Friday, September 9, 2016

Winding down to gear up

Just a couple of weeks left to our goodness how quickly the time goes by!  I know it isn't just me because I've heard plenty of people make that same comment.  We all seem to be in agreement too; just wish everything would slow down a little.  It's kind of scary when you look back over time and wonder...just where has that time gone?  Remember that Rolling Stones song?  "time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me".  So very true.

Speaking of summer...look at this feast.  This for me, is one of the ultimate summer meals.  My most favorite sandwich ever.  Bacon and tomato.  Garden fresh tomato only, of course!  And no lettuce.  I despise lettuce on my B&T sandwich!  And I prefer my bread soft - whole wheat, white or sourdough - I love them all, but not toasted.  No way.  As my husband would say whenever it's something involved that he really likes, "I'm a B&T sandwich purist!  :)  Meaning of course, that's the only way to eat them!  Fresh picked corn on the cob, fresh peaches and my garden cucumbers in rice vinegar, dill, salt and pepper.  Yummy!

With Fall just around the corner, my mind is full of plans for stocking up for the cooler weather months.  My favorite season of the year is also a busy time of year. Even so, there's so much to love about fall.  Cooler weather, brisk mornings and delectably cool nights perfect for snuggling under the blankets, sweaters, jeans, boots, neck scarves.  Color!  Beautiful, brightly colored leaves, the smell of wood smoke in the air, enjoying a cup of something warm to drink, best time of year for riding or hiking, and so many more reasons to love this time of year!    I absolutely love going camping in the fall and sitting around a camp fire!  Or spending time at the beach! Oh my gosh, I'm getting all sorts of lovely ideas in my head and am really looking forward to planning at least one or two more outings in the woods, camping, riding, getting firewood, bedding for the horses and more - let the squirreling begin!!!

Below is a picture of a couple of our client's Belgian draft horses at the state fair.  They were tired and anxious to go home.  Can't say that I blame them either!  They go home for a few days and then off again for about a month on their last show of the season.  Poor babies, I'll bet they're more than ready to be done with all this exhibition stuff!  The one on the left is, believe it or not, just a wee babe.  Just 4 years old and amazingly quiet and well-seasoned for his age.  Aren't they just beautiful?  And so kind. These draft breeds are typically laid back and so easy to be around.  Amazing really.

Jess and I had planned on going trail riding last evening, but opted to wait until tomorrow due to the shortened daylight hours.  This way we can relax and enjoy our ride without all the added pressure of getting back by dark.  Probably a good idea.  My hubby will be going with us.  He and Ladde.  I'm very anxious, and of course a little bit nervous about it as well.  I think we'll do fine, but my nerves are always right there below the surface.  Once I get on and get moving, I'm hopeful that Eagle will be attentive and calm, giving both of us an enjoyable ride.  Hope so!  There's lots of hills at the "M" and that's not something we've done much of yet.  I'm thinking if both of us are kept busy enough, managing the terrain and enjoying our surroundings, there won't be any reason for silliness or spookiness.  I just need to keep in mind that this isn't my first ballgame, trust myself and my abilities - and remember to breathe!!  I can do this, right!?

I'm really looking forward to the day when all this "newness" is behind us.  When I can saddle up, mount up and just ride.  No worries, no nerves, no fear!!  I just want to have fun!!

Anyway, that's it for now.  I'm so thankful this work week is coming to a close.  It was a short one, but in many ways has seemed long to me.  I'm always ready for the weekend when my time is more my own.  Our weather has warmed up again, and we're expecting middle to upper eighties for a week or more to come.  Summer's not quite ready to bow out gracefully.  And I guess that's the way it should be...go down, but go down kicking and screaming.

Blessings all,


DJan said...

Those tomatoes look wonderful! Being a vegetarian means I don't have much interest in the bacon. We are having some warmer weather coming up this week. too. :-)

Shirley said...

Mayo. Must have mayo on a bacon/tomato sandwich .:0)
I sure know what you mean about wanting all the silliness done with so you can just enjoy the ride. For the last 2 years I have been looking for a horse that I could do just that with- get on and ride, and not worry. Looks like I finally found the right one.
I hope you have a lovely ride and enjoy this great fall weather!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

I too love Bacon and tomato sammich season!

aurora said...

The way you explain things, drums up visions in my head - campfires, colors, cooler air...we will be living it soon. I haven't had a BLT in forever (I like L) looks delicious. Love Gentle Giants. I always wanted one, but instead enjoy others. Can't have everything, or things quickly head south. Looking forward to hearing how your trail ride goes. Nerves are normal. I've just learned to live with mine. Yes, believe you can! You've got this!!

Linda said...

Hope your ride went well. I know how you feel about being anxious for the newness to wear off. BTW, my farrier came by and did a soundness check on Leah and detected pain in her back feet. He suspects mild laminitis, but he wants me to soak them and soften them up for a few days so he can come back and test them again and reshoe.
She needs to lose 100 pounds and be on Bute day and night until we get it under control.

Also, I LOVE BLTs--toasted. They are my favorite. I also like T alone--on toasted white bread with mayo. So, I can go BT, T, or BLT and be very happy.