Friday, August 5, 2016

Making memories

Just found a few more shots of our weekend camping trip on the other camera.  These riding shots are from the "great ride".  Sure makes a difference when I'm completely at ease and comfortable, was having so much fun here.  

We don't have any grand plans coming up for this weekend, other than cleaning the camper, cleaning the house, cleaning the barn, cleaning the car...see where I'm going with this?

Charlotte has gone on a few rides with me at home, but I chose to leave her in camp this time.  I do plan on letting her come along once Eags and I are more accustomed to being out together though. I think she's going to make a pretty good little trail dog.  And in all the years I've been riding, I've never had a dog that goes along.  Never!  We'll see how it goes...meanwhile, she had lots of fun in camp and going on walks, playing in the creek, chasing chipmunks and such.  Puppies always find lots to do!

Ruby is much more a kick back and take life easy sort of gal...  Her birthday is coming up on the 10th of this month.  My sweet girl is going to be 7 years old.  Goodness, how fast the time does go!

I had to laugh because it looks like my hubby has a fifth of something in his hands, but it's Torrelli's Vanilla Syrup.  We were enjoying Italian cream sodas and they were so refreshing!  So simple and so tasty...fill a large glass with ice, add a splash or two of half-n-half, a splash or two of vanilla syrup (or whatever flavor you prefer) and then fill the glass up with plain bubbling seltzer water.  So good!!

Eagle and Missy were both so quiet in their corrals, except when nickering for treats.  They learn very quickly that camping always means getting extra goodies.  At night they settled in, slept peacefully and we absolutely didn't even know they were there.  Quiet as church mice they were.

This is the best shot my hubby got of me and Eags on the trail.  I was so happy here, my horse was quiet and enjoying himself and I am so hopeful for many, many more rides on beautiful, scenic trails with my horse!!

Looking forward to making many more wonderful memories!!!


aurora said...

Wonderful memories! Glad you have these additional pics. To me it's much more then just being out on the trail. It's also the relaxing sound of the horses munching hay during warm campfires, waking up to soft nickers and seeing the horses sooo relaxed. I've always wanted a dog to trail ride with too. Charlotte is a cutie, hope she works out & is fun to take along.

DJan said...

I am learning so much about being a horse person in just the few posts of yours I've read. I'm enjoying it and also just a little glad you don't live close enough to actually want to get be ON one of them. :-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wonderful memories and more to come. So happy for you! Happy Birthday to sweet Ruby.

Linda said...

It sounds like your memories are happy and powerful from that trip. The best kind! It had to be nice to sleep so close to Eags. I imagine it bonded you in a different way. I've never camped with my horses. The closest I've come are Bed and Barns. Not quite the same experience. Hope you find time to get back out there again soon.