Friday, December 19, 2014

Simple joys

I've been enjoying this season of Christmas, perhaps more than is usual for me.  I've done a little shopping, not much, and what I have gotten for family and friends, are small tokens of love that I'm hopeful they will enjoy.  We don't have a tree this year, perhaps we still will get one, but if so, it will be a living one that we can replant in our yard.  We have so much extra furniture in our living room that I just don't know where we'd put one.  I've found that I really miss it.  I miss the lights, the smell, and just being able to gaze upon the tree when it's dark and quiet and I'm all alone to ponder and behold.  

I've been enjoying my Christmas music though.  A lot.  It truly is one of my most favorite elements of the season.  The beautiful, old hymns that remind me why we celebrate this time of year.  I feel peaceful when I'm quiet and listening.  

We're going out to dinner with my hubby's brother and his wife this evening.  After that, I'm hoping we'll do a little driving around to look at the lights.  That's always fun.  Tomorrow night we're attending a local play at the Gallery Theater.  They're presenting "Miracle on 34th Street", and I've heard it's very, very good.  One of my favorite old, Christmas movies.  

We're hoping to do a little more baking this weekend, and probably run to Costco.  I want to get a couple of gifts for our neighbors who always let us borrow their tractors when we're in need, or they just come over and do the work for us.  They're nice people and we've known them for almost 20 years now.  We always get them gifts of food and sometimes, drink.  Many times we include homemade goodies, which everybody seems to enjoy.  

My dear Annie is doing fairly well.  We've put her on additional pain meds and so far, so good.  We take everything one day at a time.  I keep trying to prepare myself for the inevitable, but in reality, I just don't know how to do that.  I just try very hard to love her all the more, every single day, and enjoy every little thing about her that is so very dear to me.  And of course, whatever she wants, she can have.  She got a new bed that's shaped like a couch.  She's loving that.  

They just don't live long enough, do they?

Our weather continues to be very mild.  We've had some very wet days, but they're intermixed with dry spells so it's tolerable.  This coming Sunday is the first day of winter, and I'm looking forward to daylight hours every so gradually, lengthening again.  And get this, I'm even kind of looking forward to winter.  I don't think I've ever said that!  Will wonders never cease?  We've been so busy, for seemingly so long, that I'm romanticizing the warm and cozy inside days spent reading, watching old movies, or enjoying an occasional nap.  I want to try baking some bread, maybe practicing my pie crust skills and hanging my pictures back up in our living room.  And oh yes, clearing out the extra furniture and extra "stuff" that we rarely use.  I don't want every cupboard and closet we have to be full of whatever it is we have stored in there.  And our clothes, don't even get me started on that.  Sometimes I search forever for this one shirt and then give up and wear something else.  Give it away, haul it to Goodwill, I don't care.  I just don't want it.  If we haven't used or worn it in a year, it's outta there!  

Just in case I don't get the opportunity to post again before Christmas...I wish you all a wonderful time, spent with friends and family.  Time spent with those we love is precious.  Laugh, love and always give thanks for what you're blessed with.  

Life is fleeting...make the most of this beautiful season.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!


Kate said...

Sending best wishes to you and yours at this holiday season!

Angel The Alien said...

I love Christmas music too! But the ones I know are not many hymns... except for Silent Night, which has always been my favorite since I was a little kid.
When my dog was sick I got her a new bed too. And I don't know if you believe in this stuff, but after she passed away I called a radio show that had a pet psychic... and she said my dog was showing her the red flannel bed and saying how much she loved it. Now it is used by my other two dogs!

aurora said...

That last picture is so special, love it!! Yep, whatever our sick babies want they get. It's nice to see green in your pastures, without snow here we live in a sea of mostly brown hues.

This the first year we haven't cut a real Christmas tree. Our kids are adults & not interested in ornament traditions anymore. The real tree was always the family tree, filled with their ornaments, many homemade. I still put up & decorate our second white tree, we enjoy lights too. But all the family ornaments & memories stayed in storage. Sad, but true. Hopefully it will mean something to them, when they have their own families. We will probably cut tree's again some year. When we have our own property, and can drag the tree to the house with the horses - starting new traditions. How cool would that be???!! Yep, I'm dreaming again...

Merry Christmas Lorie, to you & yours!!

Michaele said...

Wonderful words. I actually find it relaxing to listen to you talk about your life. Merry Christmas!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oh, Annie. xoxoxo

Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favourite movies. We don't have room for a real tree either and I miss the smell of pine.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Wishing your and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Give Annie an extra hug from me. She's a sweetheart and very special.

C-ingspots said...

Thank you all so much. Your kindness warms my heart.