Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Awards and Such

My little friend Lisa over at Flying Orca Ranch in New Mexico has honored me once again with a beautiful award. Hey thanks Lisa!! You're such a sweetie and you have a very nice way of making me and others in Blogland feel very special. I think it's beautiful and it just makes my day!! Now, if I was a very clever blogger like everybody else out there...I would be ever so gracious and provide a link here to Lisa's blog...but, I don't know how to do a link. Several people have tried to explain to me just how to do this, but I still don't know how. *sigh* Some things just escape me, and technology and *&!*# links are a couple. I refuse to go into all the details here and now describing just how many things out there in this big old world that "escape" me - you know, I just don't get it! I am not a scholar or something - not a rocket scientist either. So there! I've admitted to everyone out there in the whole stinking blogsosphere just how totally inadequate I am at soooo many things. sheesh! I actually feel better that I've admitted some of my shortcomings to you all. A confession, if you will. I feel so much better!, like a hundred pounds lighter or something...okay, I am totally full of it here - I only wish I could feel like a hundred pounds lighter. Now I really digress...actually I'm starting to feel a little bit depressed here; or something...heck, I just don't know what I'm trying to say here at all. Did I take my meds this morning??? hmmm...just can't remember.

Oh well, I am just going to change the subject. Yeah!! That's it, let's discuss something new, shall we? Am I scaring you yet??? Well, just try and imagine how it must feel to actually be me and have to live with this brain and this imagination and this body all the time. Oops!! There I go again with the digression thing. (deep breath) I feel better now. Forgot what I was going to say...oh, I don't even know where I'm going with this here.

So, I shall post a couple of pictures here for your viewing enjoyment and try to move along.

Here's Ladde making a funny face - guess he didn't approve of something on the menu that night. hmmm, silly boy.

Here's Kadie looking ever so sweet, but kinda spooky with those eyes...

Here's Merlin, our llama dude. I don't remember what he was doing, but he was probably contemplating doing something to annoy Ladde or maybe Harley whose stall is right next door. He's pure ornriness, that llama!

Now, you see this look? I know this look - I've seen it before - many times. She's saying in an irritated tone: "Just put down the food. and back away. slowly. Dadburned fool human always foolin' around when she knows I'm starving here!! I'm the one who deserves the award! That's right! An award for all my patience, that's right...dagnabbit it all to heck anyway!! *sigh* " I'm tellin' ya - it sure must be tough being Siri and havin' to put up with my tomfoolery every day. Look at those cute little polka dots on her lips - ain't she so cute??

And this picture is an example of Llama dude showing no patience at all and helping himself to the food straight out of the roach coach!! Impatient old cuss anyway!! And you know what else?? He don't smell so good. Nope...and when it rains and he gets his wool all wet - shooowee!! He just plain stinks!! I mean goodness all to gotion, that boy smells like a moldy old frito chip done gone bad...or something like that - it's plain hard to describe, but trust me - it ain't purdy.

And would ya just look at this??? The picture of sweetness and as innocent as the pure driven snow!! Pffft!! And if you believe that!?, well then, have I got a deal for you! Seriously though, I love this guy - he's my baby boy - I watched him be born. Tis the truth!! I spent about 30 minutes kissin and a-lovin' on this face when his back half was still inside his momma! Yep, Scooter decided this giving birth business was a whole lotta work and she was gonna take a break! So she did. And me and Harley took some time gettin' to know each other so to speak. He will always be my adorable baby boy! Ahhh, sweet memories to be sure!!

