Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some mud and some sun

Whew dogs!! Did it ever rain last night!! We have more mud at our house than should be allowed, that's for sure. The horses are all chocolate dipped and lovin' every minute of it. What is it about the white horses that make them love mud more than all the others?? Ponder that one for a while there won't ya?? All my horses like to have a good roll once in a while, but some definitely more than others. Yep, insert Ladde here - okay, for one thing the horse is mostly white, with a few brown patches here and there, but white is the predominant theme. And he LOVES MUD!! It's positively unnatural just how much he enjoys getting dirty - and I mean dirty, not just a little bit, we're talkin' grind it in and moan and groan in ecstacy kind of thing here...the boy loves his dirt. And of course he's huge and I have to use the mounting block just to reach the nether portions of his upper rump...and my arms are achin' and a feelin' like they're just about gonna fall off by the time we're oh, about halfway done. I'm talking about a huge job here, this isn't just a little old grooming thing here - this is a full blown JOB! Whew, I'm kinda breathless just typing about it and all. And of course the pictures that I took of him in all his grandeur didn't turn out, so you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

I do however have some shots of some of the cleaner horses in the bunch.
This picture just does not do Siri any justice at all. It does not convey all the time and effort it took for her to reach this level of grunge.
This one here is just a tad more appreciative of all this old gal's efforts. Just like Dolly Parton says: "It takes a lot of work to look this good"!
And this... is Shad. He's usually a fairly clean horse. He is a Thoroughbred and takes a certain amount of pride in his appearance. And then, he is the herd sire and has an image to uphold. He can't lower his standards to the likes of those "spotted" horses. But then again, sometimes with all the stress of his job, the duties and pressures of keeping the peace and bossing around of not only his little herd, but that of the neighbor's horses too - well, you know...a guy just has to let his hair down once in a while...let it all go...just relax, and close the eyes for just a little while...breath and dream...
And this little girl here is Kadie - otherwise known as "The Sugar Princess". She's ever so much the lady. She and Shad are like an old married couple. They've been side-by-side for nearly 16 years now. We got Shad as a 3 year old punk off the track and Kadie has taken him as her "mate" and they love each other dearly and would probably just wither up and die without each other. Truly a horsey marriage made in heaven. Quibbles and all... and as you can see on this day in history...Kadie has her fair share of the chocolate-dipped look goin' on too. Must be something in the air, do ya think??

The lazy crew relaxed and enjoying this beautiful November day. Sunny skies and warm temperatures on the last day of November in Oregon...who woulda thought??Shad having face wars with the neighbor's punk. Doesn't Shad know that he's not a kid anymore? He's going to be 18 this coming spring and he acts like a 3-year old still!This here is my picture-taking assistant. Works for kibble (sshh, keep that part a secret, I just can't afford any more in labor fees right now!).While I was farting around, err taking pictures...I mean, supervising; this is what the hubby was doing. Fence repairs - a constant thing around our place it seems.

All in all the long weekend was pretty good. I had a couple of melt-downs, but hey, not bad for me after a major holiday with the family. A gal can't complain...and even though there is the mud; there was still some fun in the sun. And for Oregon and almost winter...you just can't complain about that.

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Anonymous said...

PS Siri is 27 and can look any way she wants. After all with a name like Frostedsiril what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

I love watching Face Wars, that's one of my favorite past times :)

Gail said...

They may be doing this on purpose just to see how much they will get brushed.

fernvalley01 said...

Boy those ponies look like they have been having some fun!
We didn't get rain up here ,just some blow your hair off wind and then today snow and cold , I think it might be here for keeps this time. It is kind of pretty in its way. Too dark tonight when chores were done maybe tomorrow I will get some photos. How is Ladde doing?

Leah Fry said...

Oh man, I feel your pain. It took me well over an hour just to get the big chunks off my Boyz for their pix.

Happy Appy is a Yahoo forum. They were an enormous help to me when I first got my horse and was in a panic. I was lucky enough to meet my trainer on it and she ended up living right down the road! What are the odds?? The forum hasn't been real active lately, but it sure is fun looking at the baby pix in the spring!

20 meter circle of life said...

Holy cow, I could not believe that rain last night. Although knock on wood so far its been pretty mild, if we can get past Jan 15th with out any snow we are in the clear!! I dont know about over your way, but Canby has been socked in FOG and it never seems to lift. BLECH

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I never tire of seeing and reading about your herd and especially your creative writing 'chocolate dipped horses'...so much beter than muddy messes. lol!
All of your pictures made me smile HUGE!

Baby Doll seems to only get mud on her white parts, not on her black. why is that? And it's usually a big splat on her rump and back legs. gah! White is next to impossible to make gleam and shine in the winter, too. Baby Doll's thick yak-like coat just hide the dirt down into the deepest layers.

I loved listening to 'Wild Horses' while I was reading tonight. :)

Oh, and I've got a little something for you, too:

A Jewel for you!

New Mexico

PS, And thank you for leaving me the nicest supportive and sweetest comments on my blog post, too :)

Pony Girl said...

Chocolate-dipped~ what a great description! ;) Looks like you had a similar grooming session as I did this past weekend!
Kadie and Shad are so cute together!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lol- Chocolate dipped! Yes, or Bay wannabes! My light horses love rolling in the mud every chance they get. I used to have a boxstalled Paint. He was mostly white with red head, neck, chest, butt, and one flank spot. He always had lovely (but not on horses) shade of green patches on his belly and hips.

Nice to see your hubby enjoying the horses as much as you do. hehe

C-ingspots said...

Stacey - I love watching face wars too!! So goofy!!

Gail - I'm sure you're right. The horses are always smarter than what they want us to think. :)
And it usually works!

Fernvalley - Even though I complain about the mud and rain, compared to most, I have nothing to complain about in the weather dept. Keep your hat & mittens near.

Leah - Thanks for the info. I will check it out!

Lisa - Glad I could repay the kindness and make you smile. And, not sure why but white just seems to attract mud and green stains. A question for the great minds of the universe to be sure, or maybe just Murphey's Law at work. Thanks for the jewel!!

PG - Grooming and shoveling poop at our house is referred to as aerobics. That way we trick ourselves into thinking we're getting something for nothing :)

Val - Thanks for stopping by!! Ahh yes, the lovely green stains - if you use the purple shampoo, it helps. I buy it in the gallon size.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

"Grooming and shoveling poop at our house is referred to as aerobics." Yes, I say that too, to rationalize my horse budget.