Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Ho!! or It's all about Shad

Another typical spring day...breezy, a shower or two, a peak from Mr. Sun and puffy, non-threatening clouds. It'll do. But this coming weekend - get this - it's supposed to be very warm and dry for at least the next three days. Yippee!! We're talking up to 80 degrees here folks. Bring on the shorts and the summer shirts!!! I am soooo ready for this.

Tomorrow, we'll probably go to church, followed by a late morning breakfast/brunch and then have no plans for the remainder of the day. Sounds good to me.

But on Sunday, it's another story...see this guy here? This is Shad. He's my hubby's horse. Shad is the King Farook of the pasture and our little herd. He is the un-challenged leader. He can still make Ladde do the baby chew in a New York minute. Oh yeah...he's one bad boy.

Then there are those times he can be a big old girl...he squeals with the best of 'em. Just like a little girl. And he pitches the best hissy fits you'll ever see. He's going to be 18 this year and he's going on 2. Uh-huh. That's right - he still hasn't grown up, nor do I think he ever will. He loves to play. Probably moreso than any other horse we've got. He and Harley play a lot - face wars. I can buck higher than you. I can sit'n'spin prettier than you. I can run faster than you. I can slide farther than you. You name it, they play it. Every once in a while, they even get Ladde to join in. Occasionally, the girls might play along - you know, lower themselves to the level of "those juveniles". You know what I'm talkin' bout. Those dreadful and silly boys...nuff said.

Shad doesn't get ridden very often. He's what we refer to as our "flatlander". He loves arena work. He looks beautiful under tack, english or western. He's very much out of shape and doesn't have much in the way of muscle tone. What fitness he has is entirely up to him. He's a pasture potato. Shad gets verrrry excited when he gets to go somewhere. Shad's veins pop out and his nostrils flare. Shad bucks. Impressively so.

Sunday my hubby is taking his beautiful boy to a riding clinic in Washington state. I do believe it will be one of a few times Shad will have been ridden in the last several years. First time off the farm in many.
Please pray for my hubby's safety.
I'm going as the official photographer.
I can't ride because of my toe.
Blessings all,


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I wish I knew exactly when Bill was going to be working with Shad, because I'd like to see that! He is SUCH a beautiful boy; that last photo is a stunning portrait, too.

Grey Horse Matters said...

He's such a beautiful horse, it's a shame your husband doesn't have time and he doesn't get ridden more often. Hope you have a great time at the clinic.

fernvalley01 said...

He is gorgeous !!!
Take lots of pictures of the rodeo ,oops I mean clinic . Tell your hubby to stay safe!!!

Melanie said...

He is definitely a gorgeous horse, and I wish your husband well!!!! Bucking horses are not fun, are they??? LOL!!!

I agree with you about the WB on my post. He is one magnificent animal, isn't he???

PS-How is your 37 day challenge going???

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your husband, and to Shad! He is a real beauty - perhaps if the clinic goes well your husband will be motivated to ride him more often.

Lil Mama said...

Pretty boy. Mom and I have a saying.
It go's somthing like
"He's good for 18" The older they get the funnier it is to us.

allhorsestuff said...

haha!! still chuckling after reading Fern valley's comment.
well now..this should be least good that he is under instruction!
That is a gorgeous horse there !

Molly said...

Quite the handsome potato, I say. I hope you will post about this weekend adventure.
Did your book arrive?

C-ingspots said...

Thank you for your compliments everybody!! They will mean a lot to my hubby - that horse is his pride and joy. We have 5 horses and only the 2 of us to ride them. It presents a challenge and when the two younger boys were ready for starting, Shad just always got left behind.

Melanie, we're still going. Just much slower because of the toe injury. Had to get creative when I couldn't walk.

Molly, yes I got the book. Thanks!! I've only peaked at it so far, but plan on enjoying it soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

He is gorgeous! I bet you've done a lot of showing with him in his younger years. I bet he's won big time. Do you have walls of ribbons and shelves covered in trophies or what? I mean really. He is just so handsome. Is he as lovely to watch move in the arena as he just to admire him in pictures.

I bet the ladies swoon over him when they're in heat. lol!
(And I meant the equine ladies, you know. lol!)