Thursday, January 22, 2015

A quiet affair


this one shows just how big the tumor has become

breezy, sunshine and spring-like
No balloons, no party, no hoopla.  No cake.  Dammit!  (to the cake part)  :)  

My birthday was a very quiet affair.  I spent the day working at the clinic.  Went home, built a fire, filled the wood box, lit some candles, fed the dogs and sat by my fire enjoying a glass of wine.  When the hubs got home, we went out to the barn to do the chores.  It had been a beautiful day filled with gentle breezes and sunshine, and the evening was just as lovely.  

The horses came in from pasture filthy.  I decided to let them enjoy their grubbiness and skip any grooming, if they want to be covered in mud, who am I to complain?  I shot a few pictures but nobody was really cooperating, and seemed only interested in chowing down their evening meal.  

There are times when you just have to remind yourself as to the extent of their expertise in covering every square inch of their bodies in mud, you know, in case we forget come summer time.  
pretty dirty for Harley

Missy (still in boots)

Eagle - grubmonster

Kadie - who wouldn't eat with the camera point her way

Now she's getting perturbed...

Aahh Ladde - what can I say?

This is his eye that had the pea-sized lump on the lower lid - all gone!!!

Filthy for Shad!  He absolutely would not look at me.  Alfalfa, you know...priorities

With the horses all fed and tucked in for the night, we headed inside to get some dinner.  Leftovers of spaghetti and hot bread.  It tasted good, and I was content with not having to cook.  After cleaning up the kitchen, I spent some time schmoozing with Annie, and not to be left out, Ruby too.  For my birthday memoirs, hubs took a few pictures of us doing what comes naturally after we're settled in for the evening.  I loved the idea.  My birthday pictures with my girls.  In the years to come, I will treasure them all the more.  

This one makes me laugh, look at Ruby's fat belly.  :)

I think this is my favorite.  My beautiful girl who never takes a bad picture.

My Annie.  How I love this dog...

As is his custom, my sweet guy gave me a mushy, lovey-dovey birthday card, and a giant Hershey's bar with almonds.  This man knows what makes me happy.  :)

All in all, I'd say it was a good day.  

Blessings, Lorie


Kate said...

Sounds just wonderful - my kind of birthday!

Love the pics with your sweet dogs.

Gail said...

I would say that is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday. What an impressive pair of lap dogs!

Happy Birthday!!!

Michaele said...

All in all I would agree! Love the photos.

Grey Horse Matters said...

A wonderful day. Love the pics with your sweet girls.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Wonderful photos. Happy birthday!

Annette Mickelson said...

Happy Birthday Lorie! -- my kind of celebration; hanging with the animals and the chocolate bar is almost as good as cake. almost. :)

aurora said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady! Nice that you enjoyed your special day with those you love!! It doesn't get much better then that.

Carolynn Anctil said...

That sounds like my kind of birthday celebration. Those photos are absolutely precious and make my heart swell just looking at them.

Happy Belated Birthday, Lorie!


C-ingspots said...

Thank you all so much!

T.L. Merrybard said...

Aww, bless! Those pictures are so lovely with your girls. My Rosie's tummy is just like Ruby's. :)

Tuppence is part Whippet we reckon, though we know not how since she is a purebred registered Lab and we bred her ourselves! She has a very un-Labradorlike slim little waist and is very fast too. A bit of English working lines showing up there, we think.

I somehow missed this post but happy Unbirthday!