Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A medley of summer days

Surprising how quickly I can tire of the summer heat these days.  Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine and the long daylight hours, but it's just been a few days now of hot weather to give me pause, and to remember fondly the mild last couple of months...seriously, somebody just slap me already!  I have absolutely nothing to complain about!  I'm just spoiled, I guess.  *sigh*  Why can't I just be happy?  Why can't I just be thankful and stop expecting perfection in life?  When I watch the news and see what so many other people around the country, and the world are enduring weather-wise?  I should be ashamed.  Really.  Here, in our little corner of the world, we are very, very blessed.  I must be getting old.  I'm either too hot, or I'm too cold.  My comfort level has reduced to an extraordinarily small scale.  But, I didn't decide to post today to complain.  Nope, quite the contrary (believe it or not).  I just wanted to put up a few pictures that I've taken in the last few weeks from our lives so far this summer.  A few candid shots of the person and the animals in my life that mean so very, very much to me.  And a few dreamy shots as well...

My beloved Annie...the dog who picked me, the moment I first laid eyes on her.  My constant companion every single day.  My blessing.  Isn't she beautiful?  

A view I enjoy every day while driving to and from my job at the clinic.  In the distance, the Coast Range and a farm field in the fore...the beach is just past those mountains.

Last Thursday evening the beautiful full moon in the eastern sky.  

This picture was taken looking out over the beautiful Pacific Ocean from the wall in Depoe Bay.  My hubby and I had just walked out of the restaurant where we'd had dinner in celebration of our 28th wedding anniversary.  July 21, 1984 - July 21, 2012  We've shared a lot of wonderful memories in that time together.  :)

This beautiful view is one that visitors can enjoy who visit Cape Lookout - the rugged Oregon coastline and all that green...

 I thought this house was just so cool and cozy looking.  It's made of all brick and a few stones here and there.  The yard was out of control and very overgrown, but to me, that just added to its' appeal.  It was about a block in from the ocean.  I'm sure you could hear it, but there was no view.

 Such a serene shot...I just thought it was so pretty.  This picture was taken several miles away from the lighthouse (by road) from the same location as the picture mentioned earlier on Cape Lookout, just looking South, instead of North.  We've climbed to the top of this particular lighthouse before, but not today.  The view from atop is simply breathtaking.  On a clear day you can see for miles and miles, but as you can see, on this day the beach was cool and overcast.

 My precious little family awaiting my return from a "nature call".  Annie turned 8 this past April and Ruby will turn 2 this coming Friday...oh, how the time flies! 

A pretty little foot bridge to the beach at Ojo State Park south of Newport.

Me and my girls - same beach.

Since it was such a cool day, the dogs had plenty of energy for play...

A fairly rare opportunity to capture Ruby not on the move.  :)

Sweet Annie with an "adoring" gaze at her poppa.

Love this sign!!  We need one of these for our shed where we feed the cats.  My hubby calls them the "little bandit bastards"!!  Heehee, we really do enjoy them, they're just too cute not to appreciate.

*sigh*  Now here is my idea of "the perfect little beach cottage"!!  Isn't it just adorable!?  Directly across from a beautiful view of the surf, just a sandy little trail down to your beach...aah, a little slice of heaven!  Someday... 

This is the opposite end of the same little beach house.  A quaint and cozy little seating area where you could spend time relaxing or visiting with friends.  I especially like the addition of the barn doors, and wondered what lies just inside...

And this is the beach.  A picture perfect spot!

And on a far grander scale, this is the house my hubby describes as his "perfect beach house"!  I have to admit, it is pretty incredible; and talk about a view!!!  I can envision evenings by the fireplace watching spectacular storms at sea...
You sure wouldn't want to make the mistake of wandering off the lawns' edge, would you?

A closer shot of the churning ocean just below my hubby's dream house.  Simply spectacular!!

And a closer view still of a pretty amazing house!!  Only in our dreams...

This lovely old bridge is the only road in leading to where the house is located, and is part of their view inland.

So many beautiful sites and a wonderful accumulation of adventures so far this summer!  What have you all been up to this season?  I hope that each and every one of us remembers that summer is fleeting, and should be savored.  

Our teen-weeny heat wave has all but ended now.  Saturday our temps soared to 102, Sunday they were in the mid to upper 90's and yesterday was in the upper 80's with some humidity thrown in for good measure; but today we're comfortable.  I'm guessing we're in the lower 80's and the sky's a bit overcast, but not too humid.  I think we may even have had a few sprinkles of rain overnight, depending on exactly where you were.  One thing I'm always thankful for in the NW is that our evenings and overnight temps drop to a very comfortable upper 50's and 60's.  We really have nothing whatsoever to complain about.  So, if you hear me complaining...please, feel free to slap me silly, would ya?

Blessings all,


Reddunappy said...

I just realized that you live fairly close to us! LOL

Annette said...

Brett teases me that my temperature comfort range is very narrow - like 5 degrees. We are in the middle of record heat here and I hate it. Stuck inside with the air on. Congrats on your anniversary!

Carolynn Anctil said...

So much to enjoy, so much to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing!

aurora said...

Great family you've got to share summer with, and your ocean shots are stunning!! My dream house is right on the beach, with a wrap around porch, where I can sit and paint (if I still remember how lol) and ride my horses on the sandy ocean beach ~ of course. Thanks for sharing your summer days, now it's back to reality...gotta go to work, darn!

Lori Skoog said...

Such a very happy and appreciative post. Happy Anniversary!