Friday, January 30, 2015

We have lift-off !!

As in the lifting of the fog!  Today is the second day in a row that we've had glorious sunshine, clear blue skies and it's oh, so warm!  I am loving it!  The prediction is for one more day of heavenly weather and then a chance of showers on Sunday, followed by rain for most of next week.  That's "normal".  *sigh*  And get this, this morning when I was making a mad dash to my car to leave for work - guess what I saw!?  One of my miniature roses which is outside, is blooming!  That is just crazy!!  My daphne is also in bloom, just beginning, but it's the season for that.  And my lilac bush is in full bud already.  What a crazy winter we've been having! Or maybe I should say it's a crazy un-winter because that's more of an appropriate description.  

I bought a tulip in bloom the other day and a couple of mini irises too.  Oh, they're so pretty. I'll plant them after they've finished blooming.  My theory is that if I continue to add a few bulbs here, and a couple of plants there, someday my yard will be like an old English garden. I dislike perfect order in almost everything, but it's an atrocity in a garden.  Mother nature knows much better than we, just how a garden should look.  

Our new iron bed arrived the other day, and it's so pretty!  Now, I'm getting sentimental about our old bed.  It was my mom's.  *sigh*  Why do I do this to myself???  

I'm getting so excited to get started on our bedroom make-over, but we simply must finish the living room first.  Seems like the last bit is always the slowest...two more door frames to putty, sand and paint; and I'm hoping to paint the front door this weekend.  I need another gallon of SW Dover White, which is my trim throughout the house.  But, I stopped by SW today and it was almost $50 for a gallon.  And that was at 30% off!  Too much, so I didn't get it.  I'm thinking of taking my paint sample to Lowe's or Home Depot and see if they'll do a color match in Behr paint.  I've heard nothing but good accolades about that brand of paint.  I'm also ready to finalize my wall paint decision.  I have so many choices to pick from already, and I've not looked at any in person.  Good grief.  I don't do well with too many choices.  However, if I've learned anything about myself, it's that if I just pick one that I like; I will be happy as a lark when I get it home and see how much better it looks.  Then I just forget about all the rest.  :)  That's how I roll.  

We've got the shades already too, and I'll get the curtains last.  I'm contemplating about painting my large dresser (which goes with the old bed) a creamy white, but my hubs is stroking out over covering oak with paint.  He thinks that's a sacrilege.  I just think lighter is better in our small bedroom, and the oak is more yellowy toned than the darker woods that I'm fond of.  Hmm, we'll see.  I just want to create a beachy, spa-like room that's all about relaxation and serenity.  And lastly, my pictures.  I have tons of pictures to pick from that I've taken over the years - God help me.  

Annie had a little bit of a rough day yesterday, but she's perked up again today.  I'm just supposed to adjust her meds accordingly and try to make her as comfortable as possible.  It certainly isn't easy trying to figure out how somebody else feels, when they can't speak.  I have to believe that when the time comes, she will let me know.  I have to trust that and just do my best.  My hubs figured out that when she seems fidgety or can't get comfortable lying down, if we place a small, cushy pillow under her bad leg, she almost immediately seems more at ease.  It's those little things that seem so important now.  

We were invited to a Superbowl get-together at brother Steve's Sunday, and I'm sure it would be fun, but we've decided to stay home where Annie will be most comfortable.  We're not huge football fans anyway, but we'll probably have the game on and snack on "superbowl"  foods while we work in the house.  My plan is to make chicken nachos, and I got my hubby's favorite - Costco hot dogs.  :)  He'll love that!  He certainly is easy to please!!

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In closing, I'm hoping that the East coast warms up soon.  I can't help but feel a tad guilty about all those people dealing with blizzard-like conditions and sub-zero temps while we're basking in sunshine here on the West coast.  For what it's worth, my blogger pals are all welcome to come on over for a visit.  I'll make extra nachos!  

Be warm, be safe, and as always, God bless,
Lorie @ Cingspots

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aurora said...

I am one of the rare birds that wishes we had a real winter, with snow. Altho I'm not a fan of bitter cold. I always wonder what's off, or will be off, balance in the world when we don't get real winters...

I don't even know who the Hawks are playing tomorrow, but for your sake I hope they win - altho most Packers fans probably feel differently. Have fun & enjoy the commercials - I mean the game!!

Stephen Andrew said...

Can't believe you already have so much blooming! It's 13F here, so flowers feel about a million miles away!

Karen Ann said...

I love nachos!! I'm coming.. with the dogs and horses :-)

Gail said...

Do you have a spare room where you can put your old bed since it is special? I love the old iron frames that have passed down through our family. I keep all the frames thinking someday I will have a spot. I am hesitant to paint over beautiful wood too. I look for a piece that's not so pretty and then paint that.

I am sad/happy to announce the M&Ms did not survive the night.

Lori Skoog said...

I can't imagine what it feels like to have warm weather. We have had such a frigid winter. Enjoy! When do we get to see all the work you are doing in the house?

T.L. Merrybard said...

Very wise to finish one project before starting the next one!

I like Gail's suggestion of keeping the old bed frame for something else. Maybe it could be turned into a day bed or window seat somehow, or it could get used for twining fairy lights on, or the ends could be used in the garden to grow flowers up?

C-ingspots said...

Thanks for your ideas Gail and TLM. I've given the bed to my niece, and she is very happy to have something that was her grandma's. Made me happy to see her so happy to have it!

Michaele said...

How exciting to be doing all that remodeling! I saw from your comment that the bed will be staying in the family. A blessing that keeps on giving. You described the warm winter breaks wonderfully

Angel The Alien said...

You should feel sorry for the people in the midwest, too! It is freezing cold here! I tried to plant flowers on my windowsill inside, but they keep on getting too cold and shribbling up. :(