Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekend respite

Yes, I do realize that it's mid-week and once again, for that, I am thankful.  Work at the clinic remains slower than what we'd like, but business has picked up somewhat. However, days that are quiet, are long ones.  It's noticeably a bit lighter in the evenings when I leave work now, and that's always welcome.  Our winter weather remains not really winter-like at all, making for a rather pleasant and quiet season.  Today is the fifth day in a row that we've had no sky, but have been enshrouded in fog.  A quiet, grey, damp and cool existence.  I still prefer that to rain.  

But last weekend we took a break from everything.  After work and chores on Friday evening, we ate a light supper at home, watched a little tv and went to bed.  Saturday morning we awoke fairly early, fed the horses and turned them out, then did our normal evening chores so that everything was finished and ready when the horses came back in that evening.  We went to church and afterwards came home, packed an overnight bag and headed for the beach.  The weather was supposed to be beautiful and we had a date with a roller derby queen.  :)  As I'm fond of calling her, Jessie, our daughter from another mother was skating in a "bout" of roller derby at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, on the beach.  We've wanted to go and watch her for a while now, and have never done it.  So, this was the perfect chance.  

As predicted, it was warm and beautiful.  We checked into our room and headed to the beach for a little stroll with the dogs.  Wouldn't you know it?  I forgot my camera!  Oh well, live in the moment.  After our walk, we headed back and decided to get a bite to eat.  We shared a sourdough bread bowl of clam chowder and some french fries. Yummy!! Then we were just in time to head to the casino.  

What fun!!  I remember years ago, we used to see roller derby on television and it was a rough and rowdy affair, with hair-pulling and all manner of aggression and generally trying to hurt everyone else.  In real life, it's really not that way.  It does occasionally get rough, but when you're skating at top speed trying to get past your opponents to score, that can't be helped.  But the gals are all pretty friendly, are in it for good fun and exercise, and really aren't trying to hurt anybody.  It's a fantastic family-oriented sport that's quite fun to watch.  Afterwards we stayed and visited with Jessie, her hubby Josh, son Gaige, Jessie's friend and her "real" mom.  Then we headed to our hotel for a little quiet time.  

It was so warm that we slept with our sliding door open all night to hear the soothing sound of the surf.  Aahh, heaven!!  The next morning dawned even more beautiful than the day before.  We headed back to the casino to enjoy their Sunday brunch.  They have the best food, and so much variety.  Of course we ate too much, and needed a walk to get the digestive juices flowing.  I just couldn't believe how very warm it was.  It topped out at 70 degrees in the early afternoon, just a slight breeze and beautiful blue skies.  Wow, some January winter day huh?  We walked on the beach in a T-shirt and jeans, and I was overly warm.  There were people playing in the water, kids and dogs everywhere!  Such a gorgeous day!  The dogs really enjoyed themselves (of course) and so did we.  Annie was only able to walk in short stints but she still had fun.  She rode in the back seat with her nose out all the way home, she even got to snarl at a couple of bicyclers.  :)  A nice break from the stresses of the week before.  

Last Monday Annie had her recheck with Dr. LeAnne.  I am happy to report that the doc thinks Annie is actually doing quite well.  She thinks her meds are doing the job they're supposed to, and our girl is fairly comfortable and happy.  She says as long as Annie seems interested in life, and the goings-on in the world, has a good appetite and sleeps well, then that's what we shoot for.  Such a relief for us!  I guess that a day or two, here and there that are worse days than others, is to be expected.  We can deal with that.  I just never want to be one of "those people" who don't know when to let them go.  Dr. LeAnne says we're not there.  Not at all.  :)  Annie is doing remarkably well, despite the circumstances, and I am sooo thankful for that!  While we were there, they trimmed her nails for me.  Whew!  NOT something either one of us enjoys!  So for now, we're good to go...and go, we will.  

Life is good.  

Blessings all, Lorie

Thank you all for your kind words and advice on my last post.  I think I just got a little scared and a bit overwhelmed, but we're all doing better now.  Thanks again, your comments mean a lot to me.  


Kate said...

Sounds like a perfect getaway!

So glad to hear that Annie's comfortable for now.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your weather sounds wonderful! Ours is not...

The roller derby sounds like a lot of fun. Made me think of that song by Jim Croce. Roller Derby Queen or something like that.

So glad Annie is doing well. Bet the change of scenery made her feel better too.

aurora said...

I like the short & sweet get-a-ways. So wonderful you are taking time to share adventures with your special girl. Glad you enjoyed such beautiful weather.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Golly I'm glad your sweet Annie is naughty in the car like my sweet Rosie! I feel like less of a failure as a trainer. :)