What er you lookin' at??? I didn't do nothin'!! I was just gonna look at the hay alright???'s my sweetheart Annie. I think she's so beautiful - I just love my dog, my little moochie poochie. She's a momma's girl...nobody else's, just momma's doggie. She goes to work at the clinic with me everyday. When I go to bed, Annie goes to bed. When I'm getting ready for work, Annie is always right at my heel; or watching...wherever I go. Watching tv, yep you got it - her bed's right beside my chair. My forever and ever-so-loyal pal. And right here, she's got something else on her mind...the ball. Her one prized pocession - that derned ball. See that concern on her face, and the little worry crease over the eye...the ball must have rolled near the cat. Annie is very careful around the cats. She's learned that sometimes you just can't trust the cats. Yep, she's learned the hard way about them cats. Never trust a cat.

Playing with the ball. What in the world could possibly be better??? It takes so very little to make this dog happy. I sometimes fear for her well-being because this ball is showing it's age, starting to look a little ragged around the edges and new ones are simply ignored. Nope, they're just not the same. At all.

Oh how sweet!! This is one of our many cats, Mister with his arm around TJ. He's a very loveable cat and every single cat we have absolutely loves Mister. Heck, even the horses don't mind him. He's a pretty cool dude. And this is the only cat that Annie almost trusts...almost.

And here's Harley again. He's looking a little sleepy, and probably wishing we'd finish up already and turn out the lights and just go away...he gets all sweet and syrupy and loveable when he gets sleepy. I just love this guy. The story's not the same in the morning when he wants to go out though...nope, not the same at all. He's had all night to dream up mischevious plans and is eager to set his plans into motion. Just open the door and get out of his way - there are many pots to be stirred and miles to go before he sleeps...

Well, I guess I've rattle on long enough and probably scared the daylights out of any readers who might happen along. I do tend to be somewhat scattered in thoughts sometimes...I've long ago accepted it and just learned to go with it. It's much more fun that way!! And anyway, it's simply not my fault - far from it dahhlings!! It's Lisa's fault over there at Laughing Orca Ranch who gave me an award today and got me all excited and...and...and...!!!

(((((Hugs to all from that crazy woman at Cingspots))))


Gail said...

Those are my cats...same color!

20 meter circle of life said...

Hey just shoot me an email at dq4abu@gmail and I will put you on the list. Check in at the link blog and you will see why I have choosen to go private, I really dont want to, but I just feel like I have no other choice right now.

Melanie said...

LOL!!!! I love crazy, random, scatter-brained people!!!
You would fit right in with my family...I dunno...maybe that is not a good thing..teeheehee!!! :)

allhorsestuff said...

Glad you are feeling better love!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

nice collection of random photos!

The Wife said...

Congrats on your award! Love the pics!

Kathleen said...

Your horses are so beautiful!
Thanks for commenting on my blog today, and Merry Christmas to you, too! :-)

Lisa said...

Love the pics and the commentary - you've got beautiful babies!

Strawberry Lane said...

What great fun reading this post! You are a riot describing everyone and their little quirks. What a great bunch you have! Love the photos!

So many thanks for your great info and suggestions for Royal and his laminitis. What a horrible worry it is.

Strawberry Lane said...

I wasn't quite clear about your opinion on giving Royal thyroid as my vet suggested. It was my farrier that said no. I want to do what is best for Royal.

Do you think giving thyroid for only weight loss is a good idea or a bad idea. It really worries me.

Thanks, again!!

Strawberry Lane said...

Another P.S.
Thank you, thank you for your additional information. Whee ... glad to have such precise help!
You're the best!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I never know what to comment on when I visit your blog. You always end up having me in stitches and smiling HUGE!
And I'm getting used to you calling my place "Flying Orca Ranch", too. I kind of like it! lol!

Did you know that I flew alot for about 10 years when I worked for the airlines. hehe

Your horses are so interesting and handsome. And I don't think I remember reading about your llama. How cool is THAT?!
You know I just me some llamas! I hope you'll talk about Merlin more in the future. I'd love to hear how he happened upon your farm and how long you've had him...all that. What a cool llam dude he is!

Oh. And I'm loving this Christmas Music you've got playing. Puts me a very calm mood.


And you totally deserve this award just for making me smile every time I visit :)

New Mexico