Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday!!

Once again, I'll admit to sounding like a broken record and proclaim to the world at large - that I'm soooo glad it's Friday once again!!!'s Good Friday taboot. This is a special Sabbath eve for sure. May each of you be blessed regardless of how you celebrate what this weekend represents.

My hubby and I have made no special plans for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be wet and mild. Pretty typical stuff for an Oregon spring. I don't think we're expecting much rainfall, but it's likely to be showery interspersed with a little sunshine. It sounds just fine to me. I'll take it and be thankful.

I hope to just take it easy this weekend and maybe get caught up on some household chores that I've let slide a little this past week. Yes, I'm going to place the blame on my darned toe again...well, because that's exactly what's to blame! This toe has been a major pain, and in more ways than just one. I tried putting a shoe on this morning and wowee!!!! It smarts - apparently I'm not wearing anything on that foot just quite yet. Maybe a flip-flop, but nothing enclosed.

Go ahead and call me a wuss...I am - and I'm okay with that. Really, I am.

Ladde had an episode of colic the night before last and that scared the dickens out of us!! Good grief - if anything happened to the big old galoot, I'd just about die!! It must have been a spasmodic colic because it came on really fast. Ladde has done this four times now in his lifetime and they've always presented the same way. Firstly, Ladde comes and finds us and lets us know in no uncertain terms that something is wrong...and we are to fix! So, hubby lets Ladd into the barn while he's doing chores. Ladde begins to paw the ground and then that is followed by him body slamming himself into the wall. Ooookay! Hubby comes inside to get me and lets me know that the Laddmonster appears to have a belly ache. Oh out I hobble. Sure enough, I take one look at his face and can tell the poor guy is in some major pain here. We put his halter on and hubby takes him down the driveway for a little walk while I rummage in the first aid kit for some banamine. I give him a 1000 lb. dose which for Ladde is only a partial dose. But, I'd rather give less and see how he reacts. Walking is resumed, but it takes a little while for the meds to he breaks out in a sweat and is super hot and dripping wet. Time to panic!! I call my boss and let him know what's going on...he's so calm and cool I could just strangle him!! He asks me to check his vitals, give the meds a chance to work and continue the walking...yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to scream at him because I would much prefer that he be as panicked and upset as me, and tell me that he's running out the door and is on his way as we speak. You know how it is when it's your baby, right?? No matter how many times I remain calm, cool and in control with clients at work when they're in crisis mode - it's never the same when it's my crisis. It never fails that my mental faculties vacate me...what is with that!? I want to know just exactly why that is. I know what to do. I have been through this a few times before, but dadgummit it all anyway - it's scary!! So, anyway I try to take a few deep breaths and gather my wits and do as the dadgummed vet wants me to do. Okay, I'll try. Check the gums for capillary refill time - check. Get the heartrate...the heart? Where is the heart????? Oh good Lord, help me out here. I should know this...where is that thing anyway? Oh forget that - it is what it is!! Take the temperature - forget that - I can see he's all overheated. Allright, you get the picture. After a while, I completely give up at the doctor stuff and resume to towelling my babie's head off and speak to him in soothing tones...and give him some more banamine. More walking, more walking...chilled out now...muscles quivering all over his body...crap. Put his blanket on and warm him up. More walking. Okay, that's better. It looks like the meds are kicking in and doing their job. Okay, alright, I can do this. Pray. Beg. Plead. More deep breaths. Call the boss back up and tell him we are looking a bit better now. Okay he says, now go work on those vitals and relax. Call me back if you need me. Okay, I can do that now. Thank you and good night. Pray again and thank God for taking care of things again.

My hubby spent the night in the barn on a cot. He got very little sleep. Ladde was very hungry and did the bucket banging routine all night so that we knew he was okay now and did we forget that he'd only had a half of a flake!!??

You just gotta love husbands who are willing to sleep in the barn with the horse and let me sleep in the house.

Thanks honey, I love you for being so kind-hearted and for loving the animals every bit as much as me.

Oh yes, and thanks God. Once again.

Blessings to all,



Gail said...

What a wonderful, loving husband you have. I am so glad things came out okay(no pun intended).

It is, indeed, different when it's YOUR baby.

fernvalley01 said...

