Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It really was quite ordinary

If 2014 were a bottle of wine, I'd say it was quite ordinary.  Nothing extraordinary seems to come to mind as having happened, but nothing horrible either.  So that's really quite good, I'd say.

I have no plans to make grand resolutions for the coming year.  Too much pressure.  I don't like that.  Life again, is akin to wine.  It's meant to be experienced, savored each and every day.  (Life, that is, not necessarily wine)  Every single minute if you can.  Time,  is truly the greatest gift we're given, and it's up to each one of us how we choose to live it.  I just want to try and let every day unfold, and hopefully, adapt and rise to the occasion gracefully, and accept all the challenges, adventures, day to day tasks for what they are.

Precious memories to be made.  Challenges to overcome.  Adventures to be enjoyed.

Horses to be rode and dusty, new trails to be traveled...oh, I do hope it will be fun!

I've been reading so many wonderful and inspirational musings from fellow blog writers lately, and many of those thoughts resonate deeply with me. I'm reminded that as we age, I hope we can all do so with dignity, and respect for not only ourselves, but for all others.  Let's try to understand one another and treat each other with genuine compassion, kindness and love.  Love conquers all, but before you can love someone, you have to at least try and understand them.

And ladies, it seems to be so true, in that we are usually our own worst critics.  When we look in the mirror, let's all try and remember to gaze upon our reflections with kindness and compassion, and with love at that person we've become.  We've earned every one of those grey hairs that we see, and those beautiful laugh lines around our eyes.  Well, they're there because we've had reasons to smile, and laugh.  Aging in our society of youth addiction does not get the respect it deserves, and is seriously lacking in understanding that with growing older, we are still growing and we're better people, wiser and more interesting than we used to be.  People with age have so much to offer, in so many ways.  We're strong, and we matter.

An old Irish proverb reminds us that it's a gift to grow old, because many are not blessed with a long life.

So okay, despite what I said earlier, I guess I have come up with a few aspirations for the coming new year. You knew I would, right?

I can't help myself!

Haven't even begun to think of my word for next year...tomorrow, whatever.  But whatever it turns out to be, I will always remember with loving thoughts and gratitude for my word of 2014.

"Faith"  I've loved this word, and it still feels just about perfect.  I might put this one in my pocket and hang onto it for a while...

Be well.  Be safe.  Try to give every single day that you're blessed with, your almighty's really all we can do.

And above all else, invite God along.  The ride really will be even better.  I promise!

Our 2014 in quick review included a lot of working on our home.  My dear, sweet husband has done a lot of work, keeping our home ship-shape and a lot of improvements.  We still have lots of continued changes in store, but we just work on them as energy, time and money allow.

We had dreams of celebrating our 30th anniversary with a trip to the Florida Keys, or maybe a cruise in February of this coming year.  Doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon...

We enjoyed some snow, and snow days from work in February of 2014...always such fun!

In March, our Ladde turned 18 years old.  How can that be!?  Still working on remodeling projects...

April - Harley turns 17 years old.  Again.  ????  Wasn't he just 3 the other day?

May-June Gardening, Perrydale Trails, first trip to the dentist in many years.  Ouch!

July - Cowboy Camp Meeting at Mt. Adams.  Awesome trip!!  Riding Ladde and Miss - heaven!!
          We celebrate 30 years of marriage, more car repairs, truck repairs cha-ching!!  Mary's wedding...

August - A couple more horse camping trips, a trip or 2 to the the summer life.

September - Signed up hubs for Medicare (official old fart's club), but thankful to be insured again. Road trip vacation with the dogs.  Most excellent adventure!!  First time whitewater rafting - note to self:  do this again!!  Lots of hiking, photo ops, good food, soaking in hot springs, glad we got to enjoy this time with Annie and Ruby.  They had a blast - perfect dog vacation!!

October - Fall clean up, preparing for winter, gathering firewood etc.

November - Thanksgiving with the family

December - Christmas with the family, saw "Miracle on 34th St." play at Gallery - Fun!!

See?  A perfectly ordinary year...which is just fine by me!  I'm not giving up the dream about a tropical getaway though...maybe just a wee bit further into the future.  I better get to dreaming about that right now!

Happy new year, and may God bless us.  Every.  One.


Kate said...

The very best to you and yours in the New Year!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Loved this post! Lots of good points to consider.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Happy Healthy New Year full of fun and memories to be made. Hope you get that tropical vacation.

fernvalley01 said...

Happy New Year my friend

Carolynn Anctil said...

You had a full and busy year. May 2015 be rich with all those things you value most. Give Annie a (gentle) squeeze from me.


Michaele said...

A very good word to move ahead with.
Many blessings to you for 2015.

Angel The Alien said...

The year went fast, didn't it? It sounds like your "ordinary year" was pretty great! :)

aurora said...

Happy New Year Lorie, wishing you many smiles!!