Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cowboy Camp Meeting 2014

We spent a week in a glorious meadow at the base of Mt. Adams in Washington state.  Fellow members of NW area riding clubs joined for a time spent in the wilderness, with our horses, friends, family and for spiritual renewal.  It was wonderful.  Just went way, way too quickly.  *sigh*  Whether times are wonderful or routine, the days and weeks blur one into another for me.  Sometimes I believe that the hand of God has turned up the speed on the passing of time.  Like that old song goes..."it might be hard for the devil to do, but it'd be easy for You".  

My missy in her little space

Putting up the tent

Our glorious view

The ladies watching our men work.  :)

My honey relaxing in camp and Annie enjoying ball time

Little Ella heading back to her camp site

Annie, pleased she has Buddy's ball

Up goes the first flag

Up goes the second flag

My guys at the "big tree"

The station we judged for the trail competition

Good job of turning her horse in a box, using 1 hand & a snaffle bit

Sunset over Mt. Adams/Buck Meadow

Yummy breakfast omelette - boiled in a bag.

Out kitchen

Ella on her "decked out" lady

On the trail

My girl listening to me...

Ladde and my honey

Me & my girl after a long, dusty ride in the mountains

Nice trails and cool trees

Sabbath morning worship

Some of our musical entertainment

My hubby in his new hat

feeling peaceful and thankful

our club's banner

cherished friendships were forged

lives committed to Christ

showing happiness from within

baptism #3

Sweet little Ella lovin' the cute (and patient) pony

super cute!!

We really had an enjoyable time.  Trails were abundant and most were cooled by the dense forest of trees.  The weather was just about perfect; sunshine, a few clouds and a glorious breeze.  My only complaint is that it ended all too soon.  We left late morning on Sunday and I had to be at work the next morning, followed by a dentist appointment that same afternoon.  Good grief - am I glad that's finished!  It always amazes me just how long it takes to prepare for a trip like this...and poof!  It's over before you know it.

So, it's back to life as usual.  I've started regularly combing the homes for sale again...life is just too darn short to have so little free time.

Oh, and Ladde and Missy couldn't have been more perfect.  I think they enjoyed themselves as much, or more, than we did.  :)

Hope you're taking advantage of every single minute of this glorious summer!



Cindy D. said...

That looks like the perfect vacation!

aurora said...

Looks like a great trip! I am impressed with your tent set-up, and I was a Girl Scout & Leader for many years ha ha! Glad you had such a wonderful well-deserved week in such a gorgeous place!! Looks sooo relaxing. Riding amongst trees is my favorite, and they grow so much bigger out west. Lucky you! Once they settle in, I do think our horses enjoy the change of scenery, and being together, as much as we do. Those are great pictures of you, looking all pretty - and while camping!

C-ingspots said...

Thank you Aurora, you're sweet!

Laura Lee said...

What a gorgeous setting. You guys camp in style! The omlet in a bag, what a great idea. Looks like a perfect vacation.