Wonderful guy ,your hubby !
I hope Ladde is doing OK now ,Colic can be so scary !
Happy Easter , God Bless

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

nice to catch up on reading your blog tonight!
Is Ladde over colic? Hopefully Ladde is feeling better. About that toe! It must be in the air! I've been treating 2, yes you read right, 2 abcessed hooves on my boy! Its been a long process, and a lot of cleaning hooves and such as you do...2 weeks ago I was picking and cleaning and applying some meds, his left side went well, even put weight on his front right hoof with the older abcess..however when I got to his back right hoof, it hurt him too much to stand on that left front one and he pulled that leg from me (I cant hold up a horse 1200+ pounds leaning on me and trying to pull away) and he pulled that leg from me and stomped his hoof, full weight on my right big toe!!!! That was the worse pain ever! Yeah...toe is broken..will no longer bend at the joint...two weeks going, King is fine and dandy and all healed I'm still having fits with a sore toe, shoes hurt, and at the end of the day, swollen and sore. I've not lost my toenail....yet, hopeing that i'll be one of the lucky I really feel for ya! Good luck with that toe!!!!!!!!
Your horse is just beautiful! So cool to read about the mare you had foaling..I went through that a little bit ago and lost my foal, premature birth and infection in mommas womb. He lived exaclty 67 hours, and showed signs of making it. We built a makeshift stall in the living room, brought him in the house and nursed him constantly, he had so much personality...a beautiful palamino...but he began to seize and I lost him. Broke my heart, that little guy won me over the moment he was born. Momma had no interest in him and wouldnt claim him at all. She ran from him instead. Tough work nursing a premie, but I'd do it again! I dont know if I could go through the anxiety of the birth and a happy yours made it and is a happy healthy beautiful young man!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'm glad Ladde is better. That must have been very scary.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad Laddie is feeling better.
Have a Happy Easter and relaxing weekend.

Leah Fry said...

Very gladde Ladde is better! Colic is scary, and I don't care if you're a newbie or an old hand. It can go very bad very fast. Jaz colicked last year and it scared the crap out of me. I feel better knowing how it presents itself, just like Jaz's abcess -- noticing a pattern here? -- but I'm sure my senses will take flight next time too. When it's your baby, emotions take over.

Molly said...

Oh my! Not a fun evening at all. I'm sorry you guys had to go through that stress. Maybe this will help: You won the Woman's book!
If you will write to me at my email address and send along your mailing address I will send out the book before I head back to Mexico, mid-week. (I don't find your email address in this website.)
I think you will really love the reminder to focus on yourself so you have more to give to your little family.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh man...I have never had Wa Colic...just Pantz last year..camping, of all places..but the cell worked and the vet walked me through it. I had everything I need in the trailer(Ima gotta have it all with me kinda gal)
I am glad Laddie comes to get you..he is smart that way know you will do what you can to comfort him. Sorry it has been so many times!Soooo GLAD he is okay now!
I am sorry about your toe too! Gotta use those feet..and when they don't worik..well it kinda messes up the sceme of things. Rae did that last mo..think she told you shoes yet either for her .

Lovley girl...please try to enjoy Easter and take it easy if you can...being mom to so many animals makes that hard...but it is enjoyable.
XO Kac

allhorsestuff said...

PS>>>>>> Your husband is a dream!! YOu tell em I said so!

Carolynn said...

Wow, scary stuff! I've only seen one horse colic and it was painful to see. Poor things. I'm so glad Ladde rallied and got better. I'm sure his angels were all whispering sweet words of encouragement in his ears right along with you.

You are indeed very blessed to have such a caring husband.

Now, what advice does the vet have for you & your toe...?

Carolynn said...

I have a little something for you over at my place.

Anonymous said...

Hope Ladde is feeling better - I've had some cases of gas colic and impaction colic, and they sure are scary. Has Ladde been checked for ulcers? I'm not sure if they are associated with spasmodic colic. Your husband is a saint to stay in the barn all night!

C-ingspots said...

Thanks everybody!! I appreciate all your well-wishes and kind words. Ladde is indeed doing finer than frog's hair once again. I think he's trying to kill me!!
I'll let the hubby know that everyone thinks he's a saint...he'll like that. :)

Reddunappy said...

I to am glad Ladde is better! I have only had to deal with colic twice, lost an old pony to it and got the mare throught the episode. You feel so helpless.

Reddunappy said...

Oh and my hubby would never sleep out in the barn with the horses! You have a great man!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your hubby is amazing! I can't see my hubby sleeping out in the barn with the critters. lol! You've got a true keeper!
I'm so glad Ladde pulled through fine and he's back to bucket banging. lol!
What a good boy for coming to you when he's hurting.

Poor you, though. I hope your toe heals fast. Feel better, my friend!