Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday morning musings...

Mid August seems to be slowing things down a bit for me.  I was going to say physically, but I think mentally too..  Dog daze?  Maybe.

I've seemed to be busy, but when I think about it, I feel that I haven't been doing as much.  Weird huh?  Guess I've been kept busy doing chores and the stuff that has to get done, but not much time left over for pursuing personal interests.  I want to do lots of things, and there's either not enough energy, time or money.  Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.  One of my dad's old sayings.  :)

I only rode Eagle once last week, and so far it's not looking real promising this week due to the expected heat.  There.  I'l blame the heat.  It zaps me and takes so much more effort to do anything!
I'm hopeful that it's not too hot Tuesday evening when I have a scheduled lesson with Jess.  I've grown  a bit weary of riding at home, without access to the orchard or any trails, or good footing - our choices are limited.  How I long for a nice, not too deep sand arena, heaven!  But we make due, and I need to ride my horse.  Last lesson was alright, we focused mainly on trotting with straightness.  Not great.  Eagle is so willful and he makes me work so hard.  Combine that with the heat and I feel like I make progress when he wins no battles.  Dang!  With footing I'd feel a lot more comfortable asking for more speed, so he's working harder physically, so I may trailer to an inside arena not too far from home.  We need variety and mental engagement.  He can be so very opinionated and without using too much rein, that's the best idea I can come up with.  Maybe if I can tire him out, he'll be a bit more willing to see things my way.   Or, I need to get more creative with my horse's education, so it's his choice to work harder, and not me.  I've been following Linda's journey with her horse, Leah...sounds like her mare and my boy have a lot in common...    *hope springs eternal*  :)

just us "girls"  ha!

Saturday was my sister's 75th birthday.  Wow - hard to believe that my sister is 75 years old.  We gathered at her home for burgers and birthday cake.  You have to eat cake on your birthday, right?  She was fortunate that she got to come home on her birthday.  You see, she's been in the hospital since early last Wednesday morning.  The day of my cousin Sue's memorial service.  We thought her unusual behavior was brought on by stress and the shock of losing our cousin.  We now believe she had a stroke the morning Sue died.  And then on the morning of the service, another one.  Long story, but she woke up feeling very wrong.  She describes it as the most horrible feeling of extreme dizziness, nausea and confusion.  I've noticed her disorientation lately and difficulty hearing and remembering things.  Thinking she'd told me something and me knowing that she hadn't.  Worrisome and irritating. Speaking only for myself, but I seem to have the least patience with the people in life that I love the most.  Is that because we spend so much more time with them, or is it just the intimacy, shared histories that we have?  Thoughts to ponder...I would very much like to change that about myself.  Anyway, my sister was taken to the ER and they've diagnosed a stroke.  MRI shows no residual damage to the brain.  She has no paralysis or slurred speech, but is weak and needs to use a walker for now.  They also found a tumor on her brain that is the cause of her loss of hearing, dizziness and nausea.   Two completely unrelated diagnoses.  We're not sure if it's surgical or if best to leave well enough alone, in which case she'd have to live the remainder of her life with the symptoms she's now showing.  Time and more looking into things will tell.  At her age, I'd think any kind of brain surgery might be too risky.  But doctors say overall, she is strong and healthy for a woman of her age.  That's good news.  I hope she's thankful to have the knowledge of what's going on and take this opportunity to learn more about what she can do to prolong her health and appreciate her life more for whatever time she has left.  It's a wake-up call for sure.  Amazes me again, just how quickly life can change.  Her doctor stressed that it was a benign tumor.  Based on his experience and the location.  I believe he can't be sure without a biopsy, and if surgery isn't a safe option, then what else would he tell her?  A second opinion with a brain surgeon has been scheduled sometime this week.  Hopefully this doctor will be able to give us some more information and hopefully, some good news.  She already feels better because the motion sickness meds she's taking have reduced the dizziness, which is likely causing the nausea.  One step at a time...

So, her birthday was good.  We were all relaxed and low-key, enjoyed the day and just spent some time with one another.  It was a hot, summer afternoon and overall, a good day.  I'm thankful we were all together to celebrate and smile.

How will you be spending your dog daze of summer???


Karen Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your dear sister! And may she receive answers that she can live with and find comfort in whatever remedies are prescribed. You all look terrific!

And this darn heat has slowed me down some this August, for sure.

Linda said...

My heart goes out to your sister. It's good that she's in great overall health. I hope they have something--non-invasive--to shrink the tumor.

I feel your pain with Eagle and with the heat. I really dislike heat. It makes me grumpy. I'm racking my brain to think of ways to work with Leah to get past the stubbornness. I keep coming back to ground work, but it's so hot, I really hate to work her too hard--and then she decides to work hard anyway. The last riding session, she was in a lather--I'd prefer to avoid that, but what do you do? So, I've been getting my "steps" in by walking her and working her at the same time. It's non-stressful for her, and I hope it accomplishes something. Tonight I'll found out if it has done much good. ;) Wish me luck. And, let's pray for a break in this heat!! Bring on fall.

DJan said...

My heart goes out to your sister, wondering what will come of all this. And that picture at the start is so beautiful I couldn't believe all the rest of your post was about such stressful stuff! We are just getting ready for a heat wave with record-setting temperatures. Dog Daze indeed. :-(

Glenda Beall said...

Read your comment on DJan's blog. I am near your sister's age. I do hope she recovers well and doesn't have to have brain surgery.
I also love horses. I rode horses most of my life, but gave them up about twenty years ago. I still photograph them and stop on the roadside to watch them. I live in a rural area in North Carolina,.
I hope you will drop in and visit my blog sometime.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about your sister and hope she gets good news from her doctor visits. Love the picture of you all together for her birthday.

I blame the heat too. I won't ride a horse in this weather. I don't like it and can't think they do either. Good luck and have fun in any case in your lesson.