

Oh goodness...I remember being in your shoes back in June....

The pictures always upload to the top of your post, and you have to click on your picture, hold, and drag it down to its new destination. You should see a small, hollowed out square that follows your cursor down, and shows you where your picture will land.

Everything also uploads in reverse order of what you think it is going to, and it can be really frustrating until you learn how to drag them around.

In order to move your pictures closer to, or away from, your text, you have to get your cursor at the top left corner of the picture, and "backspace" until it sits where you want it too, but be careful...if you backspace to far, it removes/deletes your picture, and you have to upload it all over again.

Of course, there is always the possibility that I do it wrong as well, so if anyone does it any differently, please let me know!!!!

Hang in will get better, and let me know if you need any more help. :)

PS-I am so jealous that you have all of that zoom on your new camera! Trade ya!!!

Train Wreck said...

Ha! I still have problems with spacing! Mel is right, click and drag your pictures. If you leave a couple spaces between your paragraphs, you can drag your photo there, in between. Good luck, it gets a little easier when you play a bit more!

C-ingspots said...

Thanks everybody! I hope to have some time today to play around a bit more. One more thing I'm having trouble with is links - any ideas there?

Melanie said...

Links...Are you talking about how to put one on your post? If so, you go to wherever the address is for the site/link that you want, copy it, and then on the word/name of the link (the one that you write on your blog, such as "C-ing Spots"), click, drag and highlight the name, then go up to the hyperlink symbol (the thing that looks like binoculars), click on it, and paste the site/link address in the appropriate box that will pop up.

That will then cause the name to change color, highlight, and go to the site/link, when people click on it.

Hopefully this is what you are referring to??? If not, just let me know! :)

Melanie said...

Hey! It looks like I was here while you were at my!!!

Bells are good! Amber and I have never packed heat, but one of our trail riding friend's does. She rides by herself a lot too, and I definitely would consider it if I was alone as well.

It's not just protection from the animals, but the strange people out there as well!!