Friday, June 27, 2014

Enjoying the simple pleasures

May and June are typically my most favorite months of the year.  I love just about everything they have to offer.  I've been trying to take time, personal little moments out of every single day to just pause.  To be quiet and reflective; and to be thankful for everything in my life that I have to he grateful for.  

And when I look around...there's lots and lots of blessings.

And speaking of blessings - here's a big one in my life.  

Ladde is now 18 years old...I can hardly believe it myself.  He is as happy as he's ever been; I believe, because it's always been apparent to me that the big guy's always wanted a mate.  His very own little woman.  And he's finally got her...they're pretty much joined at the hip.  

The happy couple.

Ladde and Missy

Missy is another blessing I'm thankful for.  Since my boy Harley went blind, I had no horse to ride; and that's just not right.  I had Eagle to love on and to work with, but he wasn't ready for riding.  Then like a gift from heaven, Missy came into our lives.  We weren't looking for another horse, but she has become very important to us.  She's my main riding horse until the beautiful Eags and I start sharing the trails.  And she is a fun little horse to ride!!  She and I get along amazingly well and she pretty much does everything I want with no problems at all.  She's a good girl...and I love her even more because she loves my Ladde, and that has made him soooo happy!

The happy couple

Big, bold, beautiful...Ladde

Eagle..."swoon"  I adore this horse!

Sweet, sweet Harley horse  :)

The "other" happy couple...celebrating 22 years together in May.  Shad is not Ladde's sire, but he is his "dad" and Kadie is Ladde's dam and "momma".  

True love, always and forever.

Eagle's beautiful butt.  Hubba hubba!!

Eagle's soft, and oh so beautiful eye.  :)

We spent a chilly, damp Saturday afternoon "river sittin'" with dear friends...good times.

Our beautiful "wall of roses" in our front yard...wild and so sweetly scented.

Wish I had scratch & sniff - it's heavenly!

Our natural hedge of old garden roses.

Our little garden.  It's gotten bigger since I took this photo.

Tomatoes and zuchini - yum!

Our little herb garden.  Dill, cilantro, sweet basil and thyme.

Looks like a good berry crop this year!  Marionberries and raspberries.

:)  And our tiny wheat crop!!

Jessie & Lakota at Perrydale Trails

Me, Jessie and our girls out for an afternoon ride.

Me and Missy at Perrydale afternoon!

Atta girl !!  3rd time saddled.

Takin' a break

"modern day cowgirl"

Last week a few members of our riding club got together and headed out to Perrydale Trails.  There are acres of riding and lots and lots of obstacles to try out.  It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with good friends and good horses in a beautiful setting not far from where we live.  I was so very proud of Jessie and her mare, Lakota...first ride outside her pasture and only her 3rd time being saddled.  Kudos Jessie!!!

I rode Missy and had a very nice ride, but had forgotten to give her some bute, so had to take it easy with my girl.  She did fine, but was a little bit sore for a couple of days afterwards.  Next week when we head out for our week-long "cowboy campmeeting", we'll have Equioxx on board.  It helps keep Missy comfortable and is easier on her tummy and kidneys than the bute.  Anything for my little partner!!

My hubby will be riding Ladde, who seems fully recovered since he had his tendon sheath injected with HA and steroids a couple of weeks ago...we're so excited and are really looking forward to a little "R&R" in a beautiful setting with good friends and our horses.

We got all our hay (20+) tons safely stored away in the barns for the year.  What a relief!!  The hay is beautiful, sweet-smelling and green; and most importantly, the horses heartily approve.  That always makes me happy.  :)

I went to the dentist for the first time in something like, 17 years.  I can hardly believe it had been so very long.  Had some x-rays and an exam, and it wasn't too bad.  I have a couple of tiny cavities, I need a thorough cleaning yet, but had the hard part done.  A root canal, new crown and a molar extracted...if that isn't incentive for brushing and flossing - I don't know what is!  When all that stuff is finished, I want to have my teeth whitened.  That will be my final reward for having to undergo such anxiety over dental work.  I really do hate it!!  My dentist didn't use gas, which was a drag since I get so stressed and worried.  I'm always waiting for that shooting pain, which didn't happen, but my jaw is still a little sore from being jacked open for 3ish hours.  Youch!!  I'll be making payments for about 2 years, but at least it will be done.  Seems like a new bill always pops up when we get one paid off...story of our lives.


Such is life, I guess...

Anyway, I'm thankful to have accomplished so much already this year.  I can cross off a couple of things on my "hopes for the new year" list.

My sweet hubs will be turning 65 this September and is a newly-enrolled and insured member of Medicare...old farts insurance club.  :)  But again, we are so thankful that he finally has insurance coverage.  As of September, it will be almost 3 years that will have passed since he had medical coverage.  Talk about a cause for concern!!  We really didn't worry much though.  It was one of my reoccurring prayers of protection, and as we all know...prayers do indeed, get answered!!

So many blessings and so many reasons to give thanks, every single day.

Hope you all have a fantastic Independence Day weekend!

Lorie @ Cingspots


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love all the pics of your horses. Looks like fun times at the trails too.

Gorgeous roses. You must have a green thumb.

Enjoy your rides!

aurora said...

Nice to see you back in the saddle Lorie! Your horses look wonderful, and those roses - wow!! Wish my climber bloomed like that, most my flowers were on top. I've tried tying the runners sideways to create more shoots with marginal success. I like your veggie/herb gardens too. It's a lot of work, but you can't beat the taste of fresh produce!

Not a fan of dentists either. Good luck & glad you are treating yourself after all that.

What a pretty place to ride & spend the afternoon with friends, and who doesn't love trail obstacles?!! Have a wonderful time camping with the horses!!

Carolynn Anctil said...

You've had a busy couple of months!Personally, I'm shocked that it's almost July, already! I'm envious of your roses! And, your horses, truth be told. *grin* Missy seems to be a dream come true for everyone at your place. How sweet that is.


Karen Ann said...

Your horses and countryside are beautiful! And oh, do I HATE THE DENTIST TOO.. however I go every six months for a cleaning and that does help the anxiety level :-)

fernvalley01 said...

Nice to see you riding,looking good! sorry to read about the root canal! those can be so awful. Hope its another 17 yrs before you need any more dental work.
Beautiful pics