Thursday, August 9, 2012

Horses, family and kitchens, oh my!

Last night was another very good session with Eagle.  And no, I've still not mounted him yet.  Last Friday, it was hotter than the dickens after work and very windy.  Eagle was a little snorty and I didn't feel like it was the right time for our first ride.  So, we did some groundwork instead, and he was a star pupil.  I worked with him again early Saturday morning before it got so hot, but the winds were already gusting.  What is it about wind that always causes horses to be so goosey?  Just one of those things, I guess.  Anyway, I worked with Eagle again last night and it was much cooler, and there was no wind.  I had Ladde saddled and waiting in the wings, so just worked with Eagle naked.  We did a bunch of work from the top of the roundpen, sliding my feet all over his rump and back and getting him to step up into good mounting position.  One thing I love about Eagle, is he's usually timid and unsure of something at first, but as soon as he figures out what you're asking, he's got it.  Lesson learned, and he doesn't forget.  After he "gets it", I usually walk away from him for a few minutes and let him "soak" for a while.  That's it.  Lesson has been firmly entrenched in his amazing mind.  I love that about him!

Ladde dozing while awaiting his turn...

After working with Eagle, I just turned him loose in the roundpen and rode Ladde for a while.  His toes are long, he's sorely in need of a refit, which causes him to be a bit stumbly.  So, we just did some walk trot transitions and a lot of relaxed walking and two tracking across the ring.  He was spot on once again.  Eagle kept tabs on what we were doing, but never interfered even once.  Instead, he concentrated on weed management in the roundpen.  Such a good fellow.

 Eagle, ever the curious fellow, checking out the saddle.

 Ladde wondering when the treats were going to be passed out, since he was such a good boy...

 Here's Harley enjoying his supper.  He's been soooo lovable lately.  Not sure what's gotten into him.  But, it's cute - he likes to put his upper lip on your cheek and he raises it and makes it all stiff and wiggles it around on your cheek, chin, whatever.  I trust Harley...but not totally, you always have to be on guard for the telltale lip smacking sound of his mouth opening widely for a sneaky bite.  :)  He does it ever so slowly, which I guess is his forewarning you that the devil's about to make him wanna bite.  Ya gotta love the little turd!  Even before his blindness, almost every day he'd be sporting some new scratch, scrape or something.  I always felt sorry for him until I figured out exactly why.  We don't refer to Harley as the "fly in the ointment" for nothing, if you catch my drift.  :)

This is Lilly.  Or, Little Lilly as I refer to her.  She is my great-great niece.  Lilly just turned 2 years old.  She's so sweet that sugar won't melt in her mouth...mostly.  Same child that just told Shelley, my niece (her grandma) that she "tinks" when Shelley was singing along with the car radio.  Where do they come up with this stuff?

 Another great-great niece, and Lilly's big sister...Arieanna.  She's just 12 years old, but the girl's already 5'7" tall.  Good golly but she's got some long legs on her.  Some gals have all the luck!!

 This is Shelley, my niece and my sister's oldest daughter.  We were celebrating Shell's 50th birthday and having a family BBQ.  Kendall, on the right is Shell's oldest daughter, Kendall - Arieanna and Lilly's momma. Good grief, I'm feeling old right about now...  Shelley and I grew up like sisters and we're just 2-1/2 years apart.  There, I feel a little bit better now.  :)

A family tradition we all enjoy...eating!!

I'm hoping to have some more pictures of our kitchen counter top project posted here soon.  Yesterday, I picked out some 12x12 tiles to go above the backsplash.  I think they're a pretty good match and will look better than just painting above the 4" backsplash.  It will make wiping down easier too.  The granite is in and I've got to say that I absolutely love it!!!  It looks so much better than it did before. Just can't wait to get the sink back in.  Have I mentioned lately how much I miss having a kitchen sink?????  *sigh*  Doing dishes in the bathroom is for the birds - seriously.

Anyway, soon...



Grey Horse Matters said...

Ladde is such a good boy and Harley is very cute. I don't usually ride if it's really windy either. Nothing good has ever come of it for me. You were wise to wait on mounting Eagle. He seems really smart and I'm sure it will be no problem once you decide the circumstances are right.

Looks like everyone's having fun. The little one is beautiful. I have no idea where they come up with stuff but my grandkids are a riot too.

aurora said...

Fun times with horses & family, there is nothing better!

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I stumbled upon your blog through another blog and I love it. I can't wait to see what happens with Eagle. You are smart to take it slow and wait until it feels right.

I am a fellow Oregonian and was thrilled to see you are too!! Everyone else I have seen has been east of us.

fernvalley01 said...

"the devil is about to make him bite" tee hee! it must be in a name! My little Harley is a bit of a scamp too