Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Quickie and passing on of Awards

I'll just bet that I got a few of your attentions with the quickie part there, didn't I? Well, get your minds out of the bedrooms will ya? That's not the kind of quickie I'm referring to here. I have been very busy here this week and really haven't had a chance to try out the link project or the passing on of that award that had rules attached to it. I love receiving awards, as many of you probably do also. It's a little bit of recognition that someone out there reads and maybe even appreciates our thoughts and the time we've taken to put them into words.

So, here goes nothin'. At the risk of offending the blogger police and some of my fellow readers, I am going to do something here that goes against the grain. I am going to change the rules on the passing on of this "Superior Scribbler" award that Karen aka gtyup of Life at the Rough String gave me last week. Thanks so much!! If you have'nt already, get on over there and check her out!!
But, in order to do this properly I need more time than I have now, or possibly in the forseeable future, so I am going to give a list of my five recipients without providing links directly to their blogs. Hopefully, most of you have already seen their blogs anyway, but if you haven't, their addresses can be found on my blog roll. I am apologizing in advance if this offends anyone, but I always have been a bit of a rebel and have never, not even once in my life done well with rules. (sorry mom and dad) So without further adeau, here are 5 of my favorite blogs to read, and in my humble opinion, definitely worthy of receiving this award:

1) Fern Valley Appaloosas - I just love her and her wise and heartfelt style of writing. Her stories always find a way at touching my heart. She also has spotted ponies, which I am terribly fond of as you all probably know.

2) PonyGirl Rides Again - She always makes me laugh and she is one heck of a good teacher and is stupendous at narrating her beautiful pictures. She also has a spotted pony who is a "ham".

3) Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch - She is a fellow horsewoman, has a beautiful and brightly colored Paint horse and is a wonderful mom. She is very unique in both her writing style and her never-ending choices on a variety of subjects. She is also the first person to ever follow my blog.

4) Melanie at The Knutson Family - She is another fellow horsewoman and she has beautiful Arabians with those big, soulful eyes that I love and admire. She is an amazing mom and has also returned to school to further her studies. My hat is off to you Melanie! You have more on your plate than I would ever want to try and attempt.

5) Kacy at All Horse Stuff - Here is yet another fellow horsewoman (see a pattern here?) and she rides an amazingly beautiful Thoroughbred mare named Wa. She is a true dyed-in-the-wool Oregonian who rides in any kind of weather and is extremely brave. I admire her on many levels, as an amazing woman, as a wife to her beloved hubby and to her kind and generous heart.

And since I'm breaking the rules here, I'm going to throw another winner into the mix (what the heck)!!

6) Gail at On the Farm - Gail is a most unique individual and her sense of style keeps me in stitches much of the time. She has a couple of beautiful ponies herself, and like me doesn't get to ride them nearly as often as she would like to. I enjoy her writing very much and appreciate her honesty, her down-home values and her obvious love of much of what I hold dear to my heart.

To pick up your award, check out my post from last week and copy to your blogs. Congratulations to each and every one of you!! You all brighten my world and soothe both my heart and my spirit. I am humbled to be included in your social circle of Blogdom. With God's good grace and some luck, may we all meet face to face someday and have a cup of coffee and a great conversation! Maybe we'll even get to ride together - now wouldn't that be a hoot!?

Have fun girls!


fernvalley01 said...

Thank you so much ,I needed that today. As well as your kind words on my blog.Love you too! It would be wonderful to meet you in person one day, you never know, each of our paths are ever changing and often a surprise.

Lisa said...

Each of the blogs you've listed sound wonderful. I wish I had a long rainy day to try to get around and read all of them! Congratulations on your award and to the recipients you've chosen.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Another reason why I like you. You're a rebel and free spirit like me. :)

This is so silly of me because I'm not one to shed tears easily, C-Spots, but you giving me this sweet award made me a little teary-eyed.

Maybe it's just the beautiful Christmas music playing in the background (lovely music can always make me cry) or maybe it's just knowing that you thought enough of me to gift this little blog trinket to me. Either way I'm really touched and I seriously appreciate it.

I'n glad we found each other's blogs and I do hope that we can get together one day. I've always wanted to visit the Pacific NorthWest.....

New Mexico

Gail said...

I am touched! Thank you. You have such a wonderful way with words. I deeply appreciate the award. You make me feel like I am doing something worthy.
Thank you, thank you!

Big Daddy said...

Ya always have been one to take your owen path. Ive always Loved you for that

C-ingspots said...

Ladies, you are most welcome!! Each one of you has brightened my world and I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you gals. And...hmmm "Big Daddy" ??? You had better be careful, my husband might not appreciate that comment sir. I am nothing if I am not a lady!! hhmph!! :)

Melanie said...

LOL!!! I am so offended!!!! (Just joking!!)

Thank you, my dear! Your kind words are always much appreciated. :)

PS-Your post below is a great reminder to us all about the meaning of Christmas. Good job!

OneCowgirl said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice compliment. I am in the Southwest! Have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll - I plan to do that after the first of the year.
Merry Christmas

allhorsestuff said...

oh my dear one,
thankyou for the heart~rendering~caring sentiments..Really mee?!!You have made me feel so special these past weeks(months?) time flys.

I am teary with the "Silent Night" playing and the "soul feeling it's worth"...just a bit here on earth from a heart as yours!
Thank you , and I will post it soon=soon!!!